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The first hunt!

Sam starred at his first 45. Pistol that laid in front of him on the table. It was his 13th birthday which meant he would finally be able to go ON a hunt and not just research the hunt. He was so excited he couldn't control the smile that spread across his face when he picked up the gun.

"So Sammy are you excited?" deans asked sarcastically when he saw his little brothers face light up, he to remembered the feeling of his first hunt. And he to had worn that smile, a smile of joy, anxiety and pure adrenaline.

"It's Sam! And damn right I'm excited!

"Yeah, well you better be careful with this hunt son." John spoke as he finally entered the current motel room they had rented.

"So what are we hunting dad?" Sam's eyes were wide waiting for an answer, he had never been so excited in his life.

" A wareigo."

Both boys turned their heads in their fathers directions, confusion in both boys eyes. They both held the same expression and event asked "A what?" at the same time.

John laughed slightly at his sons. "It's a cross bread of a wendigo and a werewolf. They only come out on full moons and are hairy. But they have spines on them as a results of the cross breeding. These spines are EXTREMELY sharp and you need to be careful so you're not hurt. That goes for both of you." Looking from his oldest to his youngest boy. "As for the wendigo part, they like to feed off humans, making them last for days to supply food and there usually in dark caves."


"Yeah Sammy?"

" Its Sam, why do you guys call me that? You know what, what ever. So this wareigo are we going after it tonight...it's a full moon."

"So eager to go aren't you Sammy? And yes we are."

"Ugh you know what I give up you guys will never stop calling me that will you?"

Now it was John and Dean's turn to answer in unison. "Nope!"

Without another word all three Winchesters stood up and grabbed their weapons. Sam had his held so tightly with protection that Dean thought it would be funny to try and steal it. He reached his hand out quickly but it was grabbed and twisted in one motion by his little brother.

"Don't touch it jerk!"

"Let go Btch!"

John laughed at the sight of his eldest son being held at bay by his youngest. "Come on Sam go easy on your brother."

"Fine" Sam released his grip and began to walk by Dean who was now holding his wrist and punched Dean in the stomach.

"What was that for?"

"Tryin to steal MY gun!"

" That a boy Sammy, always protect your weapons..Dean?" looking at his eldest son.

"Yeah Dad?"

"I think you could use some practice, if Sam here came keep you at bay maybe your not as good as I thought." he gave his eldest a teasing smile before heading out the door.

"Dad can I sit in the front?"

Looking from Dean to Sam he knew his decision would anger his eldest. " Yeah Sam go ahead."

"WHAT?!!! I always get shot gun!"

" Yeah well its Sam's first hunt so get over it and stop acting like a 5 year old."

Dean huffed before shooting a deathly stare at Sam who only returned the stare before getting into the impala. About a half hour later they arrived at the Sunnydale forest.

"Okay remember what I said, always keep your gun raised and ready to shoot..and make sure you're carful, I don't want anyone to get hurt, understood?"

In unison "Yes, sir"

"Okay lets go, I'll take the led, Sam you'll be in the middle and Dean you take the rear."

"Okay"once again said in unison by the two younger Winchesters.

They began their journey through the woods as the full moon was rising. Not one sound was heard from any of the 3 Winchesters. Sam who had been nervous about the hunt was already into hunter mode and he followed his dad's lead. They were by now each separated by a good 20 feet overlooking the leading persons tracks. A low growl was heard to the side of Sam. He stopped and turned to see a very mysterious, harmful and disgusting looking creature jumping towards him. Sam very first instincts told him to shoot and he did nailing the wareigo in the stomach. John towards the shot and saw Sam looking at the wareigo like a good hunter always did to make sure they killed it. He was smiling now as he looked at his son but his smile disappeared as the wareigo sprang up towards Sam again. 3 more shots were heard but the last shot had an accompanied sound.


John saw his youngest Son's cry of pain. Terror ran through his body as he ran to Sam. Dean was already there cradling Sam's head in his lap. John looked down and his worst fears became reality.