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"GABI!!! Will you hurry up already? We're going to be late for our flight back to Albuquerque". Taylor McKessie was growing more impatient with every minute that passed while waiting for her best friend to get ready.

"I was ready a whole half an hour ago".She complained loudly enough so that Gabriella would hear from her bedroom.

"I'll be down in a minute" Gabriella replied nervously. Unbeknownst to Taylor, Gabriella had been ready to leave for their 10 year high school reunion for quite some time now. However she had spent the last 30 minutes in her room trying to convince herself that she should go.

Most people are usually excited to attend their high school reunions - a time to see how everyone is doing and so that afterwards one could return home to gossip and bitch about them – but not Gabriella, more than anything else, she felt scared.

"GABI, will you please come down already?" her best friend softly begged. Gabriella didn't answer and just stared at herself in the mirror, her frown deepening with every negative thought that came to her mind.

'I can't believe it has been 10 years all ready' she thought. 'I hate this! I can't believe I wasted all that time believing that when this day came I would have something to show them. That I would actually be someone and not just the freaky math girl they always picked on'.

Gabriella Montez had been the center of everyone's jokes in high school. From the day she arrived as the new student until the day she graduated. She remembered how excited she felt on that graduation day to be free of all those horrible people - especially Troy Bolton. He was the one who had teased her and picked on her the most.

Taylor was her only friend who she had stayed in contact with, in fact they were like sister's and had shared an apartment since they were 24.

"Gabi, honey it's going to be ok you know, we're going to have heaps of fun and you'll be glad that you went". Taylor had now come up the stairs and was standing outside Gabriella's room door.

"I – I just" the beautiful brunette stuttered "I don't want to feel the same way I felt back then. I thought it was over, but I can already feel it all coming back"

"What can you feel?" Taylor asked concerned as she opened the door to look at her friend whose eyes glistened with tears waiting to be shed.

"That I'm the meaningless, pathetic, freaky-math girl".

"Oh sweetie, no!" Taylor was quick to embrace Gabriella in a sisterly hug, hoping that she would feel comfort. "Gabs, it won't be like that I promise! It'll be so different! You're an amazing woman, you're gorgeous, you're smart and you're kind" she sighed as she looked at Gabriella's doubtful expression, "look even if you don't believe me, I know it's the damn truth!"

And it was. Gabriella just simply couldn't see it for herself.

However, at least Taylor's words had had some effect because they had not missed their flight, they had arrived at their hotel, checked in, and before they knew it the night of the reunion dinner had come.

When her and Taylor had arrived at the school, Gabriella spent the time walking from the car to the school gym (where the dinner was held) thinking of what she'd say to the people who would be rude to her. She wasn't going to let them walk all over her the way they had done. She was a 27 year old woman for goodness sake and was happy about where she was in life. 'And if that damn Troy Bolton even dares to speak to me I'll just punch him'.

Gabriella inwardly laughed at her immaturity, she never usually thought things like that, but being back and thinking about those years of Troy and his gang taunting her made her feel like an awkward teenager again. 'Stupid bastard. Maybe he won't come'.

But unknown to her, the moment she stepped into the gym her life changed forever. This change first beginning when she had walked to the bar to get herself a drink. On her way she had slipped and bumped into another person. She would have fallen to the floor had not the person stopped her by placing his hands firmly on her hips.

"Damn, I'm so sorry -" the man began to apologise.

"No, no it's totally fine" Gabriella gently cut him off, looking down while trying to regain her sense of balance. She noticed that his hands had not moved and felt a jolt of excitement run through her. 'Maybe Taylor was right, perhaps this night won't be so bad after all'. She looked up to thank her rescuer and found that she was looking straight into the deep, ocean blue eyes of Troy, the jerk, Bolton…