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Naruto: Legend of the Ghost Rider Chapter 1: Selling soul, to protect the village

It is often said that legends rule over the ninja world. Help everyone understand things, from different points of view, based on how they're told. What a lot of people don't know, is that some of those legends are real.

The yellow flash of Konoha was real. He was formerly the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, until the day of Kyuubi's attack. Another real legend. But before the ninja world came known, there was another true legend. The legend of the devil's mercenary himself, the Ghost Rider.

Once every generation, there is a Ghost Rider that sends the souls of the guilty to hell, leaving only the souls of the innocent, and those who wish to repent.

Now, 12 years after the events of the Kyuubi attack, a young Genin ninja, by the name of Naruto, currently passing his final test to Be a Genin. It was purely circumstantial, as the point of the test, by their jounin instructor, Kakashi Hatake, was teamwork. Needless to say, the cell of Naruto Uzamaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha, lacked that, but still pulled it together

It was later that night, Naruto was staggering home. Despite his outward happy-go-lucky appearance, he was angry and sad. Only due to the reason, that he was the jailer of Kyuubi. He was seen, as that monster.

"The things I put up with for these people. It amazes even me. Still. I can't let anyone down. I'm on my way, to being able to get the respect, actually get real friends, and I don't plan to let them down. I will do anything to protect them" Naruto said. It was then, that thunder and lightning kept cracking outside. It cut off the power. Suddenly, a man with a skull scepter came in.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked. The man was a bit more visable.

"The ultimate master of power. Somebody who will help those who need help when they seek it" The man said. Naruto smirked.

"Your point?" Naruto asked. The man chuckled lightly.

"You, Naruto Uzamaki, is somebody who wishes to gain power, to protect. I can give you that power. I can also help you with Kyuubi" The man said. This shocked Naruto to the core.

"You have my attention" Naruto said. The man smirked.

"I am the devil. But call me Dios. You're a ninja. Naturally, you will grow stronger. But I can give you powers that can slay even the greatest of demons. A power, which Kyuubi knows about. All you have to do, is sell your soul to me" Dios said. Naruto was slightly taken aback.

"The power to protect my village, my country, my home, my people. You have that deal. I may not like a whole lot of these villagers, but if I'm to be Hokage one day, I still must care. Besides, once they know that I'm innocent, I'll be fine" Naruto said. Dios held out a contract. Naruto knew he had to sign it. But he cut himself on it, and a drop of blood landed on the contract.

"That will do. Now Naruto. Your soul belongs to me, until your use to me is no longer. It will be then, that I shall return it to you. So I do advise becoming stronger, like a normal Ninja" Dios said. Naruto nodded.

"Why me though. Sasuke says he wants to kill somebody who killed his entire clan. But why me, over him?" Naruto asked. Dios chuckled.

"A few reasons. 1, I'm helping the eldest of my little brothers, Kyuubi, fulfil his revenge. All demons come from the same source of power, with me being the devil. His revenge, is against Orochimaru, who used what you ninjas call, a Genjutsu, to attack Konoha. Second, you have a noble cause for it. Sauske Uchiha wishes to kill his older brother, Itachi. However, there are some things he needs to see first off. I have sought somebody who is worthy, of being a Ghost Rider. You Naruto, are the next Ghost Rider" Dios said, as he touched Naruto. Naruto felt intense pain.

"I have seen noble Ghost Riders, and I find they are the more likeable ones. They don't abuse the power I have given them. I know you won't let me down. Thing is, you sold your soul to me for power. I gave you the powers of the Ghost Rider, as the deal. That power will help you become stronger then any normal ninja" Dios said. He let go of Naruto, as Naruto almost passed out.

"Your first major mission will be when your powers activate, during the final battle, if it is at night, for the power of the Ghost Rider is only useable in the shadows. Now, there will be many ninja you will face who only know how to kill, to make a living, not belonging to any form of village. When in your Ghost Rider form, you'll be able to tell the ones who are good, and evil" Dios said, before Naruto passed out.

"Hmmm...those clothes of yours. They will not do" Dios said. He turned Naruto's Orange jumper, into a black muscle tanktop, a leather jacket, a pair of leather gloves, and a pair of black jeans. He did that to all of his clothes. Dios then vanished.

Naruto woke up the next morning. He knew last night was no dream. He was concerned, as he looked at himself in the mirror. But then, he knew that he had to live by one simple phrase.

Live everyday, without fear.