Pirates Pals II: Bonjour Paris!

A/N: Woohoo! Second in the series… (as long as you guys aren't getting bored) and here we are again. A year after their first ever trip to the Caribbean! Paris, the romantic city of love for Will and Liz, and girls for Jack, and this time, it's somewhere I've been, so gonna take them to lotsa places :). This is going to be so fun to write…hope you guys enjoy reading it!

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Chap 1—The Fourth Pal?


Got back from school today (DON'T ye dare ask me what I learned like Ma always did!) and found this email:

Subject: Paris, anyone?

To: Will and Jack

From: Liz

Ah ha. The Pirates Pals thing, it's been a year now, and a lot had changed. Ana's now furious at me for forgetting her birthday; Ma's forcing me to go to camp this summer. So much for Captain Jack's life! So what's the missy's problem this time?

June 28

Hi Will and Jack!

A year's passed since we first met, remember? Anyways, it's summer again, and Dad's got a travel package for Paris. Said I could bring two of my friends there, so pack your bags and goodies, 'cause us pirates are heading out to Paris!

Boring stuff (aka traveling details)—Meet on July 3rd, King's Cross Train Station, Gate P (funny, same gate we met last time!) Dad's gonna handle all the visas and stuff. Hold on to your passports!

Hoping to meet you soon,

Love to Will,


Paris! Lasses and RUM! A free trip too. Count me in, mate. And yeah, right, 'love to Will' (snorted).


Love to Will, from Liz! How I missed her…I could still taste the kiss we last shared on our date, Valentine's Day, this year…


"Turner!" barked Mrs. Ginger. "Phone, and I'm not going to hold it for long unless you come and—"

I hurried to her room. "Yes, I'm here."

Daggers in her eyes, she handed me the phone reluctantly, then marched off.

"Hello?" I spoke, my heart beating with excitement. No one's called me before!

"Will?" a kind, familiar feminine voice that set butterflies in my stomach replied. "It's me, Liz. Will? Are you there?"

I stood there, mouth gaping in surprise, this wasn't a dream! "Yes, Liz? I'm here," I calmly answered.

"Hey, Dad's taking me to this show, at Piccadilly…so we can meet afterwards." she told the name of the place.

"That's near here! I suppose I could sneak out…but, wait, Liz. Isn't it too far for you?" I asked, puzzled.

"Oh no," she laughed happily. "I'm on vacation in London!"

"Great, then where are we meeting?"

"In front of the theatre, 8 o'clock on Valentine's Day, I'll be waiting, Will,"

"I promise I'd be there, and, Liz?" I took a deep breath.

"Yes, Will?"

"I love you,"

Hardly hear her utter shyly, "Me too, Will, me too. Goodnight!"

From that night on, I could hardly sleep. Valentine's Day was days away…

When the day arrived, I was all nervous and jittery, but seeing Liz's face again cleared all that. She looked even more beautiful than the last time I'd seen her!

After introducing me to her dad, we were left alone once again.

"Say your goodnights now, and hurry up!" Governor Swann called, getting into the car.

"Something for you, Miss Swann," I produced a rose I'd bought from a flower shop that evening.

"Will!" Liz smiled, taking the rose. "Thank you," we hugged.

"I missed you, Liz," I said, planting a gentle kiss on her lips…

When we broke apart, Liz had a sad look in her face. "Happy Valentine's Day, Will…and I hope I will see you soon," she blew me a kiss and waved. "Bye…"

(End Flashback)

Oh, to think that we would meet again!

…but Paris! Liz's not pulling my leg, was she? Another chance for me to go aboard! (Last time, you don't want to know about it! Mrs. Ginger called the police, so chaos and stuff went on at the House, until they found out she was the one signing my form without reading, and so that's that. Careless, there's more to that word for her.)

I'm dreaming again…The Lourve, France most famous museum, full of gorgeous paintings by remarkable artists, Nortre Dame, and…the Eiffel…the symbol of Paris, the building that based its structure on human bones (A/N: Did you know? Learned it in Bio) …amazing.


How could he! Dad knew I'd be bringing friends…but him insisting I'd have to bear that guy on the trip too? I thought back angrily as the painful memory of Dad introducing the boy returned.

"Liz? Come down stairs, I want you to meet someone!" Dad merrily called from the hall. Finished with my homework, I gleefully ran down the curved stairs to the front door…only to find a 15-year-old handsome young man, with blue friendly eyes and black, messy hair standing in front of Dad. "This is Thomas Williams," Dad said, patting Thomas's back.

"Hi…you can call me Tom, actually," he said politely, holding out his hand to shake.

I shook my hand with him rather unwillingly. "And what is…" I glanced at him. "Tom doing in our manor, may I ask?"

"Well, Liz," Dad heaved a sigh. "His dad's an old friend of mine. Knew him way back in high school, and…they're out on a business trip to Jamaica—"

"I see, and you've decided to take care of dear Tom for them?" I retorted, annoyed.

"Elizabeth Swann!" Sigh. Dad had to call my full name in front of that boy? "How many times have I told you not to be rude to our guests! Tom's got no kin, and so we're taking him to Paris with us," Dad smiled, unknown to the pain I felt.

"But…but…" I couldn't say a word. He couldn't be doing this…to me!

"No buts, Liz, or else your little friends are off the trip," he said sharply, "Remember the little discussion we had,"

Yes. I did, clear as day. On that very Valentine's Day, Dad had warned me when we got into the car that Will was just a 'scruffy, shabby' orphanage boy with no future and wasn't proper to be my friend. Mentioning he'd have to find me 'suitable boys' soon.

Dad walked away afterwards, leaving me and Tom alone.

I stood there silently, turning the other way so I wouldn't face Tom. "Liz?" Tom moved closer to me, saying, "I know we're off to a…bad start, but I would love to meet you friends," he gave a friendly smile.

"Go away!" I yelled at him, running up to my room in tears. How cruel could Dad get? He couldn't…just couldn't…separate me from my friends, the only friends I'd had in years other than Estrella! First the car ride, and then this? I couldn't take it anymore…

A/N: Well, what do you think? New character alert, (Major, major dilemma for Will and Liz, mate, but it IS a Willabeth story—by the way, what would you like Tom to be like? A goody guy or not?) and sad ending, I know, but it's just an introduction. By next chap we're on the train to Paris. Yay, and who knows what will happen when Jack and Will meet Tom? Chaos!

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