Chapter 1: Meeting the Family

Rod and Mackenzie had always been good parents. They were devoted to their work but family always came first for them. When Mackenzie became the first woman President of the USA, things started to change. She was more wrapped up in her work. She barely got time to see her kids or husband. But she was trying her best to keep the family together.

Mackenzie walked into the bedroom to find Rod in bed reading.

He looked up at her with a cold look in his eyes.

Rod: And she appears……

Mac: Sorry and I am so late, but there were like a millions things I had to do.

Rod: Yeah… I don't doubt it.

He closed his book and began getting ready to go to sleep.

Mac walked towards him and sat next to him on the bed.

Mac: Rod please don't be mad, but it is…. my job. And you know that if I could I would have been here.

Rod: You are the President of the USA and you can't even make it to dinner one night this week? Well, I guess the President doesn't have that much power after all.

Mac: (rolling her eyes) Rod you know I love you and I am really sorry that I have not been here. Please, can you understand me? I need support and I thought I would be getting some from you.

Rod saw she was fighting back tears. He knew she was exhausted. He reached for her and pulled her into his embrace for a long hug.

Rod: You are right, I am sorry.

He pulled away far enough to be face to face with her and he leaned in for a kiss.

It was a passionate kissed that only lasted seconds. But Mac knew it was a kiss of forgiveness. All the same she felt bereft when he slowly pulled away.

Rod: Come on kiddo, let's go to bed you must be exhausted.

Mac lay down next to him, enjoying that she was finally in bed next to her husband. She knew that this peace between them was not going to last but at least it would last through the night.


The next morning Mac woke up for her daily rowing routine. When she got back to the residence the whole family was sitting at the table already eating breakfast.

Rod: Aww… good morning honey. He said with a smile on his face.

Amy: Morning, mommy

Horace: Hey mom

Rebecca: Hey

Mac: Good morning to you too, my sweet babies. She gave each of them a kiss before joining them at the table. What is on everybody's mind today?

Amy: Well, today in school we are going to study the letter M. We have to think of words with the letter M.

Mac: Wow! That sounds like fun.

Rebecca: No it does not!

Amy: Shut up, Becca!

Rebecca: Make me! Here is a word for you… Monkey!

Rod: That is enough, Becca.

Rebecca: Sorry, Dad. She looked down at her food then look back up. Actually dad do you think I could go to the mall today?

Mac: For?

Rebecca: Oh…. I don't know, just to hang out with the girls and shop.

Rod: Who are you going with?

Rebecca: Oh…just me Stacey, Mimi and Mike.

Mac: Aww…. Mike I don't like that boy.

Rebecca: MOM, you don't even know him. And besides the Secret Service is going to be there the whole time. Come on, please. She said with an innocent look on her face.

Rod: Fine. But I want you home by six, and there is no negotiation.

Rebecca: Thank you, daddy. She gave him a kiss and left the room.