River sat sobbing in Jayne's arms, a few feet away Simon was working furiously in the infirmary.

"It's all my fault Jayne." She cried.

"Now, Darlin' you that ain't true, I said she could go just like you did." Her husband tried to comfort her.

"But I should have known, I'm the one with psychic premonitions." River wailed.

"We both saw how much she wanted to go, kickin' up a fuss… and the look she gave me when I told her to stay behind? Hell no one's gonna turn that face down." He argued.

"Do you think she'll make it?" River asked, Jayne's soothing tones and loving embrace having their usual calming effect.

"She's as tough as her mama, and twice as crazy-" He halted as her saw the reproachful look in his young wife's eyes, "but I love ya both." He added hastily dropping a kiss to her forehead.

"Besides, we got your brother in there working his magic." Jayne said as he hugged her closer.

It was a few minutes more before Simon exited the infirmary.

"Well, it turns out that she was just a little run down, she will be fine, however…" Simon paused, a little annoyed at his sister and brother-in-law.

"However?" River cried jumping up and running to her brother, grabbing him by the collar, "What do you mean however? You just said she was fine!" She wailed, she released him abruptly and ran into the infirmary leaving Simon no time to explain.

Jayne approached him quickly, "What's going on Doc? Is our girl gonna be ok?" He asked anxiously, he didn't want a hysterical River on his hands if he could avoid it, just about broke his heart.

"Jayne –" Simon began but was cut off by a loud squeal of delight from the infirmary.

"Ohh, puppies!" Came River's delighted voice.

"You told me you had that dog fixed!" Simon said angrily.

Jayne went to reply when River called out.

"Jayne… Jayne, come quick! We're grandparents!"