Fuji's Sleepover

AN: XD The title says it all...

"Saa... everyone, let's get this started." Fuji said.

"...Why are we here, Fuji?" Tezuka asked, "Why did you drag me out of my house?"

"Fujiko-chan!!! Why are we here? What are we starting?" Eiji asked; he jumped enthusiastically.

Oishi tried to calm his doubles partner down, "Eiji, stop jumping, you can get hurt. The furniture can get damaged too!"

Fuji smiled, "Minna, just wait, almost everyone is here."

Just then, the front door opened. Yuuta stepped in, "Aniki, what did you call me for?"

Fuji opened his eyes, "Yuuta, you came just in time."

"Yuuta-kun, your house is surprisingly nice."

"M-Mizuki-san! What are you doing here?" Yuuta asked.

Fuji opened his eyes, this time it his eyes looked sadistic, "Sorry, we don't want any door to door sellers! Now good day sir!" He pulled Yuuta in and slammed the door. In Mizuki's face.

"A-aniki! You... you! You just slammed the door on my manager!" Yuuta opened the door.

Mizuki was twitching.

"Oh I'm sorry, manager-san!" He pulled Mizuki in, pushed him back out and then slammed the door in Mizuki's face... again.


Fuji looked at his brother, "Did I do something wrong?"

"You let Mizuki-san in this minute!"

Syuusuke opened the door, "Manager-san, are you ok? Do you want me to slam the door on your face again?"

"No... I'm fine." He said.

The door rung. Fuji opened the door, hitting Mizuki in the back of the head.

"Mizuki-san!" Yuuta caught his manager.

"Ore-sama doesn't know why he's here."

"Eh? Atobe?" Eiji asked.

"The one, the only!" He brushed his hair back.

"Thank goodness..." Shishido muttered.

"Shishido-san, please don't say something like that!" Choutaro said.

Tezuka gave Fuji a look, "Fuji, explain."

"Yes, explain. Ore-sama wishes to know."

Fuji smiled, "I just thought that we should get to know each other. You know! Tennis bonding!"

"...Why didn't we just play tennis?" Ryoma asked.

Fuji opened his eyes and smiled sadistically, "Because it wouldn't be fun, Echizen."

"Mad Mada Dane..."

"Oh, come in. Come in." Fuji ushered the Hyoutei team in. He closed the door.

Mizuki was rubbing his head. "Ow..."

"Who are you again?" Fuji asked.

"Aniki! You almost killed Mizuki-san!"

"Ah, sorry Yuuta, Mitsuki-chan!" Fuji said, "Uh... Your manager's name is very feminine, are you sure his name is Mitsuki-chan? Or is he a girl?"

Mizuki twitched, "My name is MIZUKI!"

"Yes I know that Mitsuki-chan! Now come in! Standing there would get the door slammed on you."

Mizuki brushed back Fuji who whispered, "Stay away from my brother, Mitsuki-chan. Also, you should think about changing your name. Mitsuki is not a manly name."

Mizuki twitched some more, "I told you time and time again! My name is MIZUKI!"

Fuji pushed Mizuki in the living room, "Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, Mitsuki-chan!"

"I told you my name is-- oh forget it. Yuuta-kun, from now on, refer to me as Mitsuki."

"Uh... ok."

"Would you like some snacks?" Fuji asked.

"Ore-sama would like... the most expensive thing you have. Now hurry up, Ore-sama isn't getting any younger. Ne, Kabaji?" He snapped his fingers.


Fuji came back momentarily, "Sorry Atobe, I only have chips."

Atobe frowned, "Chips? What are they?"

Shishido coughed, "You don't know chips are?"

"Excuse me for being rich. Ore-sama don't eat commoners' food." He took a piece. Moments later, he took a handful.

Gakuto sniggered, "Atobe's eating like a pig... and its chips!"

Fuji smiled, "Glad to know you like it."

The door bell rang again. Fuji ran for the door. Most of the Rikkai was there except for Jackal and Yukimura.

"Thanks for inviting us to your... whatever it is." Sanada said.

"It's no problem."

In the other room where everyone was...

Eiji was switching channels on the TV. "Nya, I wonder who Fujiko-chan invited this time?"

Oishi sighed, "He takes things in a big way. If he was Atobe, I can get, but he takes it in another type of BIG."

Inui scribbled in his green notebook, "99 percent chance that Fuji invited Rikkaidai. 70 percent chance that Yukimura and Jackal aren't there."

Eiji just sweat dropped and half smiled, "Hehe... ok, thanks Inui."

Fuji came in smiling, "Ne everyone, look who I invited. Rikkaidai!"

Sanada came in, he looked at Atobe, "Hello."

Atobe, who was still stuffing his face with chips, looked at Sanada and said, "Uh.. Uh… This isn't what it looks like. Ore-sama was testing the food if Jiroh can eat it."

"Ne, Inui, you're right. It is Rikkaidai! Nya, how'd you do it?" Eiji asked.

"I heard from a reliable source." Inui replied and continued scribbling in his notebook.

"Nya, who?"



"...would you like to taste Inui Juice new special sparkle drink?" He held up a pitcher of a silver colored drink. It was indeed sparkling.

Eiji looked mortified, "Uh... eto... no thanks!"

"Hmmm, I think it would taste good this time. I'm sure of it." Inui said, "Any one want my new drink?"

"Ah, Sadaharu, I see you're testing your new drink." Yanagi said.

Inui looked surprised, "Oh, Renji! Want to try?"

"Unfortunately, there is only a 1 percent chance that I would say yes."

"There is a 10 percent chance that you would say yes even if I begged."

"No, there is only a 5 percent chance."



Gakuto started tugging at his hair, "STOP IT!!! TOO MUCH FREAKING NUMBERS!!! GAHHH!!!!" He screamed, "YUUSHI! SAVE ME!" He snuggled to Oshitari.

"Numbers sometimes scare Gakuto." Yuushi plainly stated.

"Want to try Inui Juice new special sparkle drink?" Inui repeated his offer, but to Yuushi this time.

"It's silver."


"And sparkling."


"Is it supposed to look like this?" Yuushi asked.


"Then... no."

"Really? It's full of vitamins and minerals. It can help you in tennis!"

"Really, no." Yuushi pushed the pitcher Inui had offer to him.

Yuuta over heard, "Can it really help?"

Inui pushed his glasses up, "Yup. Drink?"

"Sure!" Yuuta enthusiastically took a drink. "Not bad..."

Eiji twitched, "Same as Fujiko-chan..."

Mizuki took a swig. He started to turn blue and choke.

Fuji smiled, "Inui... you are a genius. I would say I love you but people will kill me if I said that."

"M-mizuki-san!!!" Yuuta cried, "Don't die! I...uh..." He glanced at his brother, "Nothing."

"Mitsuki-chan should be fine." Fuji said.

"Mizuki-san! Get a hold of yourself!" Yuuta shook his manager.

AN: Will Mizuki ever be alive? XD find out next time!