Hello everybody! X3 This is Cathy here! Okay, so I was bored and I needed to come up with more stories. This is a story I created from one of my favorite movies: War of the Worlds. -holds up finger- But with a twist. I'm doing it with Fullmetal Alchemist! Whee hee! XD Yes, this should be interesting. If you haven't seen the movie then you should know that it's about aliens coming to Earth and destroying all human kind.

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Chapter 1: Invasion

Edward Elric stood infront of the desk of Colonel Roy Mustang. Usually he hated being in his offce, but today, he was in a pretty good mood. Al got his body back not that long ago as well as him getting back his limbs. It was even a nice day outside, not one cloud in the sky. So why was he here? Simple. He was called in for work.

Ed just sighed. Why am I still in the military if we got our bodies back to normal anyway? he wondered in his head. Ed just shrugged it off and turned tword the Colonel. "So.." he began.

Roy didn't look up from his paper work, knowing very well of Ed's presance. "Yes, Fullmetal, I did call you." he said bluntly. "I have a mission for you." he said, finally looking up from his paper work and handing Ed a couple slips of paper.

"So what is it this time? Mine expections in Usewell? Some con man priest in Lior?" he asked, flipping through the slips of paper.

Roy shook his head. "No, actually this is completely different than what you're use to. There's been reports of lightning strikes hitting in the same spot number of times, causing seismic activity making all electrical devices to stop working." he said concerned, folding his hands together and putting them up to his lips.

Ed looked up at Roy confused. "Lightning strikes all in the same spot? But that's impossible!" he said amazed.

"I know..." Roy nodded and sighed, looking back down at his paper work. They were all areas of where the strange lightning accurances have taken place. He then looked back up at Ed. "That's not my only concern. We can't contact these areas. Our comunication with these areas have been completely cut off. We're assuming that they can't use telephones or cars either."

Ed looked back down at the papers an narrowed his eyes. "Do you think the lightning strikes are created by someone, not by nature?"

"I don't know. That's why I asked you if you could research it." Roy said, closing the folder shut with his paper work in it.

Ed nodded. "sure thing, Colonel. But I do this for you and you owe me." Ed said with a grin.

Roy sighed. "Why am I not surprised?" he said and nodded. "You're dismissed."

Ed saluted and walked out.


Ed walked out of Central HQ and looked up at the sky. There was a strange cloud forming in the sky and Ed didn't like it. It's not suppose to rain today...he thought when he heard a familiar voice call to him.

"Brother!" the now human Al called from behind him.

Ed turned around and smiled. Seeing Al back in his body made him happier no matter what. "Hey, Alphonse. I just got my assignment fron the Col--" he was suddenly cut off by the look on Al's face. "What's wrong, Al?"

"Brother...That cloud dosen't look normal." Al said worried.

Ed looked back up at the cloud. He was right. It didn't look normal. The dark grey cloud was forming in a perfect circle as if surrounding something. The wind then suddenly picked up, blowing poor Alphonse right into Ed. "Agh!" Ed yelled as he hit the ground.

"Sorry, brother..." he said, grasping onto Ed's jacket as the wind picked up.

Ed looked up at the cloud again. "That's weird..."

Al looked at him confused. "What's weird, brother?"

"The wind..." Ed pointed out. "It's blowing twords the storm!" Just then, a flash of lightning shot out of the cloud, making both brothers jump. Lightning! Ed thought. This is just like in the reports the Colonel gave me. Just then, another lightning bolt shot out. Then another. And another. Tweenty-six times, all in the same spot. "Why isen't there any thunder?" Ed asked surprised.

Al's lip started quivering. "Brother, I don't like this!" I don't like this at all!" he cried as more lightning strikes came.

"Get inside!" Ed yelled and pushed Al back into HQ, running inside himself. The two of them watched out the window as the lightning strikes began to die down.

"I-Is it over?" Al asked, shaking a bit.

Ed tried to slow down his heavy breathing. "I don't know..." he said, staring out the window for a few more minutes. Seeing how there wasen't going to be anymore lightning strikes, he tore his gaze away from the window. "Al, I want you to stay here. Better yet. Go to the Colonel's office and stay there until I get back."

Al's eyes grew wide. "Brother, what are you going to do?" he asked, clinging onto Ed's arm.

Ed smiled. "I'm just going to go check something out. Don't worry." he said and pulled away from Al. "I'll be back in a minute." he said, waving his hand back at him then walked out.

Al just stared after him with a worried look on his face. "Be careful, brother."


Ed walked down to the town square of Central, where the lightning strikes hit. He could already see a big group of people gathered around the huge hole in the cement. He started pushing past people to get up front where the lightning hit.

"Hey! Edward!" he heard someone call. It was Lieutenant Jean Havoc. Havoc smiled at the blonde boy as he walked up to him. "What are you doing here?"

Edward smiled. "Just came to see what all the comotion was about. Me and Al saw the lightning from HQ."

Havoc nodded and looked at the big hole in the ground. "Yeah. It scared the shit out of all of us. This many strikes of lightning in one area. It's impossible!" he said and frowned.

Ed bent down next to the hole and observed it. Something didn't seem right. It looked like it was covered in...ice? He picked up a chunk of cement and observed it. He played with it until his hand started going numb. Indeed it was covered in ice.

"Is it hot?" Havoc asked, bending down next to Ed.

Ed shook his head. "No, it's freezing!" he said and layed the piece of cement back down when he felt something. "Wait a second...Do you feel that?"

Havoc stood up, unsure what was going on. "Is it an earthquake?"

Ed stood up too, narrowing his eyes. "I'm not sure." he said when the ground started to crack. Everything happened so fast. Havoc was shouting at the people to get out of the intersection while others were running for their lives. Seeing the ground crack under his feet, Ed quickly sprinted out of the way. Windows of building began to shatter and the ground began to seperate. I begining to think this is no earthquake! Ed thought, his eyes wide with terror as he saw the whole section of the city begin to fall apart.

Ed looked left and right for Havoc, but he couldn't find him. All he could see was hundreds of people screaming and running for their lives. Not knowing what to do, Ed quickly hid behind a car, watching all of the comotion going on. "What's happening!?" Ed thought out loud. He suddenly looked up to see something spring out of the ground. Something huge! And it was headed right for him! Without thinking, Ed dive bombed out of the way before the car he was hiding behind got crushed by what looked like a giant metal tentacle.

The earthquake finally quieted down and some people gathered around what was once a hole and now a crater. Ed nervously gathered where the people were, too. Jumping every once in awhile to see over them. Damn! These people are too tall! he thought when the people weren't that tall at all.

Finally squeezing through some people, Ed saw the dirt in the crater start to move upwards. The dirt then started to fall off of what it was resting on, revealing a metal looking head twice as the building he was standing next to. In the center of the head was a spotlight and connecting the head were three long metal tenticles, making the skyscraper metal object look like a living creature.

A rush of panic went through the crowd of people as everyone started running for their lives, Ed included. Looking back, Ed saw the giant machine was standing up to it's full length. It was bigger than any building he had ever seen. Ed's eyes then grew wide with terror when he saw the thing shooting beams out at people making them disintergrate to nothing but dust. "Impossible!!" Ed yelled and turned forward, not wanting to look back and ran as fast as his legs would carry him.

People left and right of him were being disintergrated, covering Ed with their dust and clothes were flying everywhere. Ed quickly made a sharp turn tword where HQ would be. He had to warn everybody! That's when he heard explosions behind him. He quickly turned around to see most of the building he had run past be blown to pieces by that one greenish beam that disintergrated people.

Ed stood in horror at what he saw. Hearing a strange whizzing noise, like a machine would make, Ed quickly hid behind a building that was still standing. He peeked around the side to see the giant machine walk by. Good...It's not heading tword HQ. he thought shakily.


Al looked out of the window of Roy's office, waiting for Ed to return. "Colonel...I think something bad has happened." he said, trying to see where Ed had walked too. It was pretty far but he could still see smoke in the distance.

Roy looked out the window and gasped. "Fullmetal?" he asked. He saw Ed walking up the steps outside looking extremly pale.

"Brother!!" Al said happily, seeing that Ed was alright.

Ed walked into Roy's office and sat down on the floor and leaned against Roy's desk, staring off into the distance.

"Brother?" Al asked worried, waving a handin front of Ed's face. Ed didn't budge.

"Fullmetal, what happened?" he asked, but didn't get a response from Ed. Thinking that Ed didn't hear him, he reached over and tapped Ed on the shoulder. Ed jumped from Roy's touch and yelled.

"Brother, what happened!?" Al asked, concerned. Al started getting a little teary eyed. Ed usually didn't get scared that easily.

Coming back to reality, Ed finally realized why he was here. "We're leaving! NOW!!"

End of chapter 1

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