Well, I've been meaning to this for a while and I got sick of waiting to do it, so I'm posting it now. I decided to do a fic about Starscream for once since he's my second favorite character and I got kind of sick of making him the villain. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fic, though at the moment it's got no general direction. Oh, and Transformers belong to Hasbro along with Rad and Alexis, not me.

Chapter 1: Hearing Things

For the first time in her life, Alexis felt old. She was thirty-one, and her life seemed to be nothing but a downward spiral as of late. Her job as a Government Agent was becoming more and more demanding each day. She was receiving one assignment after another, traveling here and there constantly, and she lost count of the number of reports she had yet to write up.

Throwing her briefcase in the passenger seat of her car, Alexis got behind the wheel and started her fifteen minute commute home. It seemed like only yesterday when Alexis had been declaring how she would change the world once she became president of the United States. She had long since given up on that, with all the stubborn asses in the world, it would be impossible to change anything.

Alexis drove into the driveway of her home and parked the car. Lights were on in the house and the girl immediately assumed her husband Rad was home. She sighed not really wanting to go in. Their relationship had been at an uncomfortable lull full of tensions between them. The two had been married a few years now. Their marriage hadn't always been difficult, the first couple of years had been passionate, full of excitement and love, but recently…it was almost as if they had their fun and wanted to call it quits.

Getting out of the car, Alexis grabbed her briefcase and went in the house. Rad was sitting at the table reading a newspaper and sipping a hot steaming cup of coffee. He didn't bother to say hello as Alexis came in and removed her shoes. Not really knowing if striking up a conversation with her husband was a good thing to do at the moment, Alexis stated, "If you need me I'll be in my office."

"Oh, so you don't say hello anymore?" Rad asked.

"Well, you didn't say it either," Alexis retorted.

"I didn't see you come in," he said from behind the safety of the newspaper.

"You suck at lying,"

"Why don't you just go to your office like you said you would?"

"Gladly," Alexis remarked and went down the hall and into her office.

Her office was nowhere near as organized as it used to be. Sitting down in the chair at the desk, Alexis pulled out her laptop and began typing up one of the many reports she had to do. It took her a couple hours to do the first one done, and part way through the second she began to doze off. Getting up from the chair, Alexis went out to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. She then returned to her office and began typing once again.

It wasn't long before she finished the second report and decided to call it quits for the night. Shutting down her computer, a bright flash suddenly caught her eye. Glancing over she saw where it came from and felt an ache in her heart. On one of the shelves, resting on a black velvet stand was the green, cracked Cybertronian gem that Starscream had given her.

Alexis went over to the gem and ran her fingers along its surface. After all these years she hadn't gotten rid of it, and try as she might, Alexis knew that she never could. They had been close friends twenty years ago, perhaps even more than that. She nearly died the day Starscream lost his life to Unicron, but Rad had been there to comfort her.

The woman had to hide her excitement ten years ago when Alpha-Q resurrected him. But she was crushed when Starscream never even looked at her and instead joined Megatron, loyal to him to the utmost sickly degree. But after the autobots won the war for the second time, he disappeared, and the rest of the transformers disappeared along with him. And Alexis missed them all terribly much. It had been nearly ten years since she had last seen them, and she would do anything to see them again, especially Starscream.

Alexis wiped away a tear as it ran down her face. She knew Rad missed the transformers as much as she did, and their relationship was taking a heavy toll because of it. Somehow Alexis knew that even if they both saw the transformers again, their relationship would not be mended.

Picking the precious gem up, Alexis fastened it around her neck wearing it as a necklace like she had so long ago. Holding it close to her beating heart she whispered, "It's been so long, please come back to me Starscream. I miss you." Turning off the light in her office, Alexis turned in for the night.

It was muffled and barely audible, but Starscream heard the voice. The voice sounded familiar, but like a distant memory, he couldn't place it.

"Something wrong Starscream?" the decepticon leader asked noticing a perplexed and confused look on Starscream's face.

"No sir," Starscream answered.

Megatron eyed him for a moment then turned away from his second in command.

"I must be hearing things," he thought turning and heading out of the room, "I must."

The doors shut loudly behind him.

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