Title – Déjà vu

Title – Déjà vu

Disclaimer – I don't own anything of Bleach.

Pairings – Kaien/ Rukia, Kaien/Miyako, and of course Ichigo/ Rukia

Summary – Ichigo receives a nasty blow to the head, but when he wakes up he is no longer himself. Instead he is back in time as Kaien Shiba, the Vice Captain of Rukia Kuchiki.

Rating – Teen for now but may change later.

so I wrote out this really long chapter and then me being a dumb ass wrote over it …. So I got so mad and quit this story for a bit but I think I am over it and am ready to write.


His skin was pale, not like the golden bronze that normally spread throughout his body. His breathing almost imperceptible that you would think he was just a lifeless corpse. The constant beeping that plagued her ears proved that he was alive, if not mentally then somewhere physically. There was still hope. Hope that he was still alive and willing to live. By some chance Ichigo will wake up from his coma.

Whatever happened to him that night injured him gravely. He never woke up when Rukia ran to him screaming his name over and over. the blood surrounded his head from where his skull cracked and when she picked him up to cradle him in her arms she had to swallow the bile back down from the warm thick blood streaming onto her fingers. Somehow she got them both into their bodies and called Isshin. He was there in moments and rushed Ichigo to the General Hospital knowing that major surgery was not his area.

Isshin never asked Rukia questions he said, "I'll ask later, now is not the time." True to his word he never asked her once, but the guilt of their beloved Ichigo was on her hands. She felt sick to her stomach never once eating or sleeping, but constantly staying by his side, his once strong but now limp hand held in her tiny petite one.

Yuzu and Karin are terrified. Yuzu tries to comfort Rukia but Karin somehow knows something is different with the girl and continues to stare as if staring long enough will answer all of her questions. The guilt was enough to make her leave forever, but she couldn't leave, not with Ichigo like this.

"He's not going anywhere you know…"

She didn't answer, she never does. There is nothing to say when your heart is plagued with grief, guilt, and hatred for one's self.

"It's been three days Rukia, get some rest. You think Ichigo wants to wake up and find you looking like death? Come on… get some rest." Isshin said softly but knowing secretly how stubborn the girl is knew better then to tell her to get some sleep. Still… it didn't hurt.

He sighed and left the room. Yuzu and Karin were with Masaki's parents for now, they didn't need to see this and they were a bit too young to take care of themselves. The clinic was closed for the time being, at least until the doctors tell Isshin that his son is stable. Right now, Ichigo is in a deep coma but he is still unstable, he fluctuates frequently.

Nobody can understand why the teen has yet to wake up. Isshin, trying to lighten the mood said he needs a kiss form the fair princess. Rukia just stared on outside the window ignoring the world. His skull was cracked and a few bruises here and there, but he should be fine, no damage was shown in the brain cat scans, but he refuses to wake.

After five minutes of sitting there listening to the constant droning of the beeping she stood up and gave Ichigo one last look before swiftly turning around and out of the hospital.

Maybe this isn't just some stupid injury, Ichigo is far stronger then some crack to the head.

"Come on… stop…"

A sigh escaped her lips as she plopped back down onto the grass looking up at the trees. They had been training all day, her adrenaline was up and she needed something to relax her. Sex was always the best option for her, but for some reason Kaien was not willing to give it.

He fought differently with her, like he was trying to go easy on her, trying not to hurt her but as much as she loved Kaien she knew that he would never go easy on her. He knew his limits and if he hurt her he'd feel like a total ass, but as her vice captain he was there to train her to the max and that's just what he does.

Except today…

"Is there something wrong with me?" She ground out looking at his back. He was breathing hard staring at the floor in front of him. After their training session they had lunch but it wasn't until after lunch did Rukia realize her discomfort. She hadn't had sex in nearly four days and she craved it and hell if she didn't get it! She tried to make a move on him, at first he accepted her hot kisses and even returned them that was… until she reached down and grabbed his hardening member. He freaked in that moment and shoved her away from him.

"No…" He said softly still refusing to meet her eyes.

She stood up and marched over to stand in front of him, "Am I not appealing to you anymore? Do I disgust you?" She kneeled down on the ground to force him to look into her eyes, "What is wrong Kaien…?"

"You're gorgeous…" He blushed looking into her lust filled violet eyes, her cheeks were flushed and her lips were gloriously swollen red.

"Then why?"

He couldn't tell her the truth… that he was a virgin and afraid… he and Rukia were comrades not lovers… it was just… weird. But if he wanted to protect his identity until he could figure out what was going on then… maybe he should give this new-side-to-Rukia-he's-never-seen-before what she wants.

He leaned towards her hesitantly and captured her lips. She smirked against him and pulled him tight against her muttering the words, "Finally."

He laid her down beneath her and ever so slowly unraveled her yakata revealing her creamy satin skin. He leaned down to kiss her neck and left little love bites going down towards her breasts. He kissed them evenly and then brought his head back up to kiss her cheeks, then her lips. Soon his clothes were on the floor next to Rukia's as he hovered over her completely naked.

She was beautiful, stunning with her brilliant porcelain skin and glazed eyes. Her thin long legs were bent at the knee and slightly parted.

She smiled and shuffled more onto her yakata trying to not touch the grass with her bare back. His hands were hesitant and yet loving on her body making her shiver in anticipation. She wasn't sure why he was acting like this, normally he wanted to do it quick so there was no chance of anyone finding them. He was quick to plunge and pummel and quick to get dressed so the cuddling was afterwards.

But today… he was taking the time to analyze her. Making her feel desired… and wanted. That's all Rukia's ever wanted was to be wanted and this man made her feel that way, especially right now.

His hot lips were on hers capturing her soul in his very own and just when she thought it couldn't get better she felt his slick warm length ease into her stretching her and filling her to the max. Rukia was used to this, it stung at first but then turned into immense pleasure when he was completely inside of her. When his penis stroked her innards she could feel it and the tingles of pleasure shot up her body and back down to intensify in her wet center that was convulsing around him.

Kaien was shaking above her, not at all like him. She reached up and cupped his cheek, "Whats wrong?"

He looked at her and could hardly contain his breathing. He felt so good being inside of her and he had to take a moment to not come immediately. She was sticky at the entrance and her scent was filling his nostrils making him hunger for her more. he never knew what his dad was talking about when he explained a woman gave off pheromones during sex, but now he knew. And it drove him insane. When he slipped inside it was like all of his senses were heightened by a million the pleasure struck the pit of his balls and wrapped around to his spin all the way around his body and right back to his dick. He felt as if he could blow his load immediately. Her center was like a deep wet hot velvet case and it was a place he never ever wanted to leave.


Ugh that name drove him nuts, especially when she said it filled with such lust and passion. He swore if there was a god that if he ever made it back home to his own time and body he was going to take Rukia so hard that she would scream his name and NOT this man's.

He pulled himself from her body and slammed back in. both groaned at the feeling and quickly found going faster and harder was best to enhance the experience. Faster and harder he drove, their skin was slapping against each other sounding like the water slapping into the bay, only faster. Her breath was coming out in short gasps as his strong body slammed into her tiny petite body. how she was able to enjoy being pounded into like this not even he knew, being a virgin himself he would expect such activity would cause her pain, but by the way she was moaning and the way her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second told him just how wrong he was.

He leaned up to get a better angle and he had instant results, Rukia arched her back and brought her hands up to grasp the grass above her head while screaming incoherent words.

Her strong thighs were tight on his hips and if it weren't for his on coming orgasm he would have been worrying about her thighs leaving bruises. But that was the last thing on his mind in this moment.

Her cry of passion was beautiful, it sounded desperate for more, and yet satisfied at the release her body allowed her. The way her body contracted around him drove him insane and over the edge, he was quick to follow her and spilled his essence into her.

When It was all over they both calmed down and looked at each other. Ichigo pulled out and smirked when his juices easily flowed out mixed along with hers. It was rather exciting seeing her abused center dripping wet with her still stretched and open, he could easily see his come just sitting in there. She blushed and closed her legs when she realized he was scrutinizing her.

"That was amazing… you've never taken the time like you did."

Ichigo grabbed his shinigami garments and pulled them around himself while he laid down next to her cuddling her softly.

And off to sleep he went.

"You think he's in another world?!" Rukia spat out eyes wide and cup gone from her fingers shattering to the floor.

Yoruichi smirked as Urahara was quick to pick up the shattered pieces, "no… another time. We believe Ichigo is in another time. I was able to steal copies of his brain patterns and bring them back to Kisuke." She corrected and sat down along with Rukia.

"How is this possible?"

"I believe that hollow had something to do with it… but we need to figure out where Ichigo is, what time he's in and where. We do know he's somewhere in the past judging by the reactions his brain is giving off.

"Actually I think it is in a time with you Rukia, his brain patterns all revolve around you, so I am guessing you are the main part in this time. But it is no where near this time, so it might be the future, but I doubt it due to the amount of brain activity. You see, as a human grows their brain activity grows increasingly or decreases significantly as they get older. His brain activity is suggesting that he is still relatively young and using way more brain power, I'm thinking he's in the past." Urahara explained slipping the glass pieces into the trash.

"What he means to say in translation is that his brain waves are giving off so much active thoughts that it is impossible for him to be in a coma. Ichigo is definitely in another time it's just a matter of finding where. Kisuke is already developing a device that will allow you to connect into his mind and it should be done with in the morning."

Rukia nodded and couldn't feel anymore happier at the new sign of hope. She just might be able to save her carrot top after all.

"Thank you so much Yoruichi, Kisuke." She said bowing slightly and turned to leave, she would be back tomorrow to see if she can somehow find out where Ichigo is once and for all and even bring him back home.

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