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Naruto: Bad Blood


Many things plagued Naruto's mind after coming back from his so called "C" rank mission. How one man's ideals can go completely against the Shinobi code. How someone kind like Haku could serve a man like Zabuza, and more shocking how Naruto himself and a guy hired by Gato have a bloodline limit.


When Naruto got to the bridge he saw Sasuke facing Haku and another person he's never seen. He was fairly tall with a strong built body. He wore a Chinese style shirt with a tiger design on the back. The shirt was red and the tiger was white. His pants were a camo design and instead of regular shinobi sandals he wore tabis. What got Naruto's attention was the huge double edged sword in his right hand. It was stained with blood, Sasuke's blood.

"Naruto move!" shouted Sakura while next to Tazuna.

Naruto barely moved to the right and caught a glimpse of who attacked. It was another guy he has never seen. He was slightly taller than the one with the sword. He wore a gray shirt that says "Violence Fetish" on the front, baggy blue jeans and black tabi boots like the other. His hair was a dark purple almost black while the other has brown hair. This new comers hair was also in dreads while the swordsman's was spiked. In the second guy's hands were two three foot long battle spears. He looked at Naruto showing him his red cat-like eyes.

"Nice dodge runt," said the spear wielder as he stood up.

"Who the Hell are you freaks?" demanded Naruto.

"Name's Jigoku and my bud's name is Ryoga," answered the spearman. "And you are?" he asked.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto, the greatest shinobi of the Konoha village!" shouted the blonde dimwit.

"Well then, show me what you got," Jigoku stated as he rushed Naruto.

As Jigoku rushed, Naruto rushed as well much to everyone's shock. The two exchanged attacks when they clashed. Jigoku swung his left spear horizontally while Naruto ducked and stabbed him with a kunai. Jigoku then kneed Naruto in the gut and followed with a vertical slash with his right spear. Naruto jumped back and threw his kunai right at Jigoku's throat but missed. Then Jigoku dashed at Naruto. The two fought like this with neither getting an edge on each other. While they fought Kakashi and Zabuza watched from far off.

"Looks like the brat's in a bit of a bind. Shouldn't you help him, eh Kakashi?" asked a sarcastic Zabuza.

"Naruto should be fine, you should worry about yourself Zabuza," answered Kakashi as he faces his foe.

While Kakashi and Zabuza start to face off, Naruto and Jigoku dropped their weapons. Jigoku charged after Naruto, while Naruto used his Kage Bushin no Jutsu to confuse Jigoku. Then Jigoku grabbed his spears and combined them into one spear and started attacking the clones. Naruto backed up to the bridge's rail and Jigoku was in front of him with his spear pointed on top of Naruto's head.

"Say goodnight runt," said Jigoku ready to strike. Suddenly Naruto dashed three feet past Jigoku with his right arm extended forward with a curved blade of chakra starting from his forearm going past his elbow. Naruto looked at his right arm in amazement, then he looked at his left arm and saw another chakra blade. As for Jigoku, he felt a long cut on his cheek.

"You little son of a," started a pissed off Jigoku as he turned to face Naruto's back. His cut healed instantly and he too formed chakra blades as well. Then Jigoku lunged at Naruto, but Gato decided to make his appearance.


The rest was something Naruto wishes to forget. All anyone could say was "it was gruesome." Anyway Zabuza and Haku were out of a job so they decided to stay in Wave Country and protect the people. As for Jigoku and Ryoga, they left after traveling with Team 7 for a while helping Naruto improve on well everything since Kakashi was busy teaching Sasuke.

After Team 7 returned to Konoha things were back to normal. Well about as normal as a village run by a bunch of psychotic apes. Sakura is still a pink haired freak with no talent. Sasuke is still his brooding self. Kakashi is still a freakishly late porno reading teacher with bad excuses. The only one different is Naruto, who is trying to use his bloodline limit…, poorly.