Edward's POV:

Somehow, in the time it had taken for Bella to enter and leave the bathroom, she ended up sobbing, tears streaming down her cheeks.

I leapt up the moment she left, glad to be able to do so, after hearing her cry for nearly half an hour. I had actually been tempted to go into to bathroom—despite how potentially mortifying it would have been for both of us. I was willing to do anything if she would have stopped crying.

"What's wrong?" I demanded, staring into her water-filled eyes. "Did you hurt yourself?"

Despite her feelings, she was able to laugh, however sad and depressed the sound was. "How can someone hurt themselves in the shower?"

I shrugged, pulling her to my chest and sitting down on the bed, adjusting her onto my lap. "You could slip on soap and fall out," I suggested, running my cool fingers through her wet hair. "Or you could sing and then get distracted and fall out. Or maybe—"

She pressed a finger to my lips, which I kissed tenderly. "You are a very large pessimist," she whispered, snuggling into my chest, tears still falling down her cheeks. "A very, very big one."

My arms wrapped themselves around her tighter. "What's wrong, love?" I asked quietly, nuzzling my face into her hair, breathing in the strawberry scent of it and the freesia scent of her. "I'll understand, you know. I'm slightly good at that kind of thing."

Bella sniffed softly, wiping at her eyes. "When I talked to Jacob..." Her voice quivered, trailing off. I rubbed her back, silently urging her to continue. "He appeared angry..."

I had a feeling that 'appeared' was the key word. "So he wasn't really mad at you, Bella?" I pressed. "How do you know?"

"He didn't shake or tremble or anything," she whispered. "He was hiding his real feelings by pretending to be mad at me." Her light voice shook, but, since she was already as close to me as she could possibly get, I couldn't hug her any tighter. "I feel so awful, Edward. I'm a terrible person, and should never have let him kiss me."

I shook my head. "You could never be a terrible person. Not even if you tried. And Jacob would have kissed you anyways, with or without your permission. I know that from listening to his thoughts when I'm around him... Which is rare, but the point is still there. I would've ripped out his brain if it could have stopped the things he was thinking about you."

Bella smiled weakly, raising her head so she could stare at me. "You only think I'm a good person because you're not Jacob Black and you can't think like Jacob Black. You're probably rejoicing because I finally told him about what needed to happen."

My dead heart flipped over, wondering how she could think so low of me... It also stung me a little that her accusations were true. I was happy, but not because she dumped Jacob. I was happy because she was back to being the overly sensitive I'm-a-mess-up Bella. "I don't think that," I assured her, kissing her lightly on the lips. "Would it help if I told you that I think Jacob had every right to be hurt about you kissing him and then wanting to take it back?"

She winced, and I wished that I hadn't said what was on my mind. Lately, my mind had been getting into trouble, making me say things I hadn't thought over. I wondered where my careful skill of watching what I said went to, resolving to be much more careful from now on. "I'm sorry, Bella," I murmured, touching her cheeks lightly. "I always say too much when I'm with you. That's one of the problems."

Bella smiled, recognizing one of the things I'd told her when she'd sat with me at lunch, back a year ago. "It was true, Edward. You never say anything that's not true."

"Except when I lie, or blurt out stupid things that are by no means the truth." I grinned, hoping Bella would dismiss this as a joke as well as I had.

She did, giggling slightly. "I've already forgiven you for those. There's no need to cause yourself pain by bringing them up again."

I nodded, lifting her easily, beginning to push her into her quilt, but paused, remembering a promise I'd made earlier. "Before you sleep..." I pulled her back towards me, resting my forearms on her shoulders. "I believe that it is my duty to make you forget about Mr. Black, my least favorite color. Don't I?"

Bella's eyes widened and her face flushed, eyes cast downward.

"Would you like me to wipe your memory?" I asked, still gazing at her perfect face. "Or would you like to have nightmares about this tonight?"

She looked up at me, her eyes narrowed. "Thank you so very much," she answered sarcastically. "I'm glad you have so much faith in me."

Without answering, I took her face in my hands, watching with caution as her breath hitched, speeding up rapidly. I sighed. "Deep breaths, Bella," I said, and she gulped in a slow breath of air, letting it out just as slowly. Then, she sat still, staring at me, while I stared at her, equally emotionless.

Finally, I leaned forwards, capturing her lips with my own, taking them prisoner for as long as Bella's lung capacity would allow. I drew back slightly, allowing her to breathe, before kissing her again. I grinned at the fact that she sat purposefully still throughout the entire procedure, like someone afraid—or merely ever wanting me to stop. I would be happy to oblige if it was the second. I wouldn't need heaven if I could kiss Bella for all eternity.

Eventually, her arms wound around my neck, and her hands tangled in my hair, much like mine were already tangled in her long brown—and still wet—hair. I didn't stop, continuing to kiss her, even when her scent filled my nose enough that I was suffocating in it. I pulled away from her lips, moving her hair away, and brushed my lips along her neck, feeling the beating pulse and filling every sense with Bella.

When I raised my head, after running my lips across her jaw, unable to resist the little shiver that was the result, she looked almost woozy. And slightly drunk.

Suddenly, I was struck with a disturbing thought. If I could do this to her, what would she do with actual alcohol? I shuddered at the thought of Bella and drugs.

"What is it?" she asked.

I grinned, pushing her down on her pillow and lying next to her. "Maybe you should get a really good night's sleep tonight, so you won't look like you have a hangover in the morning."

Bella grimaced at me, curling into a ball against me, drowsing of before I even had to hum her to sleep.

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