Bella's POV:

I had saved Edward from killing himself over my 'death'. I should be happy. I should be back with the one person I have ever loved, considering that he was back, as well.

I would be, too, if the reason he was back wasn't because he was guilty.

If that was actually why he was back. At this point, I didn't even know. I knew I was confused, and I knew that I had a splitting headache.

I also knew that I had just banished Edward from my room—permanently. He had left without much of a fight; it was a losing battle on his part. I, on the other hand, cried long and hard into my pillow the moment he was out the window.

Fourteen hours ago, I had arrived here, in Forks, Washington, in Edward's arms, from Volterra, Italy, after saving his life.

Before that even, I had been a shell of a person because Edward had left me. He had said he hadn't wanted me, that I wasn't right for him. It was entirely true, and I realized that, even though it didn't make things any easier.

Just now, Edward had assured me that yes, he loved me, and no, he wasn't here because he was guilty. I saw his face, though, and I saw the way he looked at me. The guilt shone through his perfect mask of denial.

The last thing I wanted to do was go back to him, only to be crushed again. Edward was amazing, it was true, but he was also unpredictable. I loved him still, I was 100 percent sure. I just didn't know if he loved me enough not to leave again.

So I'd told him to leave me alone, and that our relationship was over.

I don't know why I expected him to listen to me.

A/N: So pretty much, Edward gets back from Italy with Bella. Edward tries to explain to Bella what really happened. Bella still is convinced that he was guilty about it... So she tells him to leave her alone for awhile. (And Bella is human... This picks up from the chapter where Edward is talking to Bella in her room at the end of New Moon... So none of the other chapters have happened... So that means no vote. Bella still is supposed to become a vampire, though...

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