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Chapter Nine

Ponyboy POV

Dinner was quiet, with so many things left unsaid. What was going on? I mean, yesterday Soda didn't have a twin, but today he does. I didn't know how me and Soda were able to act like he'd been here all along, he sure hadn't. And he'd run away from his adoptive parents house, wasn't Darry gonna do anything about that? And did Larkin drop out of school like Soda did? Is Darry gonna make him go if he did? Is this guy lying? Is he really Soda's twin? There really is no denying it, he looks like Soda and acts like me. What was going on?

I ate my dinner slowly, like all the others, partly because of my cast. I guess we would talk after dinner if the guys didn't show. I was pretty sure they wouldn't, Steve was working until about 10 and Two-Bit usually got drunk on Friday nights. Or any night, really. That's part of the reason he's still a junior at 18. So I guess talking after dinner would be good.

"Darry! Come here!" Soda yelled from my parent's room. I hadn't realized he left. Darry left the table and went to go find out what Soda was hollering about.

Darry POV

"Darry! Come here!" Soda yelled again. I sighed and went to go find out what he was hollering about. It turned out he was in my parent's room. "What? I said when I reached the doorway. What could he be hollering about? He handed out a piece of old yellowing paper. I recognized my mom's handwriting immediately. I took the paper and started to read.

Dear Larkin and Soda,

This will not be easy for you or your brothers to hear and it is hard for me to write. But in case something may happen before I can tell you I am writing this letter in high hopes you will find it before it is too late. By the time you find this I hope Larkin is with you.

The thing is, Larkin and Soda, you two were adopted, but by different families. Soda was adopted by us and Larkin was adopted by Phil and Kelly Silverman, when you were both only two weeks old. Please don't be angry, Larkin. We would have loved to adopt both of you but we didn't have enough money, not in the least.

You are the children of Sara and Robert Welder. They put you up for adoption because Sara was only 16 when you ere born.

Soda, we didn't tell you because we wanted your brothers to accept you like you were really their brother. Darry doesn't even know, and he or Ponyboy won't until I tell you or you find this letter.

Please, please forgive us. We only meant the best for you. I hope you understand. We love you all.


Mom and Dad

Could this be true or was it just a sick joke that "Larkin" was playing? But how could he forge my mom's handwriting? "We have to go tell Pony and Larkin." Was all I said and Soda nodded. Our lives had just become way more confusing, and all because of a letter.