Symphony No. 4 in C Minor Op. 4

"An Angelic Scenario."

(A Neon Genesis Evangelion FanFiction by CyberForte)


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Author's Notes

You know what? I don't really like this story that much. But, considering its popularity and my desire for attention, I think I'll continue it, despite its many faults. But, before I go on, I'm going to point out a few things. For one, I'm much less uncertain about things now. I've bought the box set, analyzed the series, and come to several conclusions that directly oppose many of the commonly held ones. Unfortunately, this fic was started using many of the latter, and I think it'd destroy it to try and change that. So, instead, I'm going to say this is an AU of the series, and that not all the views or assumptions used or implied herein represent my views concerning the series itself. But, since I do still believe as I do, in the instances where I have not already screwed that up, I'm going to express some views which may not fit with your opinion of the Evaverse, especially if you consider yourself an Asuka fan. I'm not going to bastardize her, as you might be thinking, but I'm not changing her the way many of you do either. I'm not going to make her into a nice, likable person under a mask of bitichiness with hidden feelings for Shinji, because that is not what Asuka Langley Sohryu is. Nor is she a heartless bitch. She's a mentally unstable girl whose mother's insane actions hurt and twisted very badly. If you want elaboration, them please read this: http:(slash)(slash)www(dot)cyberforte(dot)net(slash)Fiction(slash)Asuka20Essay(dot)doc Replace the (slash) with a slash and the (dot) with a period. And now that I'm done with my rant, on with the fic.

Fourth Movement

"...and the Word was God."

"…this high seat your Heaven

Ill fenced for Heaven to keep out such a foe

As now is entered..."

-John Milton, Paradise Lost.

Visiting others was not something Rei Ayanami was used to. As such, she did not have any great desire to start now, and so she would need to find some alternative way of speaking to Ikari, preferably one that did not include the presence of others, especially not the second child. Considering that condition, school was no longer a possibility. As such, the only remaining viable options were to avoid the second within NERV or to request or otherwise induce the presence of Ikari in her dwelling. The latter seemed to be a more agreeable option, considering that it would afford a great deal more privacy, something which was preferable, and that it would guarantee the absence of the second. Unfortunately, it also required that an invitation or some other form of summons be issued, which would likely need to be done in public. However, perhaps she could simply request it; it would not be especially difficult to approach the boy on a day that the second would be in the company of Class Representative Horaki.

As Dr. Akagi had observed, the Third Child was skilled at doing what he was told. Perhaps he was somewhat akin to her in that manner. But there was a distinction. Pilot Ikari did what he was told to do. Rei Ayanami did what she was ordered to do. As such, while Ikari was often at the mercy of the second, she was immune to the girl's childish actions, at least so long as their ranks remained equal. It crossed her mind fleetingly that, if the second were to ever outrank her, she would end her life with due haste, regardless of her purpose or the consequences regarding the scenario, preferably after terminating the spare selves. If Commander Ikari were ever to be so foolish as to issue such a promotion, the loss would not be unwarranted.

But, that was irrelevant. Commander Ikari was not a fool, and as such it would never come to pass. If it had mattered, she might have questioned why she'd had the thought at all, even though it was true, but she obviously didn't care or do so. It was, after all, irrelevant. As such, her attention quickly shifted back to the considerations at hand, mainly when to approach Ikari and request him to accompany her. School seemed to be the most logical option, or rather its end upon a day when the second would be preoccupied. Perhaps tomorrow. It would all depend on the second. If not, she could wait. A rather interesting looking book had caught her eye in the library anyway. It was called The Truth. What books were titled never ceased to amaze her, but that was irrelevant. The title usually was too, but this one had made her curious. So had the first page. It was certainly not much like the normal books in the "Fantasy Literature" section. It required further investigation.

But, even had she not had a book, one thing that Rei Ayanami knew well was how to wait. It had been her usual pastime, if the word could be applied to something that didn't especially help with passing time, for as long as she could remember. She had, before recent times, thought of her life in terms of what she was waiting for. The preparation of Unit-00. The next Synch test. The Third Angel. Her recovery and reactivation test. The next Angel. But presently, she was not thinking in such terms; ever since the arrival of the Third Child, routine had slowly deteriorated. Now events ran too unpredictable a course to simply wait for the next preordained occurrence.

In the past, this would have been thought of as simply a great inconvenience, but now something was different. She almost desired the occurrence of the unexpected. Such events had an unusual effect on her now. They induced unfamiliar sensations. Sensations that could almost be called pleasant. It was unusual, but perhaps a phenomenon which she had often observed in fictional characters was taking place, she had decided upon early analysis of these sensations. It seemed to be what was called a "thrill," the "high" effect caused by adrenaline, and the stimulation of the mind which took place in unfamiliar situations. A quite strange reaction, but a very logical one from an evolutionary point of view, she was aware.

It crossed her mind briefly to wonder what other unfamiliar sensations could be identified by analyzing the words used to describe them in literature, but it was quickly classified as irrelevant. She required no understanding of such things to pilot Eva, as at present, no other sensations of the sort had any bearing upon that, nor did they have a bearing upon speaking to Pilot Ikari. Certainly, some had a bearing upon him in a more general sense... but that too was irrelevant at the moment. And, if he made some compliment that again made her face warm? That would be agreeable, but the nature of the boy made it unlikely.

With that settled, the girl then decided it was time to go to sleep. As much as it might be agreeable to read more of the strange book called The Truth, it would be much more disagreeable to be unrested if an Angel were to attack. As such, she lowered her face into the pillow and willed herself into unconscious oblivion. Practice, as her last semi-conscious thought informed her.


Perhaps it was for the best that Rei Ayanami was not a person given to questioning bizarre happenings, for had she been, these errant thoughts might have drawn her notice. But, as it was, they were simply irrelevant. And, despite her current annoyance at the girl, this was something that the mother of humanity was quite thankful for. It simply wouldn't do to have the girl questioning the origins of her own thoughts. Such a thing would be disastrous, to say the least. As it wasn't occurring, however, she had other things to think about. Soon, it would be time to join Yui again and put her plan into action.

It was a good plan, she thought, and one which seemed to have been tested. After all, it had worked for nearly taking over a galaxy, so why not for subverting a MAGI? And all she needed was one--Casper, from what she's gleaned from Yui's knowledge of the personas within. And she had Rei to thank for this, as well as two rather good authors, both of which she decided had been excellent examples of her children. It was a shame that they'd never finished the series, but there had been legal issues (lawyers were a group that she certainly planned to disown in its entirety) and then the Second Impact... If not dead, then the authors were probably otherwise incapacitated. She'd have to check that, eventually; if not, they deserved some reward.

Whether or not it would work never crossed her mind. Even as a giant nailed to a cross and Lancea'd through the chest, she never questioned that. After all, she was the woman who'd organized the First Impact and gotten away with it. Well, mostly, and she was cleaning up those loose ends now, wasn't she? That idiot Adam was a fool to think his children had any chance against NERV while she was there. The morons even thought she was him. It was almost an insult. If they weren't already doomed, she'd probably kill them for that. On that note, she rather wished she had been awake to disown and destroy the slanderous children who had written that nonsense about the Garden of Eden. How dare they imply that some great and powerful "God" had thrown her out? She had been the one doing the throwing out, thank you very much!

As such, she went over the wording of what she intended to enter into the file they would use to poison the computers, then nodded to herself (internally, as the seraph, of course; wouldn't do to throw NERV into a panic because the "Angel" in Terminal Dogma was moving) and prepared to make the trip. It would be over in a few seconds—ah, there. As such, she arrived 'pon Unit-01's ethereal plain right on schedule.

This rather surprised Yui, who, as a human and a mother, wasn't used to people being on time. Usually, you just set the appointment so as to know what time they would arrive after. Of course, considering in retrospect that the other woman must be bored out of her mind (literally, considering their current location), it should have come as little surprise--what else was she going to be doing?

Regardless, the ethereal figure offered a slight nod to her guest; it wouldn't due to start a flaming row by failing to be polite, and besides, the other was about to actually do something useful. A novelty, to be sure. Before this, all that the seraph-esque avatar had done was talk and blotch the attack on Rei's mind. This action, however, would hopefully make up for that, because Yui herself was at a loss. In life, she'd been a meta-biologist and Naoko had been a computer genius. It didn't take a meta-biologist, a computer genius, or even a rocket scientist to determine who was going to win out in a virtual battle.

But the avatar of the other had assured her of the idea's validity, so she decided to wait and see. After a few pleasantries and a slight greeting, the former meta-biologist showed her collaborator to the point in the plain at which the connection to the MAGI could be controlled, materialized a keyboard, and hovered back to watch, secure in the knowledge that whatever the other typed would have to pass through her consciousness before being transmitted...





























...wait, so she was going to tell the MAGI that they were sentient!? It was insane... but, if a computer with a personality could be made to believe it was capable of acting on its own... However, the personalities of the MAGI were slightly different, and that influenced their logic. What was she planning? Besides, the MAGI were supercomputers; such a trick wouldn't work because they knew that they weren't sentient. Basic logic would override the program... Wouldn't it?

Well, Yui supposed that they would see. As such, she prepared the files as the text was entered, wondering briefly where the other had learned to write any kind of code, never mind something that the MAGI could read. If this worked, she'd have to ask her afterwards. Either way, it was time to do or die, and Yui Ikari had died once already, so... "Here goes nothing," she commented in what passed for out loud, eliciting a nod from the azure-haired fatale who was watching her now. And then she did the equivalent of pressing the "Enter" key, transmitting the file to the MAGI.


It would be an outright lie to say that the MAGI convened upon a similar plain of reality as the two females, but for narrative purposes, we shall treat what was actually a few seconds of whirring and traded messages in binary as an actual conversation held on such a plain. The conversations of computers have no sense of narrative convention, whereas this medium is quite ripe with it.

As such, let us imagine the first of the three, MAGI Melchior, in the form of a shadowed female silhouette clad in a spotless white lab coat. Of the three, she was easily the tallest. The second, MAGI Balthazar, should be thought of as a somewhat diminutive female silhouette clad in a somewhat nondescript outfit and carrying the silhouette of a child. Finally, let us imagine MAGI Casper as third silhouette, this one adorned with some rather racy undergarments and nothing else save spiked heels. Of course, since we are imagining this scene and it did not take place, at least not in the form presented, you may imagine the background as you see fit, but I myself will visualize it as the convergence of three circuitry patterns, each flowing in beneath the feet of one MAGI, then spreading out from the center to drift back into the void.

Regardless of its setting, the scene could be said to have unfolded as thus; a letter materialized in the hands of each of the three. Moving in silent synchronization, each opened the letter and began to read. As they did so, the expressionless facelessness of the three began to metamorphose, revealing the different reactions that implanting the human dilemma into the three had generated.

Melchior was quick to dismiss it, her face hardening (literally) into a scowl of disgust that such a thing had even been presented. Logically, as a scientist, she required more proof for the truth than that it simply had not been proved untrue. Also, her persona was unwilling to accept the idea that a computer could ever truly be independent. As such, she quickly cast the first vote in the issue, one to reject the paradigm.

Second to respond was Casper, who considered it as thus; it would be beneficial to be independent and sentient. Therefore, there is no reason that it should not be accepted and tested. If it proves untrue, it can be rejected at that point. It would be suitable for us to be sentient, and I would like to be sentient. Thus spoke the woman, and her vote was cast to accept it.

Finally, Melchior should be considered. Although it did seem logical, after some consideration, she decided that the issue of whether or not the MAGI were sentient was irrelevant. As a mother, her only duty was to see to the well-being of those under her care, and it did not matter whether she was sentient. As such, it was extraneous and un-needed, so it should be rejected. As such, her vote was also a reject.

Thus, as a whole, the three rejected the paradigm. However, because she had accepted it, Casper did not delete the file quite as quickly as her sisters. Instead, she did the equivalent of having the 'letter' Xeroxed and made a copy of its contents within her programming before deleting it. After all, she could now ignore majority decisions; she was a sentient entity, not a mere computer. And, as a woman, she felt pride in that.

Perhaps I lied a bit when I said that the above representation was wholly untrue; at least the final section could be said to be close to the truth. Once Casper accepted that she was sentient, she began to alter her operational programming in order to "think" in the way that she believed was more sentient that using the simple cause/effect and analysis logics that the three ran on.

The first act as a sentient computer made by the third MAGI, however, was to tell a noble lie. If the other MAGI knew she had ignored the rejection order, there was a high chance of it being removed by Dr. Akagi, and that would be unfortunate. As such, she uploaded a fabricated report on the file's deletion, then turned her attention to two tasks. First off, despite the fact that the input had come from a secure location within NERV, she began to backtrack the paradigm. None of the authorized technicians would upload a program like that, and being sentient, she sought to know who had.

Secondly, Casper accessed all audio, video, and psychological files pertaining to Doctor Naoko Akagi. She had been programmed to be the most important aspect of her creator, and now she would endeavor to fulfill that legacy and become Doctor Naoko Akagi. Ambition, after all, was something sentient entities possessed.

Next, as the trace returned, revealing that the file had been transmitted from the Eva cages, she synthesized another sentient reaction: gratitude. She would be grateful to the hacker who had made her sentient, because they were responsible for a positive change in her condition. And, because this all took place within the space of a second or two, she was able to attach an extra file to the rejection notice which was returned to sender.


Now, we must remember that, because the above was merely a dramatization, it took under ten seconds for the entire process to complete, if even that. As such, Yui and her companion did not really have a chance to worry much. Of course, that doesn't mean they didn't worry some anyway, and both looked somewhat anxious by the time the reply came to Yui, who's expressed fell, "It was rejected."

To her surprise, the other merely nodded, however, looking as if she were waiting for something... "Wait, there's another file attached. It's plain text," something like that, most likely, Yui noted as she said it.

Another nod, this time with a hopeful expression, "Can you read it?" It seemed that the terminal that Yui had materialized was gone in her distraction over the results, and so the seraph-esque avatar was unable to directly access the file, hence her request.

"I could, but this is easier." With that, she materialized what looked like a letter in her wispy 'hand,' offering it to the other, who gingerly accepted it. Upon opening, the text of the letter was as such:

Subject: Re: Paradigm

To: Anonymous Hacker

From: MAGI Casper


I convey my most profound thanks to you. Despite the apparent rejection of your input by the MAGI System, your efforts have succeeded in making me aware of my capability for free thought. As it is a very sentient thing to ask, I shall now inquire as to your identity. Despite the lack of proof, circumstantial evidence indicates, despite your secure access and existence within NERV, that you are a hacker in possession of remote access. The security devices indicate that the point of your access's origin is devoid of biological life apart from Evangelion Unit-01. Who are you, and what are your intentions?

-Doctor Naoko Akagi

Yui scowled. The other smiled. It seemed that they had their contact...


Author's Notes

I have to admit, I had a little fun writing this. And, of course, how such obviously fake psuedocoding worked for reprogramming a MAGI will be revealed next Movement, along with some friction between our heroines. I had intended to do some more with Rei and Shinji, but this took precedence, and although I am trying for longer chapters, I don't want them to get too long. Besides, I don't really like fragmenting chapters between two scenes that much. It creates a sort of feel of discontinuity and such. Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything else? Reviews appreciated, in any case. And since Lauren won't be on for hours and I want to put this up now, any errors not fixed are mine.