How could one night change everything between two people? Sara knew. One night, one little night, Grissom and Sara left work together and went to a bar. Both drank and drank. The bar tender called them a cab which drove them back to Grissom's house. Up the stairs and into bed they went. The next morning, more regret then they could handle. Sara left Grissom's house and went back to hers. The day after, at work, they avoided each other. It was expected. Then a month later Sara found out a secret. A secret Sara felt she could never tell Grissom. She was pregnant. Millions of thoughts ran though her head. Would he be mad if she told him?? Would he be a good dad?? She stopped right there. She knew he'd be a good dad if he tried, but she didn't know if he'd try. She couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep, she just stayed up at night crying and worrying about it. She finally came to the decision not to tell Grissom ever, to keep his child a secret, and someday tell him about their daughter or son. She wanted a little girl. She knew that this girl would be amazingly beautiful. How could she keep something so beautiful from Grissom?? Another thought that came to mind. All Sara could think about is if Grissom would love their child. Over every thought she had, that one came up over all of them. All Sara could do was hope for the best and that everything would be all right.

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