Title: "Protect the Girl"

Author: Wish Wielder

Pairing: Arc/Yucie

Fandom: Puchi Puri Yucie

Theme: #9 (dash)

Disclaimer: "Puchi Puri Yucie" and all respective properties are © Takami Akai. Megan D. (Wish Wielder) does not, has never, nor will ever own "Puchi Puri Yucie."

"Protect the Girl"

"Ok! Together we're stronger - let's do it!" Yucie said, pumping her fist and looking at her friends.

Arc turned to look at her, smiling in admiration as he watched her. She just took charge, ready to lead them through anything. And why? Because her friend's home was at stake. Because their lives were at stake.

His eyes widened as he saw a root shoot out of the ground behind her, and he turned around, staring at her in shock. Didn't any of them see it?

"Yucie, move!" he called, but he doubted she heard him. She slowly turned, her eyes widening as she saw the black root hovering behind her. He cursed as he saw it start towards her. Why wasn't she moving?!

He knew he wouldn't make it. He was too slow, and Yucie wasn't helping any by just standing there. Still, he had to try. He had to save her. Drago-sama's instructions to protect them echoed through his mind, and his eyes narrowed as he ran faster. He couldn't let Drago-sama down. Still, why did it seem like he wasn't moving anywhere? The root was still moving towards her, and she was still staring at it, but he didn't feel like he was getting any closer. He forced his legs to move faster, and he flipped his sword to his other hand as he neared her.

It happened in a blur, but one minute he was still a few paces away, and the next he had leapt for her, grabbing her about the waist as he slashed at the root that was too close for comfort. He landed a short distance away, his eyes glancing back to see the root fall to the ground in a severed state. He looked back at Yucie, smiling as he realized she was ok. He knew it had only been seconds, but that had been the longest dash of his life.

"Arc, you..." she whispered, her eyes wide in shock. He smiled, looking her over once more to make sure she was ok, and he laughed slightly. The laugh died quickly, though, as a blinding pain blossomed in his arm. He grit his teeth and clutched at the assaulted area, his eyes darkening in pain as the gash continued to smart.

"Are you ok?!" Yucie asked, taking a step towards him. He looked at her and bit his lip; her eyes...she looked so worried. He smiled at her and nodded.

"It's...just a scratch," he said. She frowned at him, and he gave her a determined look. "Right now...you still got something you need to take care of."

She looked at him a moment longer, biting her lip in concern, before her gaze hardened. She nodded at him, and he turned to face the dactyls flying towards him. He wasn't about to let anything else get close enough to harm her.

"Now go!"

A.n.: Meh...I didn't think this would be so short.-wince-I've had this idea in my head for a while, and the quotes from the ep typed and printed for a few weeks now, but I only just got to writing it today. Kind of ironic thing is that, while writing this, I'm listening to "Settle For A Slowdown." -sweatdrop- Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong with that?