Title: "One-Hundred and One"

Author: Wish Wielder

Fandom: Puchi Puri Yucie

Claim / Pairing / Character Focus: Arc/Yucie

Challenge: 101 Kisses

Theme / Prompt: #101 (One-Hundred and One Kisses)

Word Count: 441

Rating: K / G

Summary: One-hundred and one kisses placed on cool grass as he collapsed in tears beside her.

Notes: Post-series. Written under the influence of DSWD.

Disclaimer: "Puchi Puri Yucie" and all respective properties are © Takami Akai. Meg D. (Wish Wielder) does not, has never, nor will ever own "Puchi Puri Yucie".

"One-Hundred and One"

One-hundred and one days.

One-hundred and one days spent watching her body collapse. One-hundred and one days spent encouraging her through treatments both medical and magical, and one-hundred and one nights spent holding her hand in a chair at her side because it hurt her too much to sleep in his arms but she couldn't sleep without him there. One-hundred and one afternoons spent telling Maggie why mommy couldn't go riding with her. One-hundred and one mornings spent on walks through their garden alone.

One-hundred and one lies told to keep worry at bay. 'No, Gunberd, she's feeling much better today' on the day she spit up blood. 'I'm sure she'd love to attend the ball next week' on the night she took a turn for the worse. 'The doctor says she'll recover any day' on the afternoon the doctor told him there was nothing more he could do. 'She'll be better in no time' on the midnight she told him she knew she'd die.

One-hundred and one prayers to a God he wasn't even sure he knew anymore. One-hundred and one questions asking why this was happening to her, and one-hundred and one curses shouted from the rage of watching her lose. One-hundred and one pleas to take him instead. One-hundred and one denials received as he watched her slip away.

One-hundred and one screams echoing through marble halls the day she wouldn't wake up. One-hundred and one tears cried when the doctor said what he already knew. One-hundred and one excuses made to a five-year-old daughter who couldn't understand. One-hundred and one reasons to hate himself for being too cowardly to attend her funeral.

One-hundred and one breathes used to steady himself every morning he woke up to one-hundred and one memories of her smiling face. One-hundred and one feelings reeling through his chest, keeping him hostage in a room that reminded him of her in one-hundred and one ways. One-hundred and one thoughts of running teasing his mind, and one-hundred and one waves of guilt crashing over him every time Maggie stood outside the door asking him to stay.

One-hundred and one shaky steps to the indoor garden of Sunset Brights she had insisted on planting herself. One-hundred and one whispers of her wrapping around his heart as he neared the garden grave. One-hundred and one reflections of happier times dancing in the waters of the lake placed beside her tomb. One-hundred and one needles jabbing at his heart as he knelt beside the mound.

One-hundred and one kisses placed on cool grass as he collapsed in tears beside her.

One-hundred and one times he told her goodbye.

A.n.: Between 30 Kisses and these, I've killed Yucie twice and had her seriously injured about two or three times. I'm thinking I need to beat up on Arc soon.