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"That a boy Sammy, you're gonna make it you proved them wrong. I'm proud of you little brother." Dean stared at Sam tears brimmed his eyes but he smiled when a he felt a small grip on his hand.

Ya Sammy gonna be fine.


1 Week Later!

Dean couldn't help but smile as he walked to his baby brother's room again. It had been a week and Sam had gotten stronger. The breathing tube was removed 2 days ago and Dean prayed it Sammy would never need it again...ever! Himself and their father had taken turns keeping Sam company. Though Dean wanted to be with Sam all the time his father wouldn't allow it. He was approaching Sam's room and Winked at a pitite blonde nurse he knew as Brittany that seemed to melt away. He entered Sam's room and saw Sam sleeping. He sat down quietly and peared over at his brother. He looked sweaty and pale Dean rwached up to touch Sam's forehead but pulled away from the heat penintrating Sam's body.

"Infections can be shown in numerous ways but a fever is the most common sign of infection. If Sam doesn't show any signs of infections by Tuesday we'll sew the wound close."

Today was Monday, and Sam had a fever. Dean began to panick and quickly pushed the nurses button. The same blonde nurse entered not a minute later.

"Umm, what can I help you with...Dean?"

"He's hot..maybe a fever.. I don't know, just do something." Dean couldn't controll the panick in his voice as he spoke.


Dean quickly grabbed Sam's clammy hand. "Ya, kiddo, I'm right here."

"I don't feel so good."

"I know but Brittany gonna help okay?"

Sam nodded before slipping into sleep once again.

"Dean, I'm gonna start him on some antibiotics to stop the infection and lower his fever...I'm gonna call Doctor Shan to."

Dean nodded as Brittany went to fetch the doctor. About two mintues later the doctor appeaared.

"What his temp?"


"You start him on antibiotics?"


"Okay, I'm gonna look at his wound." the doctor stole a glance at Dean but Dean didn't react..his gaze never leaving Sammy.

"Okay, it only appears to be a smally infection, so the antibiotics should do the trick...Dean, you should call your Dad."

Dean nodded before he reluctanly left Sam's room to call his father.

"Dad, Sam has an infection..."


"Well it seems that the infection is gone, where gonna close his wound."

"Okay, how long will it take?"

"Well its fairly simple procedure, it'll be done right here in the room...but I'm sorrry you can't stay. But basically we'll just stitch the the wound. After a day in observations...considering everything goes fine, he should be released tomorrow afternoon."


Dean and John exited the room while Doctor Shan and his brother carfully stitched the wound on Sam's stomach closed. Everything went great and after a day in observation he was released under strict rules.

"Okay, you're gonna be on total bed rest for at least a week...only getting up to take a leak. You'll take these meications for about a month and.." he lowered his voice to a whisper. " no hunting for about 2 months."

"Ohh, don't worry about that Doctor, he ain't goin nowhere for a while." Dean gave Sam his million dollar grin before they headed towards the impala.

They returned to the motel where the planned to stay for awhile...until a nearby hunt turned up..but of course Sam would stay in the motel and recover which to Dean and his father was the most important thing at the moment.


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