Fuji's Sleepover

Special Jackal Edition!

One week before Fuji's sleepover...

"Oi Jackal, why are you packing?" Marui asked.

"Oh, no reason." Jackal said quickly.

"Jackal-sempai is moving to Canada!!!" Akaya cried.

Marui choked on his gum. "You what?!" He started to cough like a maniac.

"I'm not moving to Canada!!!"

Niou appeared from behind the locker door. "Somebody said something about Canada?"

"Niou-sempai! Niou-sempai! Jackal-sempai is moving to Canada!!"

"Have you been reading his diary again?" Niou asked.

"I'm not moving to Ca-- YOU READ FROM MY JOURNAL!?"

"(cough) You... (cough) own... (cough) a journal? (cough) I thought... (cough) it was a (cough, cough) diary..." Marui said.

"It's not a diary, it's a journal. Journal." Jackal said.

"Niou-kun, what are you doing here? I thought you were outside with everyone." Yagyuu said.

Niou shushed him. "Not now, Yagyuu. I'm trying to learn why Jackal is going to Canada."

"I'm not going to Canada!!!" Jackal shouted.

"Then why are you packing?" Akaya asked. He picked up a stuffed rabbit out of Jackal's tennis bag. "And why are you packing with your tennis bag?"

"And why are you bald?" Niou asked.

"(Cough) and... Why do you... (cough) have a stuffed rabbit?"

"And why are you all asking so many questions?" Jackal asked.

"Why is the light so dim?" Yagyuu asked.

"Just answer our questions!" Akaya shouted.

"Fine, I'm going on a trip... back to... um... Brazil! I'm packing with my tennis bag so... um... I can save space! I'm not bald! It's the shaved look! I have a stuff rabbit... because I'm going to give it to my cousin! The light is dim because it is!" Jackal answered really quickly.

"Did you understand any of that?" Niou asked the others.

"(cough) no... but can someone help me?" Marui continued coughing. Yagyuu, being nice, hit Marui in the back.

"So, you're... not going to Canada?" Akaya asked.

Jackal nodded.

"You're going to Brazil?"

Jackal nodded again.


"Then what about Fuji's invitation?" Niou asked. "You can't ditch us!"

"Yes I can! I mean... I'm sorry... I have to go! My... sick grandmother is sick!" Jackal lied.

"Sounds logical enough..." Akaya shrugged.

Presently At Jackal's house (when everyone was at Fuji's sleepover)...

Jackal changed the channel to the television. "Hehe, losers." He ate some chips. "Why would I go to Fuji's house? I heard he was evil...

He changed the channel once more.

"Sick grandmother... I can't believe they believed that." Jackal said. He pulled out the stuffed rabbit. "There, there Mr. Rabbi, no one would know about you..." He petted it much like someone petting a dog.

Jackal continued laughing about how the team actually believed his lies... and he couldn't believe that even SANADA fell for it.

And he also remember that he should hide his dia-- journal.

An: And that's what happened to Jackal...