Title: Working Together

Summary: Stargate SG-1/CSI: Las Vegas crossover. The signs of a possible Goa'uld show up in the Las Vegas crime lab. It's time for SG-1 to take over...with a little help. Slash inside. Jack/Daniel. Eventual Nick/Greg.

Rating: high PG-13…for use of swearwords.

Warnings: THIS IS SLASH! M/M pairings people! And also A/U…obviously

Disclaimer: I own neither Stargate SG-1 nor CSI. Oh how I wish I did.

A/N: Okay, so two years have passed since I posted the first chapter. Sadly the second chapter has been done since then, however thanks to a brain block of epic proportions in the case of all my CSI stories, there isn't anything more…which is why I was waiting. I'll do my best to get out of the block and come up with a third chapter. I just can't guarantee when. I am so sorry.

And now…onwards!

Greg watched from the corner of the warehouse as Nick was filled in as much as time would allow about alien worlds and the Goa'uld. It was a bit depressing really, that Sam was the one who was doing much of said filling in, despite what his dad had told him. Apparently, from what he could gather from watching them, Sam was much more taken with Nick than Daniel had realized earlier that morning.

Now, if only he could figure out why he was really here. His specialty had always been science, mainly chemistry and biology. Not exactly two courses that were needed much at the SGC. Those who worked at the mountain, that weren't military that is, dealt with Archeology, Anthropology, Physics...things that weren't anywhere near his own specialty.

He sighed and pulled his feet up onto the chair, wrapping his arms around his legs. While Sam, and sometimes Teal'c, filled in Nick, his father and his father's lover were going over the photos of the crime scene that Nick had brought along with him. Even Major Davis was busy, helping to hook up the rest of the equipment.

Greg dropped his feet down and cast another look around, spotting the back door of the warehouse just behind him. Since no one was paying him any attention and because he had nothing to do, he figured it wouldn't hurt to go outside and get some air. He stood with a stretch and headed out, not bothering to look at anyone. Because his attention was focused solely on the door and the fresh air beyond, he missed the searing chocolate brown eyes focused on his back.

The alleyway was dimly lit and Greg had to scramble a bit with the door to jam it open for a bit more light. When he finally had enough to view further that a foot he stepped away and began digging in his pockets, looking for his pack of cigarettes and a lighter. It was a bad habit that a friend had hooked him on in college, and while he didn't smoke often, it bothered him that he hadn't been able to quit yet. His many rules concerning the smoking that he kept tight reign on, though, limited him to about two of them a day. Once on the way to the car to go to work and the other going back to his apartment building after work.

Now though, he was feeling the need for one badly and he had to bite back the triumphant yell as his fingers grazed the pack. He pulled one out and lit it, taking a small inhale.

Greg looked around the alley and suppressed a shiver. It was a bit freaky not being able to see very far beyond his small circle of light. There were many shadows between him and the street light down at the end of the alley, some of them so dark that it was like looking into a void.

He raised his hand to take another drag off his cigarette when something moved, catching his eye. He lowered his arm and took a step towards the area he had seen the movement, when a man jumped out of the shadow in front of him, eyes glowing yellow.

Greg swore and dropped the cigarette to bring his hands up in a protective manner. He caught the guy at the neck and shoulders, but it wasn't enough. He grunted as he was slammed into the wall of the building, his air leaving him in a rush. As he tried gain leverage to push the man away, the eyes flashed again and the yellow glow disappeared, just as the warehouse door he had exited from earlier swung open.

The man dropped Greg to the ground and took off into the shadows, disappearing easily from sight.

"Jesus Greg, are you all right?" Nick ran to Greg's side and pulled him into a sitting position.

Greg took a few deep breaths, happy to be able to breathe again, "Fine, I'm fine." He took a few more deep breaths, before exhaling loudly, "I think."

Nick frowned and helped Greg to his feet, helping to brush the lab-rat off, "What happened?"

Greg shrugged and looked down the alley where the man had disappeared, "I don't know. I thought I saw something move, stepped away from the door for a second and suddenly there he was. I barely had a chance to react." He scrubbed his hands along his face, "Maybe I should have taken dad up on those self-defense moves when he offered them."

"Let's go back inside. I feel real uncomfortable not knowing where that guy went."

Greg nodded and allowed Nick to lead him inside. His mind flashed back to the incident and he stiffened and came to a halt just inside the door, "Shit." He gasped before springing into motion, stepping away from Nick and hurrying towards his dad and Daniel, "I saw him."

Jack looked up and frowned, taking in his son's disheveled clothes and pale face, "What the hell happened to you? And what do you mean you saw him? Saw who?"

"The Goa'uld. I saw him." Greg said again, dropping into the chair next to Daniel.

Daniel wrapped an arm around Greg's shoulders, "Are you sure?"

"The guy attacked him." Nick answered for Greg. He had followed Greg over and was even more concerned knowing that the person they were chasing after had attacked Greg in the middle of an alley.

"Shit." Jack said, unknowingly echoing his son's prior statement to the situation, "Tell us what happened. Exactly."

Greg sighed and rubbed his forehead on Daniel's shoulder, "I just stepped outside for air. The guy jumped out of the shadows at me. At the time, I thought it was just some crazy after my cigarettes except that he was really strong. When Nick came out, the guy dropped me and ran. I didn't even realize his eyes had flashed gold until I got back in here. That's it."

"Cigarettes? I thought you told me you quit." Jack said, frowning.

Daniel turned a glare on Jack at the same time as Nick and the older man quelled under the double assault, "Not exactly our most pressing concern here Jack." Daniel said, running his hand up Greg's back in comfort. He looked down at the man trying to snuggle closer, and as much as he regretted it, he knew he had to ask, "You didn't feel a sharp pain, headache, anything like that did you?"

Greg shook his head, "No, but my back is killing me from where he slammed me. The wall was uneven and I managed to hit it just right."

Daniel nodded and looked up at Nick, "Did you see what he looked like?"

"No. Just saw the back of the guy's head." Nick replied.

Daniel motioned for Nick to take the seat on the other side of Greg. As soon as the Texan did so, Daniel passed the shaken man off to Nick, slightly alarmed that Greg hadn't even noticed the transfer and snuggled straight into Nick's arms. Daniel then turned to Jack, taking in the introspective look on his lovers face, "What's up?"

"Just wondering why the Goa'uld is body jumping. It's not normal behavior, at least, not that we know of." Jack replied, his eyes suddenly focusing on Daniel.

A sniff from their left clued them in that Greg might now be crying and they both looked over, alarmed. Greg, on the other hand, was straightening in his seat despite Nick's embrace and he had a similar look on his face that Jack had just been sporting, "Maybe the Goa'uld is stranded."

The two older men exchanged looks before Jack leaned over, his elbows resting on his knees, interest obvious, "What do you mean?"

Greg shrugged, "Well, you've come across other Goa'uld on earth, right? None of those were switching bodies, correct?"



Daniel's eyes widened, "Because they chose to be here. Seth was a system lord. He had the means to leave whenever he wanted to but chose earth to hide. This one doesn't want to hide here, he wants to leave."

"That's what I'm thinking. He's looking for the right body to get him to where he needs to be to get off earth."

Jack leaned back in his chair and whistled slowly, "Interesting theory. Whys he still here in Vegas then?"

Nick looked back and forth between the three of them, "Maybe he thinks that because Vegas is a large city, he's bound to find someone." he offered, then shrugged when they turned to look at him, "Well why not? It's a big city and people come here from all over."

Jack and Daniel nodded as they mulled that over. Greg on the other hand, just furrowed his eyebrows in thought, "Well, that explains whys, now what about the how's? How did he get to earth? I was under the impression that the Goa'uld is a parasitic race. The only way would be through the SGC and you all are checked regularly."

Jack looked at Greg then at Daniel, who was staring at the computers in front of them, a blank expression on his face, "Greg, there are other ways for Goa'uld to get to earth. Let's...just leave it at that, shall we?" he suggested, remembering the incident with Sarah Gardner the year before.

Greg looked at his dad and 'pseudo' father and, upon noticing Daniel's expression, agreed silently to let that particular subject drop.

Greg looked up as Nick stalked into the warehouse, a pissed off expression marring his face. He glanced at the computer he had been working on to check the progress of the program download before turning his attention fully on Nick, who was now pacing in front of him.

"Problem?" He asked, knowing that such a nonchalant inquiry would goad Nick into talking.

Nick halted and clenched his hands as he turned to look at Greg, "The crime scene is gone."

Greg raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"The idiot manager of the store got in there and cleaned up. Apparently, his lawyer had spoken to Grissom and pulled strings as well." Nick sighed and ran his hands through his hair, "We still have the evidence collected and the photo's..."

"Yeah, about that…I didn't get a hit off the prints collected. I managed to match the vic but as for whoever it was the Goa'uld is now using as host, well, nothing came up." Greg said, wincing. He hated to be the bearer of bad news.

Nick sighed again and dropped into the chair next to Greg, "This is becoming an impossible task."

Greg looked at the computer screen and saw that the program he was uploading was almost done, "Maybe not if what I was doing works even a little bit."

"What are you doing?" Nick asked, leaning forward slightly.

"I sent Sam on a geek run for me. Thankfully, Danny was at work this afternoon, so I was able to get some help." Greg said, referring to one of the swing shift techs, "It's that program artists use to build composites of people. Got to love that old fashioned drawings are only used when computers aren't available anymore."

Nick's eyes widened as he figured out what Greg was talking about, "You're gunna build the guy from the alley..."

"And you and whoever you drag along is going to show it to the witnesses. It was a close knit neighborhood. Someone should know who he was." Greg said with a nod.

The program beeped then, informing them that it was ready. Greg brought it up and began clicking, "Let's see...face shape...kind of a longer face..." He muttered, scrolling through his choices.

"That one." Nick said, pointing to the second to last choice.

Greg glanced at Nick even as he clicked on the face shape, "I thought you said you didn't see him?"

"I caught his profile just as I opened the door. That's about it though."

"Hmm." Greg looked back at the screen, "Eye's..."

It took nearly twenty minutes to finish. Since Greg was being attacked at the time, he had only caught brief flashes of the guy's face, except for the few seconds when he was being held against the wall. Those few seconds were enough to eliminate quite a few of the options given, but he still felt doubt about a few of the details.

"Well," Greg said, clicking on the mouth he had chosen, "That's as good as it's going to get I think. Let's see what our little Goa'uld friend looks like." He hit the finished button.

His head whipped around to face Nick when he heard a sharp intake of breath and a muttered fuck.


Nick reached over and covered Greg's hand on the mouse, pushing the cursor up to the print button, "That's the manager of the store."


Not up to my standards but this chapter is two years old. Also, I'm sure I made mistakes but seeing as this is a/u and I've only seen up through season four of Stargate SG-1….it's what you're getting. Hope you enjoyed and I'll see what I can do about getting a new chapter up quicker than two years from now.