The Plan

Summary: With nothing else to do while locked in the basement Ino and Hinata start talking. And when Hinata admits her feelings towards Naruto what will Ino do? A plan is formed. A plan to win over the heart of Naruto Uzamaki.

Pairings: NarutoXHinata, other pairings revealed later

Warnings: Language and SPOILERS

Notice: This is my first fanfic so don't expect anything too great. I really appreciate reveiws, espically criticism on my writing. Helps me improve. Also no flames with the pairings. If you don't like this couple then don't read the story.

"GOD DAMN IT SHIKAMURA WHERE ARE YOU?!" Downstairs in a dark and loathing basement an extremely pissed and edgy blonde female paced back and forth while, a young dark-haired girl coward in the corner.

'It's been three hours! Where is that good for nothing lazy ass shin obi!'

"M-maybe he's had t-trouble locating Ms. Sasaki." squeaked the dark-haired teen.

"Pff as if! Knowing him, he probably just got distracted by the clouds." The blonde-haired beauty stopped pacing and made a very unlady-like plop onto the ground away from the other girl. "We'll probably not get saved until tomorrow."

The dark-haired girl gave out a long exhausted sigh. 'How did we get into this mess?'


"Tsunade-sama you called?" A dark-haired girl no older than sixteen peeked though the door to the Hokage's office.

"Ah, Hinata yes I did, please come in, come in." A blonde and busty woman of what appeared to be mid-twenties waved the young girl in. "Hinata I'm going to be sending you out on a mission with Ino."

Hinata turned her attention to Ino. She was the same age as Hinata yet did not come off as it. She adored her platinum blonde hair in the signature ponytail with her purple mid-drift top and mini-skirt. She gave a warm and friendly smile to the young girl. Hinata returned the gesture.

"You two will be going on a D-ranked mission." Tsunade suddenly stated.

"WHAT?!" That once solemn and peaceful look on Ino's face immediately turned into one of shock and utter disgust. "What do you mean me and Hinata have a D-ranked mission! Those kind of missions are for Genin! We're CHUNIN now!" The older woman rubbed her perfectly manicure fingers against her temples.

'I knew that Ino would overract. Oh, why did I sign up for this job. Ahhh, I need some sake.'

"Listen Ino I know that you and Hinata are fully capable ninja and that this mission is an insult to both of your's true potential."

"Damn straight." The older woman twitched her brow in annoyance for the young teen's cocky attitude.

"However, every powerful ninja needs to go through the basics at least once again in their lifetime. By relearning the fundamentals of being a ninja one can become a better and even more powerful kunoichi in the battlefield."

"S-so this is l-like a mission to test o-our basic k-knowledge?" questioned the quiet and timid kunoichi.

The Hokage curved her glossed lips upwards into a kind smile. "Exactly." She then shifted her hazel eyes towards both kunoichi and a serious aura graced her features. "Now you will both go to the north side of Konoha near the outskirts to Ms. Sasaki's house."

"You mean that old lady that lives in that ancient and run-down house, that her late grandfather built?" questioned the now calm Ino.

"Yes. Her old age has effected her ability to take care of said house so she hires ninja to take care of it for her. This is now both your guy's job. I expect you two to report back to me when your both finished."

"Wait a minute," the Hokage stiffened while Hinata turned to look at her partner. The said blonde put her hands on her hips a gave a securitizing gaze towards the older woman. "You wouldn't have pure chance given us this mission because, there were no genins able?" Hinata turned her attention towards the Hokage and gave the impression that, she to was pandering the same question. The older kunoichi ignored the question and acted as if it was never said.

"I expect you two to be on your best behavior. Now go. You have a mission and I have important paperwork to fill out." Both kunoichi left the office but not before Ino gave a 'whatever' eye roll. Soon as they left the older woman reached into her lower desk draw to pull out her secret stash of sake.
'Damn kids. They catch on faster each day.'

They had spent the whole day cleaning out rooms, weeding the garden, dusting the shelves and whatever Ms. Sasaki told them to do. They managed to get everything thing done. The only thing left was the basement. Ms. Sasaki had to leave for a doctor's appointment and she left them with the news that someone should be stopping by the house later on. Apparently, Ms. Sasaki made a living by sewing fabric, whether it was clothes or curtains. Everyone would come to her to put in an order of what they wanted and come back later for their purchase. A customer is supposed to be stopping by to pick up a quilt which, was already paid for. All Hinata and Ino had to do was give it said person. Little did they know who would be stopping by.
Ding Dong "I'll get it!" yelled Ino. She walked down the hallway and pulled the door open to find, "SHIKAMARU! YOU'RE THE CUTOSMER!"

"Ahh, Troublesome woman, what are doing here." Ino stood there gaping like a fish then, snapping out of it, was about to answer his question when she was interrupted.
"Never mind I can tell by your state of dress you were hired to clean the house." Ino looked down to see that she was covered in dirt and grime. Embarrassed to be seen so filthy she quickly changed the subject.

"So are you here for the quilt or what?" Shikamaru let out a long sigh.

"Yes. Can I come in?"

"Sure" Shikamaru made a move to get inside but was halted by Ino's hand "but first you have to tell me what it's for." Shikamaru looked up to see the ever present devious smile plastered on Ino's face.

"Ahh, it's my mom's, now can I come in." Ino stepped aside to let her teammate inside.

"So where is it?"

"It's in her office which is down the hallway to the right. If you need me I'll be in the basement with Hinata." Ino started to walk away but turned around when she heard Shikamaru.

"Hinata is here as well?"

"Yeah, she's stuck here as well." And with that Ino went downstairs shutting the door behind her not hearing the click that went off when she did.

With his mother's quilt in hold Shikamaru was ready to leave. 'Damn woman making me come all this way to get a quilt.' He was about to turn the front door handle when he heard distant banging and yelling. 'What now.' He turned on his right heel and headed towards the growing ruckus. It wasn't until he got to the door that he realized that it was Ino making all the noise. "Ino would you stop making so much god damn noise."

"Shikamaru?!" asked a hopeful voice.

"Yes" answered the bored teen.

"You have to help us were locked in the basement!"

"Your locked in the basement what kind of kunoichi are you?" Shikamaru could have sworn he seen the killer intent emit though the door.

"Shikamaru" Ino growled in a low menacing voice.

"Why don't you just kicked down the door." cutting off the angry girl.

"A-ano because Ms. Sasaki's grandfather built t-this house and it wouldn't be r-right if we damaged it." came a soft quiet voice.

"Yeah!" yelled a more confident voice.

'This is so irritating. I wanted to watch the clouds today.'

"I'm sure Ms. Sasaki has a key somewhere."

"What! Can't you just opened the door for us?"

"No the handle is old and doesn't work properly."

"Ah, man!"

"I'll find Ms. Sasaki and ask for the key. Where is she."

"She said she had a doctor's appointment at Konoha hospital."

"Alright I'll go there but if I can't find her there I'll go to a locksmith."

"Thanks. Oh and Shikamaru."


"You better hurry."

"Troublesome woman."


The Hyuga Heiress sat with her legs bent up and her arms folded across her knees. Her head was bent down and she would occasionally lift her white eyes to see Ino fidgeting on the other side of the room. 'I can understand why she would be so upset. This hasn't been a good day for me either.'

Ino shifted her body once again and faced Hinata. 'She's been so quite. How can anyone stand being that quite,' the young blonde moved to adjust her ponytail 'I guess I'll start up a conservation with her. It would beat this dreaded silence.' "So, Hinata how's it been?" Said girl lifted her head to show that she was listening.

"A-ano it's been fine." Sensing she wasn't going to get any more information Ino continued.

"Yea, it's been pretty boring around here lately. There's been no missions and the shop hasn't gotten a lot of customers this week. Actually not a lot has happened ever since Sasuke killed Itachi." Hinata gazed her line of vision downwards. She still remembered the incident one year primer. She remembered how her team and Naruto's were combined to detained Itachi in hopes of rescuing Sasuke. She remembered how they succeeded in capturing Itachi yet failed in bringing Sasuke back. At one point in the mission it was just Naruto and Sasuke fighting by themselves. She didn't know what words were exchanged between the two nor to what extent the battle between them waged. All she knew was that when it was over Naruto had changed and he was still out there somewhere.

"A-ano do you think that Naruto and Sakura have recovered from that mission yet?" Ino hardened her gaze on the floor as if analyzing the question herself. It was true that once they all returned from the mission that the two emitted a negative aura around them. They were depressed that once again they could not bring their friend back. Yet their depression was not as heavy as Ino thought that it would be and for some reason neither one asked to go search for their friend. It was rather odd and Ino knew that they were hiding something.

"I don't think anyone can fully recover from a lost friend. Yet, I think as time goes by, the pain can lessen to the extent where you can't feel it anymore but, the scar remains." As Ino said this her eyes glazed over as if she was talking about her own past. It was obvious to Hinata that Ino was thinking about her past friendship with Sakura.

"I-Ino do y-you miss b-being friends with Sakura?" Ino snapped her head in Hinata's direction after hearing the question. Hinata thinking that she asked too much of a personal question began to squirm uncomfortably. "A-ano you d-don't have to a-answer."

"No it's alright. I do miss my childhood friendship with Sakura but, were still friends. It's just different. Now it's more like a friend/rivalry thing."

"B-but," Hinata tilted her head in a sign of confusion "I thought that you didn't like Sasuke anymore." A loud scream of laughter filled the room. Hinata turned a shade of pink out of embarrassment. After Ino could finally control herself, she look over at Hinata. Keeping her smile on she tried to apologize the best she could.

"Sorry Hinata, it's just that I haven't thought about Sasuke like that in for so long that, it kind of seems ridiculous that I would still have a crush on him, you know." Ino wiped a few stray tears away with the back of her hand. "Me and Sakura don't fight over Sasuke anymore. Now we try to see who is the better kunoichi."

"Oh I see."

Ino began to think for a moment then her devious smile shown on her face. "You know, seen as how I told you that I no longer have romantic feelings for my childhood crush, it would only be fair if you told me about your recent feelings, on your childhood crush."

"A-ano, what d-do you mean?"

If possible Ino's smile grew even wider. "You know your childhood sweetheart. Do you still have feelings for Naruto?" Hinata instantly turned a bubblegum pink upon hearing Naruto's name.

'Was I really that obvious when we were young? If Ino knows about this, who else does? Should I tell her what I feel for him now?' So many questions popped into her head that she didn't notice Ino moving closer to her until she spoke.

"You do still have feelings for Naruto don't you." Ino now was looking directly into Hinata's eyes, trying to read her.

"H-how did y-you know I l-liked Naruto?"

"It was really easy to tell with you blushing around him, stumbling over your words and always looking at him. You gave away all the signs of being smitten. Everyone could see it except for the dense idiot himself. And don't you mean like not liked?" Ino's smile return to her face upon seeing Hinata's blush.

"W-well I g-guess I still d-do have f-feelings for him."

"When are you going to ask him out?" Hinata's face was now a cherry red.

'What does she mean ask him out. I can't do that, he'll say no. Naruto would never go out with me. Why would he.' "W-what...I-I...c-can't" Hinata's words traveled off into a soft whisper. Ino frowned upon hearing the statement.

' All these years and she still can't ask him out on a date? She needs more confidence, she needs help, she needs advice. And that's what I'm going to give her.' "Hinata what do you mean you can't ask him out?" Hinata lifted her light lavender eyes to meet Ino's blue ones.

"H-he wouldn't w-want to go out with m-me." Ino's gaze hardened.

"What do you mean he wouldn't want to go out with you! He along with any other guy would be crazy to say no to you!" Hinata's eyes widened at what she just heard.


Ino then got an iron grip on Hinata's shoulders forcing Hinata to pay attention. "Are you or are you not a fully capable kunoichi of the Leaf Village?"


"Have you or have you not proven to your father that you are worthy of the Hyuga bloodline ability?"


"Are you or are you not the next Hyuga Heiress?"


"Have you or have you not grown into beautiful and intelligent woman?" Hinata hesitated on hearing the beautiful part of the question but seeing Ino's dark glare, daring her to say 'no', she responded.

"Y-yes, I am."

"Then there is no reason for him to say no."


"No buts. If you can prove to everyone that you are a beautiful kick-ass kunoichi of Konoha then it shouldn't be a problem to prove it to one boy. No matter how dense he is. Now, do you want Naruto as your boyfriend or what?"

"I-I umm..."

"Hinata' It was coaxed in such a dark warning tone that Hinata immediately answered.


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I do want Naruto as my boyfriend."

"Good, now that you've admitted it. Time to start working on the plan."

"The plan?'

Ino gave a evil chuckle as her lips turned into a devious smile. "Yes Hinata, the plan, the plan to get Naruto to be your boyfriend." Hinata's eyes turned the size of dinner plates as she gaped at Ino.

'Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?'

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