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Arms linked, we hurried after Torrance, trying to trip each other on the way. Every time I let out a high pitched squeal, which usually meant I was falling, Torr would turn around to look back at us with a quizzical look. We'd stop for a while, and just giggle quietly, until I felt it was time for revenge and stuck my foot out in front of him. The war would begin again. Suddenly, Torrance began jogging to someone, a smile on her face, I watched as my brother jogged to her to meet her in a hug. That, was my first mistake. Seeing his opportunity, Jan discretely stuck out his foot.

"YYYYEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!!!" that, was a direct quote. 'Great' I thought 'how humiliating' I get my face smashed in by the pavement and taken to the hospital while flirting with a really great guy. 'Excellent.' I closed my eyes and waited for the pavement to hit me in the face. Waiting…waiting…still waiting.

Slowly opening my eyes, I saw the pavement only inches from my face. I blinked once. Twice. A third time, and finally felt two strong, well-toned arms around my waist. I heard someone laughing and realized it was my brother and Torrance. Looking up I turned red and started screaming profanities at my brother and his girlfriend. I felt myself being pulled up from the pavement and set slowly on my feet. Jan came into my eyesight with a worried look on his face.

"You ok? Sorry, I didn't think you'd fall" he said apologetically.

"No, No I'm ok, but my brother won't be when I get my hands on him." I yelled the last part out so that he could hear. I was responded with more laughter. Sighing I turned to look up at Jan, only to realize he was trying very, very hard not to laugh. Gaping, I just stood there. Anger and embarrassment finally kicking in, I turned the reddest I've ever been in my whole life.

"What's so funny? I don't think this is funny. Stop laughing this isn't funny!!" he continued laughing and had to lean over to hold his stomach. Watching him, I imagined how ridiculous I must have looked and slowly began to giggle. "Ok, so maybe it's a little bit funny." Both of us burst into a peal of laughter, supporting each other as we laughed. As the laughter died off, the giggles remained and Torrance shot us an annoyed look.

"Are you two love birds coming to the party or not?" she asked, obviously aggravated.

"Yeah, yeah Torr, hold up we're coming" Jan said grinning down at me. Together we jogged up to her and my beloved brother. Rolling his eyes at our identical grins, the four of us continued our journey to the party.

Opening the door to the club, I was greeted with bright, flashing lights and a lot of screaming. Waiters bustled by with trays and people cheered as Isis and her gang made their way up to the stage.

"Great, we made it just in time for the speech" Jan whispered in my ear sarcastically. Giggling, I took his hand in mine and led him out to the dance floor. We were greeted by Casey, Darcy, Carver, Les, this really cute guy, Tim I think, Whitney and Courtney, who smiled seductively at Jan as he came up. I felt him pull me closer to him and saw Courtney make a face of mild disappointment before taking Whitney into the pulsing crowds. Les grinned and high-fived Jan, before making his way off with Tim. Darcy, Casey and Carver, started to fill us in on what we had missed before they spotted a group of really hot guys standing around. They left us abruptly, so abruptly actually that I didn't even notice until I couldn't hear the silent blah- badee blah blah Carver made when she spoke. Looking around I noticed it was just me and Jan standing alone. He gestured to the dance floor and I nodded eagerly. Grinning, we made our way out and began dancing.

I don't know how long we danced for, but it seemed forever, until finally, he pulled on my arm gesturing towards the bar. I nodded again and we weaved through the crowd to the bar. Seeing as we were both under age, he ordered 2 Pepsi's. The tender brought us our drinks and winked at Jan. Jan just smiled and shook his head slightly, and both of them laughed. Men language. There was no way, I was even gonna try to understand that. He leaned down to my ear and I felt his hot breath against my skin.

"Wanna blow this Popsicle stand?" he asked, using my favorite quote.

"Yeah, sure!" I responded, yelling so he could hear me. Nodding he turned and pushed his way through the crowd. Opening the door, I felt the cool ocean air slam into my body, cooling me down almost instantly. Taking in a big breath of air, I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the music pound the brick walls of the building. I heard him laugh slightly. Opening my eyes I looked at him with obvious curiosity.

"This scene seems a little familiar, don't you think?" he questioned smiling down at me. I realized with a start, that I had been doing just this before we almost...

"Yeah, it does actually" I said quietly moving closer to him. "Maybe we'll be able to finish it this time though?" He grinned, and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Whatever you want," he said just as quietly as I had been as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He lowered his lips to mine as I closed my eyes, waiting for our lips to met in a chaste kiss…

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