Title – Déjà vu

Disclaimer – I don't own anything of Bleach.

Pairings – Kaien/ Rukia, Kaien/Miyako, and of course Ichigo/ Rukia

Summary – Ichigo receives a nasty blow to the head, but when he wakes up he is no longer himself. Instead he is back in time as Kaien Shiba, the Vice Captain of Rukia Kuchiki.

Rating – Teen for now but may change later.

Author's Note – I hope you guys like this new story, I had this idea after reading a pretty interesting Kaien X Rukia story on Live Journal. As Usual, I love reviews and feedback! And to those old fans coming back to read this story welcome back! And of course a welcome to the new comers!

"What do you mean you won't buy me bread?!" Rukia huffed stomping her foot in irritation as she glared mutinous daggers in Ichigo's direction.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and shifted his weight to his right, "Rukia I bought you five bags of bread and it's all gone. I don't have anymore money. I think the ducks are fat enough."

Ichigo and Rukia had taken a little walk after school to the near by lake for some relaxing air after stressful SAT's. Unfortunate for Ichigo he had to give all that was in his pocket to Rukia for bags of bread for the "starving homeless ducks". Somehow she didn't get that ducks lived outside and weren't starving.

"Then why do they run like savaged beasts and attempt to bite my fingers off when I pull the bag out?" She had asked only moments just before screaming and running from a pack of ducks. It wasn't until she threw the whole bag down was she able to escape.

"That's because ducks are water pigs. They eat everything and more." He had told her growing amused by the ducks starting to form around her quacking questioningly. If ducks could talk they'd be saying something along the lines of "where's the food lady?"

"I wish I could take them home with me." She said wistfully turning around to look at the white ducks quacking.

"Hell no, they stink and they'll eat everything. Their almost as bad as seagulls that seem to just live aiming shit at people's heads. Those are the air rats. When I was five my family and I went to the beach, the twins were one so it was mostly my dad and I swimming in the water. Well, it was lunch time and I was eating a whole sandwich. A damn seagull came down and swiped the whole thing from my mouth… greedy bastard." He began walking up the slope that led out of the lake.

"Well that was sweet of you for sharing your sandwich Ichigo!" Rukia shouted trying desperately to catch up.

"I wasn't sharing and I would never share with those shiting air rats if my life depended on it."

Beep! Beep!

Ichigo stopped and turned around to watch Rukia shove her hand in her school uniform shirt. She pulled her cell phone open face serious and stance predatory.

"A hollow, a few blocks from here." She took his wrist pulling him over to a nearby tree where she popped Ichigo's soul out of his body. His body fell down neatly by the tree. She popped her soul out letting the body fall down next to his.

"Come on, get on my back I'll get us there." Ichigo said bending down slightly so Rukia could easily get on his back.

When they made it Rukia slide off his back to examine the hollow down in the grassy field.

"This one has a high rietsu Ichigo; don't let your guard down."

"Che, you're the one that needs to watch your back!" Ichigo shouted unwrapping Zangetsu as he took a diving leap towards the hollow.

Rukia watched from above as the hollow screamed in agony as Ichigo sliced it's slimy tentacle arm off. He seemed to be doing okay with dodging and getting this in, but he was just playing with this hollow. He needed to hurry and kill it before something happened. Her eyes widened when she saw it had used some sort of flash step.

"Ichigo behind you!" Rukia shouted quickly shunpoing down to where he was to help him fight.

It was too late, the hollow cut into Ichigo's arm making him cry out and falter to the ground.

"Ichigo!" Rukia shouted when she reached up the them. She jumped high to cut into the hollow's head but he shunpoed away from her. She turned around fast and jumped just in time escaping the hollow's sharp claws.

Ichigo stood up and jumped trying to go for the killing blow, "Hey UGLY!" Ichigo shouted jumping in the air. But the hollow was faster and flash stepped behind Ichigo hitting Ichigo hard in the back of his head.

"ICHIGO!!" Rukia shouted as she watched his unconscious form fly head first to the ground like a rag doll. When he hit he wasn't moving and blood surrounded his head.

Ichigo heard her scream but he was falling into darkness. He couldn't bring himself out and then when he hit the ground he felt unbearable pain, and he was out.


All Ichigo heard was a loud yell and his name being called frantically. He wished they would just shut the hell up already, his head throbbed and felt like it was splitting open.

He shot his eyes open only to see tan silk curtains swaying softly from the quiet wind. It was loud in his head a second ago, and now it was almost completely silent. Where was he? He lifted his hand up to his head only to feel a bandage on his head and a sharp pain ran through as he touched it. So his head was splitting.

He looked down only to see he wasn't in his room, and this wasn't his bed, was this even his legs? He pulled the sheets back to see that his "body" was taller, thicker with muscles and tanned skin.

"What the fuck?" Shit! Even his voice wasn't the same. He nearly jumped out of "his" skin when he felt someone stir next to him.

He turned to the right of him only to see a woman sleeping next to him. She had long black hair that was tucked to the side of her neck. Was she Rukia? Was he somehow in the future? And Rukia was in bed with him… what the hell? His eyes widened slightly when the woman stirred again and sat up. He was amazed at the similar features there was to Rukia and her, but… he somehow knew this wasn't Rukia. She had long black hair but it wasn't as black as Rukia's. And the woman's eyes were a soft grey, Rukia's were a deep violet blue. Plus this woman didn't seem as petite as Rukia.

"You're up." The woman said.

Ichigo brought his hand up to his face and rubbed, "Where the fuck am I?" He asked getting freaked out by the voice that wasn't his.

The woman frowned and got out of bed. She came to his side and leant down checking his head, "You hit your head pretty hard when you were out fighting a hollow with Rukia-chan."

So this woman wasn't Rukia, was she her mother? The resemblance was uncanny.

"Hollow?" He asked.

"Yeah, you wanted her to unleash her attack from her zanpaktu when the hollow got the better of her. You stepped in to help her but you were hit and fell to the ground. You should go see her once you're better; you gave her quite a scare."

He was utterly confused. He was training with Rukia not fighting a hollow? No that's not right… he was fighting a hollow with Rukia not training. He fell and hit his head. He must be dreaming…. Yeah that's it.

"Hun you okay? You look confused. Captain Unohana said it was just a bump on the head and that you should be alright." She was rubbing his hand staring at him with concerned eyes. He looked down and for the first time he noticed a gold band on his left ring finger. He looked at her wedding finger too. It had an almost identical band on it also…. They were married?

"Holy shit…" He muttered looking away from the woman.

"Kaien what's wrong?" She asked standing up cautiously.

So his name was Kaien…

"Maybe you should go back to the fourth division. Ganju had said that you're big head would never be injured but I guess he was wrong… you're acting really weird right now."

"Ganju?" He lifted his legs out of bed and let them hang over the side.

"Yes your brother. Okay, that's it. You need to go visit the fourth division." She made to move but Ichigo was faster. He stood up and started walking towards a pile of clothes on the ground he recognized as shinigami robes.

"I'm okay. I just… I need to go to my division." He muttered making up an excuse. Right now he needed to think... Ganju was this guy's brother? Ganju said he only had one brother and he was killed by a shinigami. So that meant he was in the past as some other dude?

He walked into the bathroom connecting to their room and looked in the mirror nearly gasping out loud. This man looked a hell a lot like him. He was muscular, and thicker then Ichigo but the face was very similar. This man has dark hair where Ichigo had bright orange.

After Ichigo finished pulling his clothes on he left the bathroom only to find his "wife" gone. 'good,' he thought, 'I need to talk to Rukia… if she's even around…. Which division did she say she was in…. 11th? No… 6th? No… that's Byakuya's…. 13th! Yeah that's it!'

Ichigo quickly ran out of the house. Once he was out it was easy to navigate since he knew where everything was. Nothing has changed much since he was here, of course he didn't know how many years he's gone back into time… maybe Rukia will believe him. Wait! He stopped in his tracks looking around.

She wouldn't know who the fuck Ichigo Kurosaki is if he really did travel in the past… He'd have to figure this out on his own…

He continued to walk slowly this time. At least he could at least have someone familiar with him at least until he figures out how to get back home.

Finally he had made it to the 13th division. He was greeted by some younger people by slight bows. Some people asking if he was alright. And some just trying for small talk.

"Vice captain Shiba! How are you feeling today? Is your head alright?!" A girl asked blushing madly in front of him. So his last name WAS Shiba… he was related to Ganju… and he was a vice captain? Man…. Who was this guy…. Rukia never mentioned him….

"Kaien!" Someone was shouting. He turned around to see Rukia's captain Ukitake.

Since he was a vice captain…. Maybe this was who his captain was.

"Sir?" Ichigo said turning around to face the older man properly.

"You look like you are doing well. How do you feel?"

"Not bad…. A little forgetful on some things, but I think it'll all come back in time." Ichigo said not telling too much of a lie. In truth he was confused as fuck.

"Good, then I want you to train the kido squad today. Their lessons were delayed when you got hurt. So take them out and spare with a hollow. Make sure they're using their kido to weaken the hollow." His captain turned to leave.

"Where am I meeting them?"

"At the entrance of the 13th division."

Ichigo turned to leave, he wasn't sure how he was going to train these guys since he didn't know how to use Kido but maybe somehow he'd slide past this. He wish he had found Rukia… she could have showed him how to use Kido before this lesson.

Finally he saw a group of people sitting around the entrance talking or just sitting about in the shade. He didn't blame them, today was a hot one.

"Oi!" He shouted. He got the strangest of all reactions. The younger ones scampered and quickly got in line but it seemed the older ones seemed to take their sweet ass pimp time.

Ichigo did what he guessed this Kaien guy would do. He began to walk up and down the long line of cadets.

"Today we are going to be looking for a hollow to fight; you will use your kido to take that bastard out. At least weaken it before striking…." He stopped dead in his tracks when his eyes fell on the one person he truly recognized. Rukia Kuchiki. She was just a little training cadet? She looked the same but she seemed more nervous then determined as she always stood, "them down…" He continued along taking his eyes off of Rukia sparing her less nervousness.

She was probably wondering if he was alright. Or maybe she was thinking he was mad at her. He walked past her and walked to the head of the group.

"Come on guys! We're taking this out in the forest!" Ichigo really didn't know what the hell to do. He stood in the background mostly making sure nobody hurt themselves. Finally after searching for an hour a hollow finally showed up. They were walking around a little water creek picking flowers or chatting walking along peacefully.

He was hanging around the back watching everyone. Nobody really talked to him, only some small talk here and there and where the hell was Rukia? He saw her walking and then disappear. If they were friends then why wouldn't she talk to him?

When the hollow finally made its appearance he stepped back allowing the cadets to take the hollow out. It was a weak hollow but he knew they would be able to take it out. Together they used their kido. Rukia finally appeared and because of how short she was, was able to run to the bottom of the hollow and chant her spell. Ichigo was sure he was going to piss himself due to how scared he was. Rukia almost got smashed three times before she finally finished the chant and blasted the hollow's foot off. Now Ichigo was sure he pissed himself when the hollow screamed in pain and fell down nearly crushing three cadets including Rukia.

He quickly jumped in rushing to see if she was alright, and of course the other two that were nearly smashed.

"Great job!" He shouted once everyone was picking themselves up and congratulating each other, "Since you all did a job well done I'm letting you all off for the rest of the day to do whatever!" He said happily turning to look at everyone and pausing on Rukia who was tending to an injured wrist.

He frowned and watched as everyone was starting to leave. He began walking towards the tiny girl but she seemed not to notice him as she looked at her cell phone at the time. Her eyes grew wide and she sprinted off in another direction.

"Damn!" Ichigo shouted watching her run. Obviously they weren't that close of friends or she would have at least said something to him.

He laid down on the grass looking up at the sky wondering just how long he had to stay in this body. Although this was his chance to see a completely different Rukia. She looked the same, but somehow she didn't have that hard attitude she always carried, but instead an unsure and frightened kind of stature. Like she was afraid of upsetting someone. Just how old was Rukia right now anyways?

Ichigo sat up and dusted himself off as he stood up. He supposed he had to return home to that woman… his wife? Damn… what was her name…. he knew he had to learn her name… shit… he had a lot to learn since he didn't know how long he was going to stay in this body for…

Well this is the first chapter to my new story Déjà vu! I hope you guys enjoy this. Like I said this came to me when I was reading this really cool story on Live Journal about Rukia and Kaien. It's nothing flashy, just you're average Kaien falls in love with Rukia, but I dunno how this idea came to be but it did so there you go. Oh! And those of you reading Filling The Void, don't worry I haven't given up on it. I just got a little writer's block due to all of the reviews :S I know I'm pathetic lol. But I also have to figure out something really snappy to keep the story going. Anyways make me so happy and review! Always happy that you guys took the time to read my story! Thanks!! More to come soon!!