Sons of Plunder

Now before Rio floating in the air was a being of great power. He could feel his powerful aura without even trying to focus on him. What truly frightened Rio was the fact that this being knew his first name. The only thing that Rio can hope for is that the Extractor is the only thing that is still secret.

"So Rio, I've heard that you've been hiding something from the company. Would you so kind as to tell me what that secret is? Or should I have to guess what it is that you're hiding?" asked the floating man.

'Does he know about it? No there is no way he could know, not even Minakami knows,' thought Rio.

"Now Orion. Hand over the Berserker Blood Extractor," ordered the floating being.

'What? How did he know?' thought Rio.

During this conversation Dr. Minakami felt the presence of Rchengel and was compelled to see if he is indeed in Mt. Guyot. As a precaution he had Tol-ZX, Thrashzerb, and Blasker in the ops room keeping an eye out for Morfa and the Berserkers. Yet as the Kekkei Kage begin their alert status no one notice that the Helix was starting to emit a very faint glow. As the Helix glows so do the crystals of Berserker brothers, which the two said odd Berserkers never even noticed.

'I don't understand. How could Rchengel be here now? There isn't any need for him to be awaken now. So why is he here? Could it be that he knows that something that even I do not know about?' thought Minakami as he continued to search for Rchengel's presence.

As for Rio, he continued to stare at the mysterious being in front of him. He was also enraged that this man knew about the Extractor. Now Rio had to move his plans ahead now.

"So what s your answer Orion?" asked the floating man with a calm smile, not a smirk.

"You want my answer? My answer is…. NO!" declared Rio as he changed into his Assault Skin and fire a gravity orb at his enemy. The orb was blocked by a transparent barrier and was bounced back towards Rio. Just before it could hit Rio he used another gravity orb at the ground to escape.

"So you would rather run then face your punishment before your true leader. Regardless, run all you want Orion. For you will soon learn that your only chance of survival is obedience," said the powerful being.

Meanwhile in ops Tol-ZX, Thrashzerb, and Blasker were experiencing static all across the monitors.

"What the Hell? What's going on? Give me a report now," ordered Tol-ZX.

"An unknown power source is interfering with all electronics. We're trying to bypass the interference right now sir," said a female comm.

"Do it. Thrashzerb, we're going to find Dr. Minakami right now," said Tol-ZX.

"Gotcha Tol-ZX," replied Thrashzerb as they both started to leave.

"Wait maybe I should tag along too," said Blasker feeling the need to be with his teammates.

"No we need you here to keep us posted for updates," ordered Tol-ZX.

"But Tol-ZX….," argued Blasker.

"Think about it Blasker, we need you here incase Morfa or the Berserkers were to show up now. Besides don't forget Morfa will try to absorb us. So we need to make us a much smaller and tougher target to search for," reasoned Thrashzerb.

"Yeah you're right. Okay I'll stay here and keep you guys informed," agreed Blasker.

"Good let's go Thrashzerb," ordered Tol-ZX as he left the ops room.

As Blasker watched his teammates leave, he started to feel much better about the situation.

"Tol-ZX's right, there is now way Morfa would be stupid enough to attack now," whispered Blasker. "Continue with the bypass so we can find out what's going on. And you try to establish contact with all Blood Warriors and tell them to keep away from the Commander and his unknown assailant," he ordered to two comm. personal.

"Yes sir," replied the two female personal with smirks on their faces.

As for Rio, he landed on the floor below him and caught the attention of two Kekkei Kage Blood-Warriors.

"Commander?" asked one of them. Rio looked at the two and got up.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!" declared Rio as he ran past them and pushed them aside. One of them hit the wall and was out cold by the force of his leader.

"That's weird. What could Commander Rio be running from?" wondered the only standing Blood-Warrior before his head collapsed upon itself. He never had a chance to scream.

As Tol-ZX and Thrashzerb walked through one of the wrecked halls of the base. They surveyed the area, most of the glass has been broken and slabs of cement crumbling all over.

"Fuck, Tol-ZX if there are any survivors. They ain't around here," complained Thrashzerb.

"You're right Thrashzerb, but still we have to find either the doctor or the commander. Also keep an eye out for Morfa as well," said Tol-ZX. A sudden sound of cement cracking. "What the?" he asked.

Morfa jumped out of the debris and lunged at Thrashzerb. In retaliation Thrashzerb changed into his Hyper-Blood form and burned Morfa who jumped out of the way.

"Morfa," growled Thrashzerb. "I didn't think you had the balls to show your fuckin face here," he added with vemon as Tol-ZX chuckled behind him.

"I've been waiting for this. Now I can finally send you to HELL!" declared Tol-ZX as he too changed into his Hyper-Blood form. He opened his head's horn crest and gather chakra. "DIE YOU MISERABE BITCH!" he shouted as he fired his weapon at Morfa.

The shot blew a hole into her stomach and her body started to elongate strangely. Tol-ZX used his other chakra beam lenses and fired at her again. The multiple shots blew her to pieces and incinerated her. Only one small piece remained by Thrashzerb's right foot.

"Look at that. That sick freak is still alive," said Thrashzerb. Tol-ZX fired at the piece and vaporized it.

"Not anymore," declared Tol-ZX as Thrashzerb stomped on the area.

"That should be the last we ever see of that fuckin defect," commented Thrashzerb.

"Hmm…. I'm starting to think that it was a mistake to leave ops now," said Tol-ZX. "Come on we're going back now,"

"What?" asked Thrashzerb.

"Think about it for a second. Dr. Minakami is a Blood-Lord he can contact us whenever he wanted," Answered the Elite leader.

"So you mean the doctor wanted us to stay in ops," said Thrashzerb.

"Right, with Morfa sneaking in as soon as we left. This was a setup, she most likely targeted Blasker when we left. That's why we got no warning before she attacked us," reasoned Tol-ZX.

"T-t-t-Tol," called Blasker who looked like he was infected as he collapsed onto the ground.

"Blasker!" cried out Thrashzerb as he ran to his fallen comrade. He tried to pickup up slowly. "Hey what's wrong man?" asked the worried Hyper-Blood. Blasker grabbed Thrashzerb's left lower arm and his hand started to merge with Thrashzerb.


Thrashzerb yelled in fear of what was going on. He swung Blasker out into the open as Tol-ZX prepared to fire at the imposter. His shot hit their target and freed Thrashzerb.

"This is insane. If that was Morfa just now. Then who the fucking Hell did we kill earlier?" asked Tol-ZX.

He rushed to Thrashzerb to check on his wounded comrade, but Thrashzerb swung out his upper left arm as his leader. Thrashzerb grunted in agony as his body started to mutate. His lower arms were breaking off, skin, flesh, muscle, ligaments, and bones broke off. The wounds were being filled out by whip-like tentacles. His shoulders bulged out with the sound of bones exploding with in him as spikes shot out of his enlarged shoulders. His hands turned into bladed claws. His entire body expanded as he grew another three feet in height. Electricity flashed around him.

"No, it can't be. She infected Thrashzerb when she grabbed his arm," concluded Tol-ZX. "But that's impossible! She barely touch him!" he yelled in disbelief.

Soon after the mutation a feminine laugh was heard coming from the mutated Thrashzerb.

"You fucking bitch, you killed Blasker the same way didn't you," declared Tol-ZX.

"That's right Tol-ZX. Did you already forget? I told you that Blasker was next didn't I?" taunted Morfa.

"So you devoured him while we were busy fighting your doppelganger," reasoned the last Hyper-Blood member with barely suppressed rage.

"Doppelganger? Don't be stupid, the Morfa you've fought was just as much me as the 'woman' standing in front of you right now. You could think of it as a part of the colony," explained Morfa.

"What are you babbling about?" asked Tol-ZX.

"You still don't get it I'm saying any one part is as much the real me as any one part can be considered a replica," answered Morfa.

"So you've sacrificed half of your own body just to get to us," mentioned Tol-ZX.

"Sacrificed is such a strong word. I prefer to think of it as an exchange. In fact I feel much more fulfilled. Your friends have really hit the spot and more that make up for the flesh I've lost," gloated Morfa as she laughed.


Morfa dodged all of Tol-ZX's shots and move right past him.

"She's too fucking fast," cursed Tol-ZX as he turned an was hit by in the head by some sort of liquid that Morfa shot out of her mouth. "Shit," he cursed as he realized that it was the explosive chemicals of Blasker's bio-darts.

Morfa let out a thin stream of fire out from her mouth and his the liquid on Tol-ZX's head. The hornlike crest on Tol-ZX's head flew away from him yet amazingly enough Tol-ZX survive without any further injury.

"Don't be so surprised Tol-ZX. After all these are your friends own powers that you are now fighting against. How ironic that the leader of the Elite Hyper-Blood Team 5 is now forced to fight for his life against the might of his own teammates," taunted Morfa.

"Damn you," cursed Tol-ZX as he held his head in anger.

"But don't worry you'll be joining them soon," declared Morfa as she fired all of her bio-darts at Tol-ZX. Tol-ZX yelled in shock as the dart flew towards him.

Meanwhile directly underneath everything going on in Mt. Guyot. A somewhat vaguely important conversation is taking place.

"So Ryoga, who would you rather be killed by? Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers?" asked Jigoku.

"Damn tough call. I would say Michael Myers. Nothing against Jason, but I prefer my death to be less painful," Answered Ryoga.

"Really? I would go with Jason. He has a real sense of style when he kills someone," commented Jigoku.

"What is wrong with you two?" asked Asuma as he continued to look for an escape route with Kurenai.

"Seriously, you two have been doing nothing but asking each other questions ranging from treaty violations, to fictional characters, to how you want to be killed. What's next? Who's got a bigger member?" complained Kurenai.

"Why would we ask that?" asked Ryoga.

"Yeah, we're not gay. Besides you're the one who thought of that. You hypocritical pervert," added Jigoku.

Kurenai just blushed and stuttered incoherent words after that.

The blast from the bio-darts sent Tol-ZX flying out of the hall and into one of the research labs. Tol-ZX hit one of the optimization tubes any laid there stunned for a moment.

"Oh? Still alive, huh?" asked Morfa. "Not bad, could I expect any less from the leader of the Hyper Blood Team 5, the one who lauded himself as the very strongest?" taunted Morfa as she look down at Tol-ZX as he struggled to get back up.

'Damn it, at this rate I'm as good as dead. So I have no choice but to use my Solar Tempest. But do I have enough energy to gather the power needed for it?' thought Tol-ZX as he knew he was running out of options.

"You must miss your friends, Tol-ZX. So what do you say? Ready to become a part of me?" asked Morfa.

'This is it, if I screw up now, it's all over for me. Plus, if I use it inside the base, who knows what kind of damage it'll cause' thought Tol-ZX.

"Elegon, Zenclaw, Blasker, and Thrashzerb are calling out to you Tol-ZX. They're waiting for you to join them inside me," said Morfa.

"Shut your fucking mouth!" yelled Tol-ZX. "I'm sick of your ranting and raving, you freak! I've already told you, I will kill you. EVEN AT THE COST OF MY OWN LIFE!" declared Tol-ZX as he opened his back exposing insect like wings and his stomach open up and showed that there nothing inside him.

"What the Hell is going on here?" muttered Morfa as she felt the heat around her drop. She looked at Tol-ZX and saw that he was gathering the heat around him. "I see, do you really think that freezing me will do any good? I've been design to handle much colder temperatures then this," she declared, but Tol-ZX was still gathering heat from the area. The heat gathered into his open stomach and continued to glow into a highly concentrated energy. "No way. He's not trying to freeze me. He's absorbing the heat and light around him and turning it into energy.

"THIS IS THE END MORFA! SEE YOU IN HELL!" roared Tol-ZX as he fired his Solar Tempest at Morfa. The beam of heated energy fired and hit Morfa and sent her fly away from the research lab. She crashed into a closed reinforced steel door. Most of her lower body was incinerated.

"Damn, what intense power," muttered Morfa as she tried to move his nearly destroyed body.

"So you're still alive? You're one stubborn bitch, but that's fine I still have enough energy to finish you off right here," said Tol-ZX as he charged up one more time into his right arm. Then Morfa started to giggle which turned into full blown laughter. "What the? Have you finally lost your mind?" asked Tol-ZX. Then another Morfa appeared and grabbed his left leg. "What the? You mean there was another one?" he cried out.

"It's amazing what the great doctor did to me so I could get my revenge on Naruto. Before I came here I split into three as a means of entering and sneaking up on all of you. And now I will have your body and your abilities to Tol-ZX," explained Morfa as he other self started absorbing Tol-ZX's leg.

"I DON'T THINK SO!" yelled Tol-ZX as he shot at his own leg and flew through the ceiling to escape.

"Crazy bastard. Acted more like a lizard than the bug," said the human looking Morfa.

"It's fine, at least he left us a sample of himself," replied the injured Morfa. The two Morfas fused together and their bodies started to mutate and created a new form. Her appearance was similar to Tol-ZX's only more feminine with two segmented whips on her lower backside, as well as twelve mini bio-darts on both of her forearms.

As for Rio he has ran far into the center of the base. He looked at his surroundings and grunted in frustration. Behind him the being appeared calm and collected.

"Come now Orion this foolish rebellion has gone on long enough," said the floating being.

'Stay calm and focus. It's alright, no matter what he says he can be beaten,' thought Rio.

"I'll give you one last piece of advice Orion. Don't piss me off," stated the powerful being.

'No I must defeat him. No matter what, I don't care how powerful he is. I cannot like a creature as powerful as him continue to exist!' mentally declared Rio. With that in mind Rio opened his mouth and a small black orb appeared inside him.

As it happened Dr. Minakami came to the center of the base behind Rio.

'No it can't be! Damn you Orion, what could you possibly be facing to force you to? Wait is that Rchengel?' thought Minakami.

Rio shot the orb out of his mouth and in flew between him and the being.

"THIS IS THE END RCHENGEL! GO TO HELL!" declared Rio as his orb expanded and started to suck everything in.


"Alexander," whispered Rchengel.

Rchengel put up a barrier around him as did Minakami. The barrier held them in place unlike everything else. Shockingly Rio was not affected.

"So how do you like my pseudo-black hole. My ultimate attack. The longer it stays here unaltered the stronger it's gravitational pull becomes. Not even you Rchengel can overcome this unstoppable power," boasted Rio.

"Damn you Orion. Do you realize what you are doing? Stop this now!" ordered Minakami.

"Oh I know what I'm doing you senile old goat, and I won't be stopping it. In fact I'll let it grow until it swallows him and everything around him and ensure that he is dead. I don't care how many souls go with him. Besides if this doesn't work then I'm as good as dead right now," declared Rio.

Meanwhile Jigoku has felt a shift in the area around him, Ryoga, Kurenai, and Asuma.

"Hey, is it just me or does everything feel lighter?" asked Jigoku who felt this increasing change. What he didn't notice was that he was eight inches of the ground.

"OF COURSE EVERYTHING FEELS LIGHTER! WE FLOATING YOU DUMBASS!" yelled Asuma as he, Kurenai, and Ryoga floated towards the ceiling ahead of Jigoku.

"Okay, I was just asking, jeez," commented Jigoku as he grabbed the three above him and pulled them back down to the ground.

"Jigoku," said Ryoga.

"Yeah Fanggles?" asked Jigoku.

"Remind me to ask you how you did that later," answered Ryoga.

"No problem," replied Jigoku not noticing himself slightly fading.

As for above the Kekkei Kage base where all the mayhem did not reach. Two guards stood in front of one of the entrances unaware of the events below.

"Things sure are quiet huh?" asked one of the guards.

"Yeah, I wonder what's taking our relief so long to get here," replied his partner. (I know how they feel.)

"I just hope they get here before this storm hits," said the first guard as he looked at the storm clouds.

"No kidding," agreed the second guard.

Suddenly a bolt of red lightning struck the ground in front of them. The two guards covered their eyes from the weird colored lightning bolt. As they uncovered their eyes they saw a man stand in front of them. He was fairly tall with a gray business suit and red tie. What was really strange about him was that on his shaved head was a third eye right in the middle of his forehead.

"L-lord Council," muttered both guards. The was the last thing they said as their bodies were pulled to the ground harshly.

They screamed as their bodies were being crushed by Rio's pseudo-black hole below them. Council on the other hand was able to withstand the pull of increased gravity. He watch the two guards meet their painful demise.

"What could possibly be the cause of this?" asked Council in a calm manner. His right eye glowing blue.

"Isn't it obvious! Rio is the cause! Only he has the power of gravity manipulation!" yelled Council in a harsh manner. His left eye glowing red.

"Then that must mean that Rio was indeed planning to betray us!" yelled Council in a panicked manner. His top eye glowing yellow.

Elsewhere five Konoha shinobi race towards Mt. Guyot. The team is led by Kakashi with Gai, and the Ino-Shika-Cho Senor group. For them they have two mission objectives, one bring Naruto back to the village and two if possible rescue Asuma, Kurenai, and Ryoga. Rescuing Jigoku is optional. They spotted Naruto not too far into Mt. Guyot in fact they boy seems to be stuck.

"Naruto. I can't say that I'm happy with your attitude recently, but I need to take you back home now," said Kakashi as he approach Naruto.

"I can't," said Naruto as he started to go transparent in front of his teacher. Naruto turned around to face Kakashi but he fade away.

"What the?" said Kakashi as his team looked on in wonder.

Elsewhere mainly with Jigoku and the others. Jigoku was standing to fade just like Naruto.

"Uh Ryoga? Is this normal?" asked Jigoku as he faded into nothingness.

"What the fuck? Jigoku" yelled Ryoga as he and the two Konoha Shinobi watched this strange event that place.

Back with Rio, Minakami and Rchengel the pseudo-black hole continued to grow. Rchengel placed a barrier around him, but the gravity from Rio's creation was still pulling him in. He tried to stop himself, but so far he was only able to slow himself down. He applied more power into his barrier and he stopped himself only seven feet away from the pseudo-black hole. The barrier started to bend out of shape as Rchengel fought against the overwhelming might of the pseudo-black hole. Finally the barrier broke and Rchengel was pulled into the pseudo-black hole. He screamed in shock as he was sucked in.


"Damn you Orion. Do you have any idea of what you have just done," whispered Minakami.

"Help me old man. We need to close the hole now," ordered Rio.

"You expect me to help you after what you have done to Lord Rchengel?" defied Minakami.

"DO IT OR WE'LL BOTH DIE FROM THE PSEUDO-BLACK HOLE!" yelled Rio as he prepared to neutralize the pseudo-black hole.

"Fine," agreed Minakami as he floated to Rio.

The two Blood-lords extended their arms and gathered their unnatural energy into their hands. Their energy glowed orange as they gathered more power.

"FIRE!" yelled Rio as they fired their energy at the black hole. The two orange beams his the center of the endless void, but nothing happened.

"It's no use the black hole has grown too powerful!" declared Minakami in fear.

"Let's try it again!" ordered Rio as the two gathered more energy into their hands. "FIRE!" he yelled again. The two beams went into the black hole, but this time the two beams started to spread almost like they were clogging the black hole. "VANISH! DAMN YOU! VANISH!" he shouted as the black hole was covered and then it exploded.

'Amazing he stopped the pseudo-black hole. What have I created?' thought Minakami.

"I've won. I've done it. Orion Rio have defeated Rchengel. NO ONE CAN STOP ME NOW!" declared Rio as he fell deep into the base.

In the vast darkness there are two lights. One of which is orange and the other was red. In the center of the orange one was a blue orb while the red one has a purple orb inside. Soon the two light reached each other and the orange one started to blink.

"Aniki is that you?" asked the orange light.

"I must be runt sense I can tell that you," answered the red light now identified as Jigoku.

"What happened to use?" asked Naruto.

"No idea, but I think we'll find out by heading to that funny looking spiral," said Jigoku.

"What funny looking spiral?" asked Naruto as he floated left and right.

"Runt I don't think we need to look just feel," explained Jigoku. True to his word the spiral appeared in front of them. It was like the Helix with white light appearing to twist with what appeared to be a light that was blacker than the darkness around them.

"Wow," muttered Naruto.

"Yeah," agreed Jigoku.

Suddenly the spiral surrounded them both and the white light took Naruto while the black light grabbed Jigoku.

"Aniki!" yelled Naruto as his light was absorbed by the white light.

"Runt!" yelled Jigoku as he too was absorbed but by the black light.

Naruto opened his now reformed eyes and saw his hands, but after looking he saw seven hooded men surrounding one naked man. The man was screaming in horrible pain as his eyes were being removed. The eyes were then engulfed in white fire and placed back into the man's eye sockets. The man screamed in horrible agony as his eyes were put back inside him. After the man's screaming stopped his eyes were shown to be almost featureless white.

"The Byakugan," Naruto whispered.

Soon the scene changed into another that was frighteningly similar only this time the eyes only with two tomoe circling the pupil, the Sharingan. The images keep repeating themselves only with some changes involving the different body parts or fusing certain elements into the human experiment. Finally Naruto saw what seems to be the last one.

The scene was the same except the man this time was laughing as the experiment was happening. Suddenly Naruto saw it, the man's skin was burning off and was replaced with scales. Bonelike spikes popped out of his forearms and turned into blades. His chest was bulging and hardening, his feet became two toed claws, and a diamond shaped like an Oni appeared on his forehead. The man broke free from his bonds and attacked the hooded men. He grabbed one's face and crushed his head like a grape. The hooded man's brain matter and blood flowed out of his crushed skull as the monster dropped his victim. The monster's right blade glowed and lengthened and slice another man in half. Then he grabbed the top half so that his victims organs can fall out on top of the fallen lower half. The berserk monster dropped the corpse and rushed to another and rammed his fist through another man's chest and threw his next victim at a wall filled with vials on the shelves. He grabbed the next one and lifted him to his face. The man begged for his life, but the monster yelled at his face and the man's face exploded. He dropped the corpse and ran after the last three that started to run. He plowed his right hand into one of the fleeing men's back and ripped his spine out with no effort. The monster swung the spine at the next man and caught him. He pulled the man to him and grabbed his the poor man's right rib with his left hand and grabbed his victim's left hip with the right and twisted him apart. Before he could reach his last victim he was stopped by the one he threw into a wall who had crawled towards the monster's leg. The monster looked at him and raised his left leg over the dying man's head. Before the foot reached his head the fallen man said one thing.

"Midaredouji," and they he was silenced as the foot crushed his skull.

"Berserk Prince? No I am the Oni!" declared the Oni.

Soon the scene change and showed the Oni attacking a village. The people of the village were being slaughtered and those that weren't missing body parts were rising from where they fell and changed into beings similar to the Oni. Then the scene changed again and Naruto saw the Oni facing a man with a strange egg shaped device. The long portion of it was attached to the man's right arm and the end facing the Oni was opening like a mouth. Suddenly a glowing green beam shot out of the device. The beam hit the Oni and all of his blood poured out of his mouth and his monstrous features started to fall off leaving a normal human.

'What was that? That thing, it deactivated the Berserker Bloodline? No, it did more it took the power away,' thought Naruto as everything flashed out and Naruto saw Rio with that device and pointed it at Jigoku who leapt at Rio.

As for Jigoku he saw nothing but darkness. Soon the heat around him was rising as the darkness faded. Suddenly Jigoku was punched by a fist wearing a spike gauntlet. Jigoku hit a wall of fire, but it felt like a real wall only with the fire 'trapped' in it. Jigoku glared at his attacker and saw that it was that form he took on briefly before he gained his Battle Clad form. There was only one difference, the hood covered his head so well that you couldn't see his face. The only clue to a face would be two holes that would be where the eye are and a large hole that looks like a mouth. The freaky thing about the 'face' is that all three holes flickered like flames. Overall the 'face' was like a flaming Jack-o-lantern. Before Jigoku could say anything the flaming 'ninja' attacked again with a left straight punch. Jigoku used his right hand to move the fist to his left as Jigoku spun to his right and pulled a spinning backfist at his foe's left temple.

The 'ninja' took the hit and stumbled to his right. Then he spun left and extended his right leg to sweep Jigoku. Jigoku fell forward and rolled further forward and got on his feet. He glared at his opponent and saw him jerked his head slightly to the left. Then the 'ninja' ran towards Jigoku and jumped into the air and spun at him with his legs directed at Jigoku like a drill. Jigoku crossed his arms over his chest and took the hit. The impact of the drill kick sent him flying back into another flaming wall. Jigoku pulled himself up and saw the 'ninja' charge at him and tackled him into the wall again. Jigoku cupped his hands together and hammer strike his foes back. Then Jigoku used his left leg and kneed his adversary in his ribs. The 'ninja' pulled back a bit in time for Jigoku to swing a right hook at him. The two were to close to each other so they grappled and punched at one another.

As they attacked each other two dragon like serpents with only arms were attacking each other. One was black with glowing green markings that look like flames was attacking the other dragon. The dragon being attacked was red with dark purple dreads behind it's four horns around it's head. Beyond the dragons was a large powerful being watching Jigoku's battle. The being watched with a sadistic smirk and a sinister glow in it's eyes. With a wave of it's hand the being stopped the battle and sent Jigoku away from the darkness. For now.

Rio crashed hard into the ground in front of the Helix. He groaned and slowly got up and looked at the Helix as it glowed at his presence. He turned his head to the right and saw three people appear out of one of the hallways. Ryoga, Asuma, and Kurenai looked at the Helix in awe.

"You three! What the Hell are you doing here!" yelled Rio.

"Rio? Here?" said Kurenai in shock as she looked at the Blood Lord.

"So it would seem, but look he doesn't look like he's in peak condition. Whatever happened to him must of drained him. We might be able to get past him if we work together and wear him out even more," said Asuma.

"But how?" asked Kurenai.

"Leave that to me. You two find a way out of here. I got a feeling that this is gonna be a fun bout," answered Ryoga.

"Are you insane! Don't you remember what he did!" questioned Asuma.

"Yeah I remember, but look at him. Whatever he face put to much strain on his body so I should be able to hold him off," stated Ryoga.

"But," started Kurenai.

"Listen, compared to me both of you don't have the physical conditioning or power output to handle an all out fight against Rio. Hell all of you ninjas can barely put up a fight against the Blood-Warriors. So I want you two to get out of here and back to the village and warn Tsunade about this area," explained Ryoga as he glared at Rio.

"What about you?" asked Kurenai.

"Don't worry about me. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve and even if I'm beaten I won't go until I'm not needed," said Ryoga as he whispered the last part. "Go now," he ordered.

Asuma and Kurenai headed back into the hallway they entered from and left Ryoga to face Rio, alone.

"What's the matter Rio? You look a little under the weather," taunted Ryoga.


"Oh spare me the bravado. You and I both know that whatever you went has put your body under some severe strain. In fact I bet that I can take on easily," taunted Ryoga.

"I SAID SHUT UP!" shouted Rio.

"So I take it you don't like hearing the truth. Huh?" said Jigoku as he appeared from the Helix in Battle Clad form.

"Jigoku! Where the fucking Hell have you been!" asked Ryoga as he looked at his best friend.

"You know I have no idea where I was. Anyway last I checked we have some unfinished business with this asshole. So what do say buddy? Up for a little two on one?" answered Jigoku.

"So you're here too huh?" muttered Rio as he started to laugh.

"Did I miss out on a good joke or are you just happy to see me?" taunted Jigoku.

"Oh I'm happy alright. In fact I couldn't be any happier now that you're here," said Rio. "NOW COME TO ME NOW BLOOD EXTRACTOR!" shouted Rio.

Back in Yamamura's lab the Extractor started to glow as if it heard its master's voice. It started to levitate and broke out of its glass case. As Yamamura entered his lab the Extractor turned to his direction and shot straight through his chest and flew towards Rio leaving the scientist behind as he cough out his blood and died. Jigoku and Ryoga saw the Extractor fly out of a hallway and stopped right in front of Rio. It opened its long end and Rio stuck his right arm into it. As he charged it up the other end opened and started glowing.

"What the Hell is that thing?" asked Jigoku.

"I have no idea. A new weapon maybe?" answered Ryoga.

"Well who cares if it's any problem then I'll just have to slice it out of the equation!" declared Jigoku as his vibration blades activated and he leaped into the air heading straight towards Rio.

"ANIKI DON'T!" shouted Naruto's voice.

Rio saw Jigoku leapt towards him and moved the Extractor towards Jigoku. The energy in it glowed brightly and fired at Jigoku. Seeing this Jigoku pulled back by moving his body backwards, but was still his the beam of light. Jigoku landed on the ground safely, but then he coughed and his blood started flying out of his mouth. Ryoga looked on in shock. As soon as the blood flew Jigoku's crystal flashed and the blood flew back into Jigoku.

"What the Hell? Did that thing just go all vampire on Jigoku?" asked Ryoga.

"No much worse Nisan, that thing is designed to not only to remove the Berserker bloodline, but to also kill the wielder of it too," explained Naruto.

"Naruto is that you?" asked Ryoga.

"Yes it's me Nisan and I'm inside the some strange spiral," answered Naruto.

"So that's where you are you damn brat," said Rio.

"Oh damn, I could have timed that better," muttered Naruto.

"Don't worry about that now Naruto right now I want to know if you can get out of that thing," said Ryoga.

"I can try," replied Naruto.

"Do it. I'll try to hold Rio off," ordered Ryoga.

"How?" asked Naruto.

"You'll see Naruto," answered Ryoga as he gathered energy around him. "DEEP FREEZE!" he yelled as the air around him got colder and seeped into his body.

'What the Hell is this? The temperature just got colder. Did he just absorb the heat or something?' wondered Rio only to get a hard right straight punch into his chest.

Rio flew straight towards the wall and left a huge impact crater. He pulled himself off and charged at Ryoga, who dodged him by sliding backwards. Then Ryoga spun to the left and delivered a reverse spinning right hook kick at Rio's neck. Rio ducked it and threw a left hook at Ryoga's face, but Ryoga countered with a right back fist.

The two traded blows with each other. Ryoga was able to slide out of all of Rio's attacks while Rio endured all of Ryoga's powerful hits. Ryoga threw a right cross with an open palm and then a left cross at Rio's head and finished with a right uppercut. Rio grabbed Ryoga's right arm before he could pull back and delivered a powerful head butt straight at Ryoga's face. Ryoga stumbled back a bit as Rio rammed his right foot into Ryoga's gut. Jigoku was about to jump in, but he was hit by an energy beam that severed his left arm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled Jigoku as he grabbed his severed shoulder.

"ANIKI!" screamed Naruto as he appeared in a ball of orange light. He rushed towards Jigoku only to be blocked by an other beam.

Everyone stopped fighting to see a strange twister of light appear above them. The light split open to reveal an feminine looking being with two bird like wings and two bat like wings behind the bird wings. The being had four long snake like whips attached to its head. Its eyes glowed bright blue and had no pupils. It was clad in armor similar to a Berserker's body, only shark like. The being glared at Rio who was shaking in shock.

"No it's not possible. I saw you be sucked into my pseudo black hole," muttered Rio.

"Come now Orion. Did you really believe you had the power to defeat me?" asked Rchengel. "I be taking the Extractor and your Blood Core now," he declared as he stretched out his right hand. Rio floated up in the air and suddenly a green diamond exited out of Rio's body. Rio screamed and struggled as this happened and stopped moving entirely. As Rchengel moved towards the Extractor it was frozen and then shot by a pressure shot. The Extractor exploded into pieces in front of Rchengel. He looked at the cause and saw Ryoga with one hand stretched out and Naruto's hands positioned in his pressure shot stance. "I see, so these are the spawn of the Midaredouji and an element wielder along with them. What an eyesore, guess by work is never done," he said as he engulfed the entire area in light. The only sound that can be heard was the blast of two Devastators being fired and shouts of agony.

25th day of the 9th month two years after the take over

The unknown organization called Kekkei Kage had succeeded in conquering the entire world. They have destroyed all public and shadow military powers with their monstrous Blood-Warriors. After the take over the Kekkei Kage declared the that all forms of governments should turn over all power to them. Fearing destruction from the most powerful forms of warfare over 90 percent of the world had surrendered to them. All shinobi villages were hunted and disbanded by the Blood-Warriors. As it turns out a small percent of the remaining shinobi have retired while other choose to form up as many resistance groups with other warriors who desire to destroy the Kekkei Kage. Despite all attempts to defeat them, no one has succeeded. Yet my sister and I believe that the ones who could turn the tide against them are still out there. The two missing Warriors of Destruction, the Berserkers.

Hyuga Hanabi


Author's notes:

I have to say this didn't go the way I wanted it to go, but I actually like the way it turned out. I wanted to include more deaths, but I think I've done enough of that for now. Still this story was fun to make despite the many ups and downs in it and my constant writers block and increasing rage over many things.

To sum up my rage simply put I've been kicked out of the Air Force. They use a technical term called Temporary Retirement where they say I could be put back into active duty. In truth they say that so that they have to think about me. The only good thing that came out of it is that I'm still getting paid. Other things that got on my nerves is that I've seen a side of humanity that I've always known was there, but wanted to look past and try to find the good in all of us. Sadly the truth is that no matter how hard you try the fact remains that no one will try to understand one another. That and I made a horrible mistake in getting involved in forums. I must say it's sad that how some people who claim that they are intelligent prove to me that they are narrow minded. These things have stopped me from continuing my stories, but one good thing has come from them. They have helped me in looking for inspiration in improving my writing style.

So I've decided that for Naruto Bad Blood will end here and after I work on Beast Wars Shippuden I'll be making a sequel. I want my sequel to be different from how this one started. Right now it's being planned out with a much darker tone and show the harsh truth of life. Expect some characters to be dead and some who have quite the shinobi lifestyle. If you want any particular character to die or quite let me know, but I won't kill them just because you don't like them. I want them to die honorably or face their decision with their heads held up high. A few characters I've already decided their fates. Hopefully I'll get it done before that whole 2012 dooms day crap. Does anyone really believe that? I know I don't.

On that note I've also decided that if anyone wants to create a story using my idea or create an alternate version of this story. Go ahead I really don't mind at all, just be sure to include that it's base on my story.