Hey Guys, I'm really sorry. I know it has been a long while. This year is turning out to be harder than the last so my updates won't come that often (not that they ever did), but anyways, here's a new chapter...

"Well Gabriella it's so nice of you to join us" Mia Pitt spat out sarcastically. "Meet our new physical education teacher Mr Troy Bolton, I'd say you owe him an apology for your lateness"

Gabriella and Troy were both still in shock, but Gabriella snapped out of it as soon as her boss had said that she owed Troy Bolton an apology. She felt the blood rise to her cheeks out of both anger and embarrassment. And wanting to gain some sort of control and make the most out of the awful, awkward situation she was put in, Gabriella decided to pretend she did not know him. She stepped towards Troy and stretched out her arm to shake his hand.

He reached out to take it with no hesitation and Gabriella felt a jolt of electricity run through her arm as their hands met. She ignored it.

"It's a pleasure to met you Mr Bolton, please forgive my lateness, I trust Mia has welcomed you graciously into our wonderful school. We're very happy to have you here". Her words were kind but her eyes betrayed her.

Troy looked surprised at her refusal to acknowledge that she knew him. It was insulting, which was no doubt her intention. Ok, two can play with that game.

"Thank you Gabriella, please call me Troy". She rolled her eyes and moved to take her hand away from his but he wouldn't let go. Instead he brought it to his lips and kissed it gently. Gabriella froze and Mia's mouth was wide open in shock.

"It's very rare that I meet such beautiful woman, Mia says that you are to show me around the school. Shall we go?"

"Sure" she answered between her gritted teeth. And she snatched her hand away and wiped it obviously on her shirt making sure to show Troy how repulsed she was by him.

They exited the office and Troy remained silent, he was waiting for her to yell at him. But the yelling never came. Gabriella had decided that she was going to keep pretending not to know him. She still couldn't believe that he was here.

They walked in silence, passing many students on their way, they arrived at her office which they would now be sharing. This can't be happening. I can't do this. I can't share an office with him. I can't see him every day. I can't believe this.

She was panicking badly, she felt as if the heavens were against her. She forced herself to act like she didn't care and that him being here was simply boring to her.

"This is our office, every office in the school is shared by two teachers, we will share this one simply because the Gym is down the hall to your right and the science labs are down the hall to the left. Would you like to see the Gym or the teacher's lounge first?"

He opened his mouth to reply, but her facial expression all of a sudden wore a look of worry.

"What's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

"Shut up" she hissed. "Don't you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

But instead of answering him she ran out of the door. He was left in their office feeling very confused about what had just happened. Then he heard it. Someone was crying.

As he went to investigate, he saw Gabriella comforting a student who was clearly very upset. Her books were scattered everywhere and all the other students were simply walking past as if they couldn't see her. What is wrong with these kids?

"Liz, you're ok" Troy heard Gabriella say to the crying girl. "Listen to me, you have to let me help you, please tell me what happened" The girl wiped her eyes, got up and picked up her books, all the while ignoring Gabriella.

"Please tell me what happened" the concerned brunette asked again.

"I just dropped my books is all Ms Montez" came the answer. And the girl just walked away.

Gabriella watched her walk away, a sad expression on her face.

Troy approached Gabriella carefully.

"What's going on?" he asked "Is that kid ok?"

Gabriella whirled around fast and let her anger pour out of her when she spoke.

"What's going on Troy is that that kid is being bullied and I can't do anything about it because she keeps denying it. She's having trouble at home and she doesn't want her parent's to be stressed even more.

"There must be something we can do" he said honestly concerned.

"Well maybe you can teach the football jocks not to be assholes, although I'm sure that would be impossible for someone like you" she snapped. And she walked fast back to her office.