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Cloud stared the brunette, shocked to see her as she slowly let go of his face and walked around the couch, hands on her hips as she stared somewhat annoyingly at him. He stared at her with confusion. She started to tap her foot, telling Cloud that she was a bit angry at him. "Jeez Cloud! You say that you miss me and when you open your eyes, you look at me like some ghost!"

"Tifa, I-"

"So you didn't miss me?" She nearly yelled as she took a dangerous step towards the blond, causing him to gulp a little and try to lean back in his chair a little more. "You are such a jerk!" She took one more step towards him.

"Tifa, that's not it! I-I…was just expecting someone else…" he mumbled the last part. It was no lie. He had honestly expected to see Zack when he heard her voice. He smirked a bit, amused at himself. How on earth did he confuse Tifa's girl voice for Zack? He started to laugh, actually starting to believe that he was crazy. Tifa gave a little growl, not amused at all with Cloud's laughter, whatever he was laughing at. Cloud slowly caught his breath and looked at Tifa apologetically. "I'm sorry. I was just thinking of something funny…" He got up and pulled her into his embrace. "How about I make it up to you and take you to dinner?" Her eyes lit up as she squealed with excitement and jumped on him, forcing both of them to land back on the couch Cloud was previously sitting on. The girl straddled his lap as he laughed. "I guess that's a yes." He pulled the girl out of his embraced and brought her to her feet. He took her hand, gave it a light squeeze and then headed for the door as they both grabbed their jackets.

Aeris giggled as Zack gave another one of his wide grins, mentally patting himself on the back for making the girl laugh. He was so glad that he knew cheesy, lame jokes. As soon as the girl controlled her fits of giggles, she took a deep breath. "That wasn't very funny."

"I know…" Zack said as he used his fork to play around with the food he ordered. "But hey! 'Knock Knock' jokes are great!" He took a bite out of his food, his smile as big as it could get.

Aeris laughed a bit, quite amused by the man. She couldn't recall ever having this much fun with anyone. She let out a sigh as she moved her fork in her salad. People always came to Midgar but only temporarily. The people Aeris had gotten close to had always left and then never come back, completely forgetting about the city. She had always felt lonely, like a part of her was missing. For once, she felt complete. A concerned voice broke her thoughts. "You okay?"

"Hm?" Aeris looked up to see Zack curiously staring at her. "Oh, I was just thinking…" she trailed off as her eyes dropped down, looking at her salad.

Zack could see the sadness in her eyes and started to feel like a jerk. "Did…I say something to offend you?"

The girl immediately looked up, shocked to hear him say that. She stared at his sad face, smiling at how cute it was before breaking into a fit of laughter. Zack gave her a look of confusion. "I-I'm sorry! I-it's just that…" She took a deep breath, controlling herself before speaking once more. "It's not you. I…I just always felt alone here in Midgar and now I feel…" she couldn't finish her sentence as she had no way to describe it.

Zack gave an understanding smile. "Don't worry, I get it." The feeling was somewhat indescribable. Feeling whole would be the closest to it. It was a feeling he felt a lot whenever he was with… His eyes suddenly became wide. He felt it all the time whenever he was with Cloud. He felt his heart beating faster already when he thought of the younger SOLDIER. His hands went through his hair in frustration. He couldn't believe it. He had almost forgotten about everything! Almost! He looked at Aeris, whose face showed signs of concern, and felt immense guilt. As much as he hated to admit it, he was using her as a distraction. "I-I'm sorry." Zack got up, getting ready to leave before the girl would start to have feelings for him. "I-I don't think we should meet anymore…"

Aeris went from being concerned to shocked. As soon as the man started to leave she quickly got up and grabbed his arm to stop him. "W-why?" She almost cried out, not understanding what had just happened. His arm tensed up at her touch and his fists clenched. "Did I do something wrong?" Her voice was desperate, he could tell and he cursed himself for it. They had just met and Aeris was already starting to develop feelings for him.

"I'm just…not the one." He finally said as he tried to head for the door.

Her grip tightened, making him stay in his place. "We just met and already you're assuming that we're dating?" Zack slowly turned his face and locked with her eyes. She loosened her hold on him. "I can't tell the future, I don't know where this is heading but…" She completely let go of his arm and placed her hand on his cheek. "I want to know! And I can't know if you're just going to runaway right now."

Zack flinched a bit at her words, stinging him like needles. But she was right; he can't just walk out now. He turned around and locked his eyes with hers. He smiled. He knew that it was wrong to use her like this but…this was probably the only way he could forget about Cloud. He smiled and nodded. She squealed in joy and quickly dragged him back to the booth and they continued eating, every once in a while Zack coming up with some silly joke and her laughing to it.

Cloud held the door open as Tifa walked through and quickly followed her in. She rubbed her arms a bit from the cold weather and he instinctively placed his arm around her. She blushed and said a quiet 'thank you.' Cloud smiled. He was just glad that she was here. Though he hated admitting it, she helped him forget a lot about his problems. He hated using her like this but he couldn't help it. Something had to distract his mind of thinking of the older SOLDIER.

The smell of food made him hungry. This was a restaurant that he and Zack always went to whenever they came back from a mission. It was their favorite. He sat on a couch nearby, waiting patiently for someone to take them to a table. Tifa had gotten into an argument with a waiter and he decided it was best for him to not get involved. That was until Tifa had slapped the man. "Bastard! Don't touch me like that!" her voice thundered through the restaurant, catching everyone's attention, especially a certain couple.

Zack and Aeris stared at the girl wide-eyed. Aeris because she couldn't believe what just happened. Zack however recognized the girl. "Tifa?" His eyes went even wider at the realization. If Tifa was here than that meant that…

And sure enough, he was right. The blonde SOLIDIER appeared behind the girl, putting his arms around her, trying to restrain her from pummeling the poor waiter. "Tifa, calm down!" Zack felt his heart pound again at the sight of it. He felt like banging his head on the table. Here he was trying to get away from him and he just happened to appear here with Tifa. Great, just what he needed.

Tifa eventually calmed down but caught sight of Zack and some girl she didn't know of. "Hey isn't that Zack?" She asked Cloud. Cloud looked in the direction of where Tifa was looking and surely enough, it was. His own eyes went wide and his heart started pounding. Out of all the places that Zack decided to take a girl out to eat, it had to be here. If there were a wall near him, Cloud would surely have banged his head onto it multiple times. Tifa didn't seem to notice what was going on with Cloud and proceeded to continue her actions. "HI ZACK!" She yelled, waving her hands frantically, trying to get the other man's attention. Cloud's face met his palm and he let out an embarrassed moan.

Zack was also embarrassed and somewhat slouched in his seat, trying to make himself somewhat less noticeable. Too bad Tifa had already noticed him and started to yell out his name. "Damn it," he mumbled as he regained his original position and tried to put on a smile and waved, letting out a nervous laugh.

Aeris gave him a confused look. "You know her?" He nodded, his nervousness clearly showing. Aeris was about to interrogate him more but decided against it, seeing as that he was already embarrassed.

Tifa smiled in success of catching the other man's attention and started to head towards him. Cloud started to panic and grabbed her arm, pulling her back into his embrace. "What are you doing?"

"Going to sit next to Zack and that other lady," Tifa replied, confused at why he pulled her back. "It'd be better to join them than to wait for a table."

"But they're on a," he nearly choked out the next part. "date."

"So then let's make it a double date!" She squealed and started to drag him along, not caring how much Cloud tried to resist.

Shit, Shit, SHIT! Was all that went through Zack's mind as he noticed that they were heading towards him and Aeris. Well more like Tifa walking and dragging Cloud with her. Aeris had seemed to have noticed Cloud and smiled and waved at him. All Zack wanted to do right now was to go and hide somewhere. He looked at his feet. He was tempted to just jump under the table right now. It was actually a pretty good idea the more he thought about it, but just as he was about to do it, Cloud and Tifa had already made it to their table. Cloud waved a bit out of embarrassment. Zack let out a nervous laugh. "Hey, Tifa, Cloud."

"Hey Zack! Hello uh…" Tifa looked at Aeris with confusion.

Before Aeris could introduce herself, Cloud interrupted. "Aeris." He said with a sigh. Tifa nodded and repeated her name.

"Nice to meet you, Aeris! I'm Tifa." She held her hand out and Aeris took it and gently shook it. After the handshake, Tifa returned her attention to Zack. "Mind if we join you guys?"

Zack opened his mouth, ready to say no but Aeris spoke before he could even let a noise out. "Of course not!" His mouth closed and he slouched a little lower in his seat. Aeris slid a bit more into the booth, making room for Tifa to join her. Cloud gulped nervously and saw that the only place for him to sit was next to Zack. "Zack, scoot over so Cloud can sit." Zack grumbled a bit as he did what he was told to and Cloud took the seat next to him.

The girls seemed to have been enjoying themselves as they went ahead and talked for a while. Zack and Cloud had decided to stay quiet. Cloud rubbed his head in embarrassment about the situation he was in. "Um…thanks for letting us join you. I know you wanted to be alone," he spoke quietly as he gave Zack a sheepish smile.

Zack refused to look at the younger SOLDIER, not sure if he was angry at him. "Whatever…" he finally let out. Cloud's heart seemed to have gotten heavier and he almost felt like crying. Zack hadn't spoken a word to him and when he does say something, he says "whatever". He held it back though as there were people next to him and a waiter came by.

"Can I get you guys anything else?"

Tifa smiled. "Beer please!"

"NO!" Both Cloud and Zack replied, making both Aeris and the waiter stare confused and Tifa pout.

"Fine…" she mumbled and Cloud and Zack let out a sigh of relief.

Leaving the tip on the table, the couples headed out of the restaurant. Tifa shivered a bit at the cold and Cloud once again put his arm around her. Zack glared at them and mimicked the motion on Aeris, who gave him a confused look since she wasn't particularly cold. "Hey Teef, wanna go see a movie?" Cloud asked casually, unaware of the glaring he was receiving from Zack.

Tifa beamed and Zack prayed that she would say no. "I'd love to Cloud!" Zack held his breath and Aeris once again gave him a confused look. "But it's getting late and dad's probably waiting for me back at the hotel." The first-class SOLDIER let out a sigh of relief.

Cloud gave an understanding nod. "Guess we shouldn't keep your dad waiting then, huh?" Tifa nodded and they headed towards the hotel she was staying at. Zack had to reluctantly follow, seeing that Aeris lived somewhere close by to the place.

When they had arrived at the hotel, Cloud gave Tifa a hug and whispered good night to her before giving her a kiss on the cheek. Zack almost had a heart attack and Tifa just blushed and whispered good night as well before disappearing into the hotel. Zack made sure to mimic the same actions when they went to drop Aeris off and the same thing had happened with Cloud. However, Aeris didn't blush as much but rather gave a curious look at Zack, then looked behind Cloud and once again, at Zack. She said goodnight to both and went inside, contemplating something. Both Cloud and Zack hadn't noticed her observing looks.

The walk back to the Shinra building was awkwardly silence. They went into the elevator and Zack walked Cloud to his room like he usually did. Before opening the door though, Cloud stared at Zack. "Are you…mad at me?" Cloud finally asked, his hopeful eyes looking into the ones of the elder one.

Zack stared at him a bit before sighing. "No, I'm not mad." Cloud smiled and then went into his room, whispering a good night. Zack watched the door close. "Just friends…" he mumbled as he walked back towards the elevator, heading to his own room.

Cloud rubbed his eyes, trying to see in the dark as he headed for the kitchen. It was around 2 in the morning and Cloud had woken up feeling unusually hungry. He grumbled as he nearly ran into the door and quietly pushed it open. The lights were surprisingly already on and had blinded the young SOLDIER for a couple of seconds. When he was able to see clearly, he blinked. "Zack?" he said as he walked over to the older one who was slouched on the ground, a beer bottle in his hand. His face was buried in his other arm, which was propped against his knees. Cloud slowly sat next to his companion and stared at him with confusion. "Zack?" he called his name out again. His eyes widened at all the beer bottles next to the man. There were at least 20 bottles. "How long have you been drinking?" Cloud asked frantically as he quickly picked up all the bottles to put them in the trash, also grabbing the one out of Zack's hand. Zack finally looked up as Cloud walked to the trash can, dumping all the bottles into it. He mumbled something incoherently and Cloud walked back to him. "What did you say?"

"Leave me alone…" Zack said, still mumbling. Cloud sighed. Clearly the man was drunk, which didn't happen often as Zack did have a high alcohol tolerance.

"Come on," Cloud mumbled as he put his arms under Zack's and lifted him to his feet. Stabling him under his own weight, Cloud started to drag the man out of the kitchen, forgetting that he was hungry. "Let's get you back to your room," he grumbled as he left the kitchen and went into the dark hallways. He grumbled once more as he couldn't see too much. He tried to find his way back to the elevator but only found himself at his own room door. His own eyes were starting to close, indicating that he was tired. "I guess you can crash here for the night." He led him into his room and left Zack on his bed. He was about to head over to the couch when a strong arm grabbed him and forced him back on the bed. Before Cloud could even figure out what was going on, Zack was on top of him. He looked up into Zack's dark eyes. "Zack, what are you-"

"Shut up," Zack cut him off sharply, his dark eyes blazing. Cloud let out a little "meep". He was feeling somewhat scared and somewhat confused. Zack cupped his face and made his lips stick out, observing them. "Heh, these were the same lips that touched what's her name?" Cloud would have said Tifa if Zack were not cupping his face. "I kissed these same lips," Zack continued lowering his face, dangerously close to Cloud's. "I kissed these god damn lips." Cloud could feel his breath slowly creeping towards his ear. He nearly jumped as Zack started to nibble on it, releasing his hold on his face. Cloud's breaths became short as Zack continued his ministrations of his ear while his hands crept lower.

Cloud gasped as he felt his hand go underneath his shirt, touching his well-built chest. "Mmm…" Zack moaned a bit, liking the noises he was hearing. He lightly pinched his skin under his shirt, making Cloud grab the sheet under his arm, clutching it for his life. Zack nibbled on his ear a little more before stopping and moving his hand around Cloud's chest. "Mine," Zack whispered heatedly in Cloud's ear, causing him to whimper a bit.

"Zack…neh…" Cloud couldn't process straight thoughts as Zack's hand continued to light a fire on his chest. "Zack…neh…stop…nah…." He wasn't sure if he actually meant those words but Cloud was close to losing control as well. It didn't seem that Zack heard him as his other hand went up Cloud's shirt to join the other. "Neh…" Cloud ran his fingers through the elder's hair, trying to bring him closer.

"What were you trying to say?" Zack smirked at his own question. Cloud's word seemed muffled, probably because of Zack's hands. "What was that?"

"D…Don't….stop…." Cloud finally said, stumbling with his words, his own control lost. Zack smirked once more. He quickly removed his hands out of his shirt, which made the younger one protest a bit. However the protesting stopped when lips crashed together. Cloud moaned, his arms wrapping themselves around the neck of the first class SOLDIER, trying to bring his lips closer if possible. Zack's hands went around his waist before going towards the hem of the younger's shirt, pulling it off. Cloud's own handed procceded to do the same thing, somewhat struggling with it. It didn't help much that Zack's tongue had slipped in, running over his teeth, begging for entrance. Cloud's mouth parted more and Zack's tongue plunged in, battling with his own. Cloud moaned, both in pleasure and in success as the shirt had finally been removed. "Zack…" Cloud moaned as hands had started to roam everywhere.

"Cloud…" Zack moaned as well, in a similar matter as Cloud did.

Snowfall that night was soft.

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