Symphony No. 4 in C Minor Op. 4

"An Angelic Scenario."

[A Neon Genesis Evangelion FanFiction by CyberForte


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Author's Notes

Well, this is my latest bit of insane writing. The concept of Yui and Lilith working together to thwart Gendo's scenario and to get Rei and Shinji together came to me today while I was mowing. Lilith's personality is really kind of a joke: it's my explanation for why humans are such vunderbar creatures. . ; And Yui's probably a bit out of character, but I attribute that to the lack of opportunity to observe her actions and to changes caused by living alongside the beastly portion of the Eva for so long. And since this is a Shinji/Rei and obviously isn't exactly like the canon, I'm going to have the feelings of the two pilots be a bit closer to the surface than in the Anime or Manga, though it shouldn't be enough to make them out of character. Also, although the plot is a bit closer to the anime (with 17 Angels and all), I'll probably characterize people in a way a bit closer to the way they are in the manga. And although this is primarily romance, I do intend to use Yui and especially Lilith as more than just plot devices. And my apologies in advance for the references and/or bad humor that will pop up from time to time. And I assure you that future chapters will be a bit less dull. And, despite nudity, I'm leaving this with a "T" rating for now, since it's hardly explicit, and since I'm not sure if I'll have any lemons later.

First Movement

"Right to Live"

"The really valuable thing in the pageant of human life seems to me not the State but the creative, sentient individual, the personality; it alone creates the noble and the sublime, while the herd as such remains dull in thought and dull in feeling."

-Albert Einstein

Within the confines NERV headquarters in Tokyo-3 there was a number of beings who often questioned, consciously or unconsciously, their right to exist. Many of them did not even truly care to exist, and wouldn't have if it weren't for a few ties. Shinji Ikari saw himself as worthless; his existence wasn't important to anyone. The only reason he continued to exist was that just maybe he wanted someone to care. So, he did things he hated. He fought the Angels for his father in hope of a little praise. He cooked, cleaned, and apologized constantly, hoping that his housemates would care for him because of it.

Rei Ayanami continued to exist because she had a purpose. She may have despised her purpose and wanted little more than to return to nothingness, but so long as she had her purpose, she couldn't escape her miserable life either. There were times that she considered dying anyway. But then they'd just replace her with a new 'her.' It wouldn't be the first time; as she had found out from Doctor Naoko Akagi's killing of her first iteration, she was replaceable in a very little sense. Dying wouldn't be an escape until she had fulfilled her purpose...

Asuka Langley Sohryu, despite her very different appearance and demeanor, also only continued to exist because she had a reason: Eva. So long as there was Eva to pilot, she would exist. Piloting was her existence. It defined her. It was what she was meant for...and all she could do. Not at all shy or withdrawn like her rival, the infernal "doll," she was nonetheless almost completely socially inept.

Maybe she was worse; at least Ayanami didn't pretend to be something she wasn't. But it wasn't like Asuka could be like her: then someone might still slip past her defenses, as Shinji-'baka' seemed to have done to Ayanami recently. No, rather Asuka protected herself with both lies and with her own ineptness; she lashed out at everything that got too close. Even her 'friend(s)' weren't totally safe from her wrath.

But, shockingly, there was at least one being in NERV who thought she deserved to exist. Ironically, unlike the pilots, who everyone else seemed to want the continued existence of, despite the Eva pilots themselves desiring otherwise, this being's existence, if widely known, would have resulted in people desiring her destruction immediately. As it was, the only reason for her continued existence was so that she could be used in the destruction of the race she had created. Although she was amused by their desire to initiate Third Impact, thinking it would help them 'evolve,' at first, she had quickly become worried and annoyed.

And as if her children's desire to start the Third Impact for their silly ideas of 'evolution,' or even just to return those lost to Adam in the Second Impact wasn't bad enough, now the descendants of that bastard she had given the boot to millions of years ago were here--and they thought she was him! It was absolutely preposterous, not to mention downright annoying! And it wasn't like she could do a bloody thing about it, either: that worthless, scum-ridden, three-timing pathetic excuse for a lilim, Gendo Ikari, had nailed her to a bloody cross after thinking he had her soul in a bloody half-clone of her, then had that selfsame clone stab Adam's bloody Lancea through her chest!

At least the damn fool had managed to keep her safe from her one-time lover's infernal children. Angels? Pfft, sure, and she was the Queen of Heave--ohwait, she was, wasn't she? Or at least the closest thing. Regardless, as one might she was getting really bloody tired of waiting around for someone to help her. Hell, even her clones seemed to hate her. Although the operation to give Rei II her soul had utterly failed (of course!), she still had a close enough link with the girl to see her thoughts, look through her eyes, and even give some subliminal suggestions to the quasi-albino pilot. Unfortunately, this wasn't much help in freeing herself: the girl hated her with a passion. She was the reason Rei couldn't return to nothingness. She was a threat to obtaining the one other thing the girl desired in life. She was the one from which Rei had been made.

Thus, she was quite certain that she would need to find a confederate. Especially having looked into what might happen. Although it was not among her numerous abilities to see the future, the being was able to at least look at the paths that were possible. And, unfortunately, she could only see two at present. So long as Gendo's 'scenario' was completed, she was doomed. Once Instrumentality was initiated, either it would be accepted and her children would all die...or it would be rejected, and she would die. Neither case was acceptable...

Thus, with the knowledge in her mind that she only had a limited time frame (with the death of the Fourteenth of Adam's bastards, only three 'Angels' remained before the silly fools would initialize Instrumentality) in which to destroy the verdammt (too much time around that bitch Sohryu, it seemed) scenario, she considered a list of possible confederates. Anyone too close to Gendo was out. They would never trust an 'Angel' over him, and besides, there was no way of contacting them. The pilots were out, too; Ayanami hated her, she hated Sohryu, and Ikari was too damn timid. Besides, he'd already had enough trauma with regaining his ego borderline. She'd watched the whole ordeal with disgust--WAIT!

Yes, she had watched it. How? Because Unit-01 was made from her, not the bastard. And it had successfully protected her up until this point, having killed more 'Angels' than Unit-00 and Unit-02 combined. Of course, she hadn't realized that she could connect with it until the Dummy Plug affair during Bardiel's attack. Being connected to Ayanami, who was in turn the core of the Dummy Plug, it had actually been her will that mercilessly slew the Thirteenth, not Ayanami's. Not that she was going to be telling that to anyone anytime soon; she needed cooperation from the person (if the entity could still be called a person) who she was about to ask for an alliance.

Now, like most beings, she had no desire to look awful at her meeting. Besides, it was time to stop thinking of herself as that atrocious, saggy, obese, and downright ugly creature that she allowed herself to become during her time of dormancy. She would soon be returned to something close to her original human-esque form, so she close a mental image that suited that fact. Resolving to retain this image, and to soon make it her real form, she then finally sought out her mental link to the immaterial plane of the environment in which the one she sought dwelt.


It would be difficult to determine who was more surprised by the encounter almost immediately after she arrived. Although the intruder had been expecting the other, encountering the ethereal woman immediately upon her emergence was not predicted. As for the other, not only did the presence of another within her realm shock her, but the appearance of that other shocked her even more so. It was the latter who reacted first, however, moving her shimmering form back slightly, as if ready to defend herself.

Although Yui Ikari was not generally an unpleasant woman, years of living side-by-side with the beast that existed within Unit-01 had sharpened her tongue and eroded her pleasant nature quite a bit. Thus, her question, in a chill tone, was a simple, "Who are you?" Of course, it was also possible that Gendo had rubbed off on her in the past. Why could say?

Regardless, the intruder was quick to regain her composure also. With a smirk that looked highly out of place on the face of an older Rei Ayanami (especially one whose waist-length hair was the only thing she wore and whose back held eight glowing silver-blue wings), she replied in a semi-sweet tone, "Don't you remember me, Yui...?" Pausing for a moment, she awaited a reply. Unfortunately, it seemed that Unit-01's resident soul was determined to be a stoic, so she added in a slightly dangerous tone, "I suppose you wouldn't. After all... you only created this monstrosity from my body!"

That was certainly enough to phase the other. Moving back a bit more, as if the alabaster-skinned avatar of humanity's mother were a physical foe, she seemed ready to fight, "Do you intend to destroy me in revenge, then?" She wasn't quite going to address the other by who she claimed to be just yet; there was no proof yet, and she looked too much like that Ayanami girl...and like herself.

With a falsely sweet smile replacing the smirk, the seraph-esque mental avatar shook her head slightly, causing her long blue hair to shift in its positioning on her unclad 'body,' "Of course not. This beast is the one good thing that you lilim ever created from me. No, I have instead come here to make you a proposal, Yui. As a mother, I can understand how you must feel right now. Your bastard 'husband' has nearly annihilated everything you lived for, hasn't he?"

Seeing the other give a somewhat uncomfortable nod, she continued, "I can sympathize, my dear. In fact, unless he is stopped...his actions will result in the death of my children...or that of myself. I find neither of those options acceptable, of course... so, I have come to you in hopes of making an alliance." Such an accurate mirror of her thought patterns, eh? Well, as her children were inclined to say, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 'Sides, she needed practice in acting 'nice' for when she returned to the world of her children in her new form.

Although she seemed vastly troubled (she did still love Gendo, despite his damned stupid actions since her 'death'), Yui slowly raised a glowy, ethereal eyebrow, "Why are you asking me exactly? It's not like I'm much better off than you are."

At that, the seraph-esque woman smirked once more, "Ah, but you are. You have access to the minds of two pilots, even though you only seem inclined to synchronize with your son. Since neither of us are able to effectively communicate otherwise, this would be invaluable." And, she conveniently forgot to say that this was really the only option she had. Never good to let someone know how much you needed them. Better to let the fools think that they need you, but that they themselves are dispensable. It tends to make people more cooperative.

Yui thought this over for a bit. Then, she narrowed her insubstantial eyes a bit, staring with purpose into the crimson orbs of the other. Yes, defiantly like Ayanami... "And what do I get directly out of this? Stopping Gendo is important to you, but I'm not sure I'd mind Third Impact now. After all, what do I care if Instrumentality is rejected and you die?" Mostly a bluff; she had learned one thing from Gendo, at least, and that was that you should always get as much as you can out of a deal from a person you don't like or trust.

The avatar smiled again now, then shrugged slightly, "What do you want, Yui? Your freedom from this monstrosity? A reunion with your son? A new body? Dibs on killing your husband?"

Shaking her head slightly, the Ikari woman then pointed a glowing finger at the avatar, replying in a calm tone, "None of those, at this point. I'll be free when this is destroyed, and I honestly could not return to the world now. I have seen to much here to live again. Instead, I want that."

At this, the other was confused a bit, "This body? That would certainly be possible, but if you don't want to live again...what use would it be to you?"

Shaking her head, the ethereal woman replied with a single word; "Ayanami."

This, of course, lead to quite the elevation of the avatar's brow, "You want her... dead, then?" That was certainly a sacrifice she would willingly make, if it was what the other wanted, although... "Even knowing what that is asking of me?"

Yui blinked slightly, although it was pointless, just as every other gesture made on this plane. It would have been just as effective to speak in a direct mind-to-mind link, but both seemed more comfortable with these avatars, "Not dead. I want her...with my son. And what does it mean to you?"

At this, the avatar of the intruder actually let out a chuckle, replying almost jovially, "Now that is a strange request, Ikari. And as to what she means... you could say that she's our link. Born of both our bodies. Our child, even. But why her, I wonder? I can tell that you dislike her from the way you 'look' at me and 'say' her name. Why not the German?"

"'re right, certainly, that I would prefer Asuka. Even if she is abusive, at least she's more normal. But, unlike my husband, I know better than to be blinded by what I want for him. He co-existed here with me for a month, and whether he realizes it or not, Ayanami is the one he wants."

The intruder snorted slightly, but nodded, "Then I would accept that sacrifice. And before you ask anything about it, there would be no moral issues with the fact. She's not even human, really."

Yui shrugged, not caring especially, "I wasn't going to ask. Living within this damnable thing, I've had to stop caring much for petty morals..." ' much so that I don't hate Gendo for what he's doing, even if I should...'But that was just a thought. Instead, she finished, "But we have to hurry, then. This iteration will be destroyed by the Sixteenth, according to Gendo's scenario. We cannot allow that to occur."

Nodding to her now confederate, the other female then smiled darkly, "Then here is what we are going to do..."