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After finding out her secret, Sara decided that she couldn't stay in Las Vegas anymore. She couldn't be on the same team as Grissom and keep that secret, so she filed for a transfer to San Francisco. Everyone on the team, except Grissom, tried to make her stay. Grissom asked her if it was what she really wanted to do and she said yes so he let her go.

It was hard for Sara to move away from the bright lights of Vegas, but she knew she couldn't stay. The first night in San Francisco was lonely. There she was three months pregnant and she had no one. Her new team she worked with treated her like she knew nothing about being a CSI. She felt hopeless.

Many nights she would stay up and cry over Grissom because she had always loved him and now all she would have of him was his child. She felt so selfish keeping their child from him, but to her that was the only way.


Grissom's POV:

I always wonder how Sara is. I miss her terribly. Sometimes I stay up and worry about her. I feel as though it's my fault she left Vegas. I just can't believe she is gone. I think about just up and leaving here and going to find her. I should have made her stay. The one night we had together was everything I had wanted, but the next morning wasn't. I should have told her then how much she means to me. I need her in my life. She is my world.

But deep down I know I can't have her...


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