It was done. Nick was mortal again. LaCroix's efforts to keep him "in the fold" were unsuccessful as Nick had became mortal when Natalie underwent a period of cardiac arrest at the hospital. After nearly eight hundred years of craving human blood and numerous attempts he had overcome that craving and his "sun allergy".

He wondered, though, about the price. Natalie had survived, but had partial vampire characteristics as a result of "the attack" as it was described. And Tracy was a full-fledged vampire now. He wondered how each would cope with their new condition.

Urs was still battling the effects of Divia's attack, and under LaCroix's "advice" Natalie was released early from the hospital and helped the others flush Divia's poison out of Urs. Urs recovered, and under Janette's expert counseling would gain a self-respect she'd never known before as either a mortal or a vampire. He smiled at the thought of that. Whatever else, Janette had done right by both Urs and Vachon. Nick was in no small part to thank for that, and thought about another of his own offspring.

It was later determined that Tracy's blood preferences were due to small amounts of Divia's blood as well, either from the bullets having passed through Nick first or from residual amounts in Vachon's blood when he brought her across. Since Nick had also been attacked by Divia, it was agreed to let him remain mortal so that he would not have any unexpected complications from Divia's poison.

Nick thought of Serena.