-Good Luck, Namine-

--------Chapter One---------

"Bye mom! I'll see you after school!" Fifteen year old Namine Hikari said as she walked out the door.

"Yea! See you later too mom!" Her brother, Sora, shouted.

"Be careful you two on your first day of school!" Their mother replied.

"We got it mom." They both mused.

Namine looked at the watch that was strapped loosely on her left wrist. She gasped when she saw it was 7:40 am. The bus came at 7:45. "SORA!! HURRY BEFORE WE MISS THE BUS!"

Sora was still tying his first shoe he put on. Then finally the second was laced and he rushed out the door. "Sorry!"

"It's okay. Let's hurry before we miss the bus to school! We wouldn't want to be tardy on our first day."

It was windy outside and the sky was covered with clouds. Namine and Sora just barely made it to the bus since it was just about to leave. But luckily, the bus driver saw them and stopped. Namine took breath, she hoped things wouldn't get worse. But it just did.

"Well well, look what we have here."

Oh no… she turned around and saw it was Seifer and his two other friends, Sephiroth and Ansem. (Woosh! SEPHY!! x3)

"The scrawny princess and the loser's look alike."

"What do you want Seifer?" Sora took a step in front of Namine making him the barrier between Seifer and his sister.

"You didn't forget about the game right? You guys better not chicken out on us." Seifer smirked.

Out of no where another voice replied before Sora could say anything.

"Chicken out? You know us too well, we would never back down on a game." The words came from ice prince, Roxas, the leader of the team. Namine and Sora turned to see him. She stared into his cold yet handsome blue eyes of his, his blonde hair made him seem even more attractive. 'Oh god, did I just think he was attractive?! Bad Namine!' She mentally slapped her self. (Ouch)

And of course, Seifer was the leader of his own team. The trio walked away from Seifer and into the back seats. Sora sat next the empty seat that was next to Kairi. "Hey Kairi, so how was your summer?"

"It was fun! We went to the beach a lot, and Selphie forgot to put on sun screen one time and she completely turned pink!" She giggled and Sora laughed.

Namine was having the worst luck! All the other seats were taken besides one spot, why didn't she sit in that one? Roxas was occupied next to it. Though, she sat anyway, and took her chances and asked him a question. "So Roxas… how was your summer?"

"….." Roxas merely folded his arms and looked out the window.

"Okay…. Then..um.." She didn't say anything else besides looking down at her hands that were clawing onto her skirt.

Almost everybody at the school loved baseball, because of it there were many teams formed. But it was rare for a girl to be playing in one. So most girls like Namine and Kairi cheer from the sidelines, they of course root for Roxas's team. Which consisted of himself, Sora, Riku, Tidus, Cloud, Axel, Demyx, and other boys that are not important enough to mention. Seifer's team had Fuu, Rai, Sephiroth, Ansem, and some other people.

Namine was still blushing, Roxas was only paying attention to the outside view. For some reason, Namine thought the ride to school felt like an enternity.


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