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Warning! Yaoi! Do not read if you are offended by yaoi

"Damn it," Zack cursed quietly as he carried an injured Cloud through the mountain passage. "Cloud, when'd you get so heavy?" No reply. Was he expecting one? Not really. The boy was unconscious. He doubted that the young SOLDIER could even hear him. Another gust of cold wind and snow blew towards the two SOLDIERS, forcing the conscious one to shiver a bit.

"God it's so damn cold!" the elder of the two spat out bitterly. "Cloud, transform into a blanket or something!" No response. The silence was killing him. "Honestly Cloud, how do we-excuse me, I, always end up in a situation like this? Why are you such a wuss?" The SOLDIER grunted a bit as his foot sunk a bit deeper than usual into the snow. He nearly cried, though, when the snow started to fall harder.

He looked up angrily at the sky, cursing whoever had decided to put this faith upon him. He regretted it though as a strong gust of wind nearly made him tumble over and on top of his unconscious companion. Falling a few steps back and regaining balance, he shifted his young friend up higher on his back to keep him from falling and pressed forward, looking for any sort of shelter. "At least my ass is warm…" he grumbled.

"Out of all the missions that we could have done, why did we choose the one that makes us go through THE COLDEST PART OF THE WORLD?" Zack whined as he tried not to slip on some ice.

"We didn't choose it. You chose it." Cloud sighed as his friend fell down, landing on his bottom. "Next time, let the man tell us what the mission is about before you go ahead and agree to it."

"Well maybe I'm psychic and knew what the mission was about!" the black-haired SOLDIER mumbled as he got up and rubbed his sore backside. "Maybe that's why I chose this mission…"

"You chose this mission, Zack, because the name sounded cool."

"Oh come on! Operation R. A. R. S sounded so awesome!"

"It was awesome until you found out that Operation R. A. R. S meant Operation Rescue And Recovery of Supplies and it required us to take this route."

"Then next time you choose the mission!" Zack pouted a bit. "It's not my fault it sounded cool." Cloud just rolled his eyes and continued ahead.

"Hey Cloud, are you gonna eat that?" Zack pointed to the plate of food lying next to the unconscious blonde. "Didn't think so." He grabbed the plate and gobbled it down. Who could blame him? He had just traveled up a mountain for three hours with an unconscious man on his back until he had found a cave that was suitable for a shelter. "Aw, don't worry Cloud. I have more food! I'll cook some up when you stop having some nice dream and actually decide to wake up."

He stared at the fire for sometime before returning his attention to his young friend. "You cold? Sorry, I don't have a blanket. You sure did make a nice one, though, when I was climbing up this god damn thing." He scooted over a bit closer to his companion. "You sure are quiet, Cloud.


"What is it, Zack?"

"I'm cold…"

The boy rolled his eyes. "Then wear a coat or cover yourself up with a blanket."

"I don't have one…"

"Too bad, then. Neither do I."

The two were silent for a couple minutes before Zack piped up again. "Cloud…"

"What is it now?"

"I'm bored!"

His eyes rolled once again. "Do you wanna play cards?"

"You have cards?"


"So then how do we play?"

"I was being sarcastic."

"Oh…Hey, I know a game!"

"We have a mission, Zack."

"Oh come on! It's a way to see who's manlier!"

Cloud raised his eyebrow. "Manlier? And why do we need to see who's manlier?"



"Good then let's play!" Zack grinned. "The game is called the Loud Game. All we do is see who can the loudest 'rawr' and whoever can do it the loudest wins." His grin became wider. "Sounds fun, right?"

Cloud gawked at him. "'Rawr'?"


"As in we're roaring? Like a tiger?"


"You're kidding."


"That…has got to be the stupidest game ever."

"No it's not! It's fun! Come on, let's play!"

"Let's not."

"Oh come on! What's the matter? Too chicken to play?"

"Am not! It's just pointless!" That argument didn't seem to get Cloud anywhere as Zack started to make obnoxious clucking noises. "Guh, fine!But only one game."

Zack smirked a bit and took a deep breath. "RAAAAAAAAAAAWR!" The roar echoed throughout the mountains. "Beat that, Cloud!"

Cloud just put on a similar smirk. "Rawr. Okay, you win." Smirking a bit more, he turned around and headed back in the direction they needed to go.

Zack stared at him wide eyed. "That's it?"


"But, but that's forfeiting!"

"No it's not, it's me loosing on purpose. Forfeiting is me giving up which I didn't do."

"Oh come on, Cloud! One more time! A real roar! Like this!" Taking a deep breath, Zack mustered up all the energy he had. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRR!" The echo was much louder. Zack smirked at his product but it was quickly gone when he felt a tremble. "What the-?!"

"Avalanche!" Cloud yelled as he pointed towards the snow that was plummeting down towards them. His eyes widened in fear as a boulder was rushing down towards Zack. "ZACK!" He lunged towards the black-haired SOLDIER, managing to get him out of the way before the huge rock could crush him.

Zack landed on his back, groaning as pain surged through it. "Hey, thanks Cl-" His eyes widened in fear as he saw his friend laying on the ground unconscious, waist down covered in snow. "Cloud!" He ran towards his companion.

"Hey Cloud, let's play the silent game. We see who can't make any noise for the longest period of time. You in?" Silence. "Awesome." Silence once more until a slight chuckle was heard. "Okay, you win. I can't stay quiet for more than two seconds. You know that…" He scooted over closer to the boy. "Just kidding, I let you win." He shivered a bit and rubbed his arms to generate some sort of heat.

"Damn, it's freezing." He looked over to Cloud before getting as close as he could towards the boy and placed an arm around him. "Well…this will keep us both warm at least." Nothing, again. He sighed. "Ah for crying out loud, say something!" Stillness. That's all he got. "Damn it!" He got up and walked towards the other side of the fire, glaring at his quiet friend through the flames. "I'm so manlier than you."

He couldn't stand the silence any more. He couldn't stand his shivering either. And worst of all, he couldn't stand seeing his friend like that.

Friend. That word had been stuck in his mind for the past couple of hours. Did he really consider him as a friend? The last couple of hours, he had been talking to an unconscious guy, trying to make him say something. Because he was worried. That's what friends do, right? They worry when the other gets hurt. But do they have the need to hold each other so they can protect each other from all harm? Did they have the want to share body heat to stay alive? No, not to stay alive but to feel something else? His eyes scanned the blonde's form and he chuckled. "You know Cloud, if you wore a dress and a wig, you could pull off for a girl. An attractive looking girl too…"

Zack was a bit startled when he heard a groaning noise but was relieved to see that it was from Cloud. The young SOLDIER'S eyes opened slowly and he smiled a bit. "Zack…" His lips quivered a bit. "I'm cold…"

Zack nodded and walked over to his "buddy" and sat down closely to him. Too close, in Cloud's opinion. The boy felt his cheeks heat up as the more trained SOLDIER put his arms around him and drew him closer if it was possible. "Uh Zack-"

"Better?" Cloud nodded, the blush becoming more noticeable. Zack chuckled a bit and snuggled closer to him. "Good. I was getting cold too."

They remained like that for some time, staring at the fire. Cloud turned his head, about to question what had happened but felt something warm against his quivering lips. Blushing hard, he quickly turned his head away, trying not to look into Zack's eyes. "S-sorry…" he mumbled.

He felt a hand cup his chin, forcing his head to turn towards the owner of the hand. Cloud closed his eyes, refusing to look into his companion's. "Don't be." His eyes opened slowly, daring to look into the one's he was afraid of. Before his mind could comprehend anything, warm lips crushed his own. His eyes widened, then softened, and once again they were closed, his arms instinctively wrapping around Zack's neck, trying to pull him closer.

Maybe the mission wouldn't be so bad

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