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The Subway – A Sequel

"Two tickets to Tokyo? Wow!"

"Damn, Syaoran, you're one lucky son of a bitch!"

Tomoyo blushed. Those curses and swears just make him even hotter.

"When is the departure?"

"This Friday."

"That's fast. Have you begun packing?"


"How many days is it?"


"Say you're bringing me along, my lovely descendant, and –"

"You just gave me another reason why you shouldn't be tagging along."

"Eriol, you should know better than that."

"Why? Who else could he love more than his beloved..."

Eriol froze. He's giving me the glare again. Oh, Lord help me.

"Sometimes, Hiiragizawa, I find you as frustrating as Sakura finds Tomoyo."

"Wait," Tomoyo interrupted. "She finds me irritating?"

"Yeah, what with that camera and all. Ever heard of privacy?"

"You know what, Eriol? You're right. Knowing better than that, we should be the rightful owners of those tickets, not that bastard Li."

"What the fuck did you just say?!"

"No cursing in this house!"

"But you just -"

"Dammit don't give me that look!"

"What look, you mean this look?"

"Those goddamn puppy eyes –"

"Damn, Hiiragizawa, get a room!"

"What's the matter, Syaoran? Girlfriend ran away?"

"Why, you motherf –"



Tomoyo looked up from the chaos, just in time to see another grocery bag descend to the floor with a lovely thud. Kinomoto Sakura stood in the doorway, a shocked expression painted in the eyes that stared at the two men in a rather... Suggestive position.

"What the hell was that?!" Sakura demanded as she picked the last slippery fish from the floor and placed it into the freezer. "Someone here has to convince me that the two of you are notgay!"

"We'renot," Syaoran insisted for the ten thousandth time. "See? Eriol's gotten a room with Tomoyo, as I told them to. So whatever they're doing in there now, it's definitely not gay."

"Then what were you two doing on the floor?!" Sakura hissed. "In that... That..."

"The missionary position?" Syaoran suggested cheekily.

"... And you were on top. Bracing his arms above his head."

"Yeah, so?"

"So?Are you gay?"

"NO! Saki, how can I be? I'm your boyfriend!"

"Boyfriends can be gays on the side. Ever heard of bisexuality?"

"I am notgay, and I am notinto incest. Okay?"

"Prove it."

Syaoran exhaled loudly, and left the kitchen.

"Where are you –"

"See these tickets?" He waved them in front of her face. "Two return tickets. A 10-day trip to Tokyo. All expenses paid. Thiswas what we were fighting over."

"Oh my God, Syao!"

"The company awarded me for outstanding performance in the first year," he beamed.

"So who are you bringing?"

"What do you think?" he lowered his voice and slid an arm around her. She mewed softly as he bit on her earlobe.

"And Eriol... He wanted to go?"

"Mmhmm..." Syaoran's hands travelled up her miniskirt and gave her butt a slight squeeze. "But, for certain reasons... I refused."

"Syaoran..." Sakura had to gasp for air as his fingers touched her through the fabric of her panties.

"So... You still think I'm gay?" he chuckled, and kissed her on her neck, her cheek, and then her lips. She pulled him in for a more intense kiss, feeling his hands playing with her, teasing her, arousing her...

"Damn, get a room, Li!"



"ARGH! Daidouji Tomoyo, give me that fucking camera NOW!"

"Hey! I said no cursing in this house!"

"Well guess what, Hiiragizawa, I just did, and I'm doing it again, motherf –"


"Hoe!" Sakura blushed as a string of profanities shot out of Syaoran's mouth. Those curses and swears just make him even hotter.

"I think we should leave them, ne?" Tomoyo remarked as they watched the two hotties pin each other down.

"And he told me he wasn't gay," Sakura huffed and pouted.


"Whatever. Oh, look, Eriol and Syaoran are practically having sex on the coffee table."

"Tut tut, and he's into incest too."


"Alright, STOP!"


"... Ouch. Li, that hurt."

"Oh, stop being such a pussy."

"... Perfume, comb, sweets, and we're done!"

"Kaijuu! The twerp's here!"

"Touya! He is NOT a twerp!"

"Tut, twerp is a suitable enough name for a baka like him!"


"He. Is. Not. Baka!"

"Is too - OW!"

"Onii-chan wa baka," Sakura muttered as she dragged her luggage out the door. "Don't burn the house down while I'm away!"


"And the kaijuu forgot her bathrobe," Touya muttered. "I hope they have some at the hotel. Damn twerp."


"No, why should I be?"

"Because it's your first time to Tokyo."

"Excited, more like!"

They had managed to hail the last cab that operated at that hour in their area, and they hurried down to the station.

"Tokyo, 23:55. We have about 30 minutes to waste," Syaoran had said as they scanned the departure board.

It was now 11:26pm.

"Saki, when we reach Tokyo..."


"Then we're going to make love?"

Sakura sputtered out her mouthful of coffee, earning her disgusted looks from an elderly couple beside them.

She frowned at Syaoran, who looked back at her innocently.


"Are you on a hormonal rampage?"

"No, why would you say that?"

"Because you just asked me... That question..."

"Yeah, so?"

"I think you have an abnormal sex drive."

"No, I don't, I was just wondering if we're only going to get kinky something like four hours later."

"Are you serious? The trip is four hours?"

"Yeah, considering the snow and all, so why wait?"

The station was crowded, as usual, but because it was winter, the line to Tokyo had more commuters, so it was horribly crowded. There were people rushing about everywhere, and since there was a huge amount of baggage to be taken care of, the fifty or so attendants at the station filled up the only spaces in between.

Syaoran took Sakura by the hand and led her away. The elderly couple snorted when they finally left, but another young couple sat down beside them.

"It's going to be a long wait, my Cherry Blossom, so let's fill up the spaces of time."

"Where are we going?"

It was 11.30pm. New restrooms had just been constructed at the station, and they did much more wonders than the previous one. There were many people filing in and out of the restrooms, and although the queues were very long, everybody knew better than to confine themselves to the older, less convenient single lavatory at the other end of the station.

Which was where they were headed.

"The old restroom? What are we going to do here?"

Syaoran didn't reply. Instead, he pulled her into the cubicle and closed the door.

The inside wasn't exactly dirty. It was just a little run-down, and the sink was leaking. But other than that, the walls were clean, as was everything else.

Sakura's breath caught in her throat as her boyfriend pinned her against the wall and kissed her.

He's such a good kisser.

She thought that she might melt into the kiss, but his hand was travelling up her skirt. Just as dizzy as she was, her heart was pumping wildly against her chest.

"Syaoran..." she moaned into the kiss as his finger slid along the length of her panties.

His lips left hers, and traced flaming hot trails along her jawline, her neck, and her collarbone. Occasionally he nibbled her earlobe, and she would give out a little moan.

Damn, he's so good at everything he does.

Sakura hadn't realised that Syaoran had removed her panties, until he suddenly plunged two fingers into her.

"Syaoran!" she squealed.

He had pulled her into a kiss again, and Sakura couldn't control herself. She thrust her navel towards his, begging for more. His fingers were sliding in and out of her, slowly.

He's such a fucking tease.

"Syao..." she moaned into the kiss. She begged him to go faster, to shove her over the edge, but he, being Syaoran, refused. She was getting very wet, and she could feel it coming, but it was not enough.

Syaoran... Please...

Suddenly, another finger dived into her opening, and it was all she could do not to scream aloud as she felt it rushing towards her like a bullet train.

SYAORAN!She could only scream inwards; his kiss was stifling her cries.

She was about to be fall over the edge, but he withdrew his fingers and broke the kiss.

"Syaoran..." she panted as beads of sweat trickled down her forehead. "Mou..."


He smirked as he undid his belt and pulled down his jeans. Sakura could see it in his eyes; mischief was dancing about in them, and it set her heart racing faster than she imagined possible.

He lifted up the hem of her skirt and slid a finger over her opening. She moaned as he stared into her soul; his breathing was raspy, and she was lost in his eyes. She reached out and pulled his boxers down. She blushed at the sight of his erection. She always did whenever she saw it; it wasn't their first time.

Their first time wasn't a first sight for her either. She had seen him before, when they shared dormitories during a foreign exchange. The private school they had visited in Australia wasn't very particular about sexual differences, so anyone could share a dorm with anyone. Naturally, Syaoran and Sakura shared a room, and one morning when Sakura went to take a bath she discovered that the bathroom was already occupied. Syaoran wasn't the littlest bit embarrassed about it, but Sakura was blushing beyond biological reasoning.

His lips curled up in a dashing smile as he closed the gap between them, feeling her heart thumping crazily against him. He smiled to himself when he thought back to the first time they made love…

"Syaoran..."she had moaned as he was about to take her. "I don't care it if hurts. Give me the hardest you've got."

"Syao... Give it to me," Sakura was moaning now. He chuckled gently into her ear.

"Patience, my darling..."

He took a deep breath and pushed his member into her.

She would have moaned quite loudly, if he hadn't kissed her again.

For Goodness' sake, we're in public... But that's what's so fun about it.

He was but rocking his body back and forth, to and fro, hardly even giving her an adrenaline rush. Sakura whined softly, and although her heartbeat was still racing, she spoke rather calmly.

"Mou, Syao-kun... Harder..."

He loved teasing Sakura. She was always so impatient, always wanted to know secrets, but thank God she could keep them. He also loved giving Sakura what she wanted, but with the price of time.


11.47pm. He started going faster, but not a lot faster. Her inner walls could feel the sensation now, and her breathing was getting heavier, quicker. Perspiration was glimmering on her forehead, and her face was burning up.

11.50pm. The train was early. He could feel it; the rumbling beneath the ground. He thrust harder into her. Somewhere a spark ignited the ticking bomb, and she was hardly able to breathe.

"Syao... ran..." She was panting his name, and now the blood was rushing to her head. She couldn't hold out much longer.

"Sakura..." he groaned back, feeling himself sliding into her, feeling her envelope him.

11.52pm. It was definitely early. The rumbling on the tracks was getting louder.

Syaoran was going much faster now, and he could feel her tightening around him.

"I'm coming," she cried, as he drove into her. She was pressing herself against him, begging him to push her over the cliff.

The floor beneath them was booming, and the sound of rumbling invaded the air.

Anytime now. He shoved her against the wall, and rammed his whole member into her.

The train roared around the bend, passing the old lavatory. The brakes screeched loudly, drowning out their cries into the night as the pair climaxed into a moment of high.

She was breathing very heavily when he slid out of her.

"Sakura..." He titled her head and kissed her lightly on the lips. "I love you, so much."

The train had come to a halt, and the noise from the crowd outside was deafening.

"I love you too," she managed out.

11.55pm. The train was waiting for the last punctual, the last sensible person to dash through its doors.

They pulled up their clothes and dashed out of the cubicle. The people alighting the train were too busy to question what two people of the opposite sex were doing in a deserted restroom. Syaoran led Sakura by the hand as they, the last persons on time, slid through the closing doors. Smiling at each other, they settled in their carriages and set off on a four hour-long journey to Tokyo.

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