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Danny's POV

"Just press this button if you need anything, sweetie," the blonde nurse smiled as she closed my curtain and left the room. I'd been in the hospital for a few days now, recovering. They said I'd had a brief mild case of hallucination, and went into temporary delirium. I was bound to go crazy from Vlad at some point, right? I decided not to tell them about my powers however, since they weren't Vlad's fault anyways, and I still had that gut feeling that I shouldn't tell anyone.

My parents and Jazz had just left my dorm a few hours ago. Naturally, they, and everyone else who'd visited me so far, including Tucker, had wanted to know the whole story. I told them bits and pieces…pretty much a general idea of what happened, but I wasn't comfortable going into details, like talking about the Room, and the torture and stuff. My sister had brought me a book to read (about astronomy), and mom was forced to leave the hospital early because she almost knocked over one of the night tables while screaming, "I'll get that ghost! How dare he touch my baby!" (Jazz called me later and assured me mom had calmed down and that she missed me very much and sent her love).

Life at the hospital was getting kind of mundane, but I wasn't complaining. I'd rather be here than you-know-where any day. The meals were only a little better than airplane food, but to me, they were the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted. It was also the only thing I'd eaten in two months. They brought me lots of food, more often than just the three regular meals and snacks everyday, because they said I needed extra nutrition.

Gwen had visited and left me a box of chocolates, and Tuck had brought me a couple of videogames for entertainment (though he was in quite a hurry to leave the building). Every two to three hours or so, a nurse would come rewrap my bandages around my wounds. The doctors said I just needed to relax for awhile and regain my strength, and I'd be as good as new. I still didn't know exactly how long I'd be at the hospital however.

I let myself sink into the fluffy linen on the soft mattress. My pillow engulfed my face as I smiled in peace. All of a sudden, a voice came from next to me.

"Daniel, you have another visitor," said a familiar voice belonging to a certain blonde nurse said. I lifted my head and nodded. She opened the curtain and let my visitor come in.

Sam, with a bandage on her left hand, waved at me with a shy smile. The nurse left us alone, and Sam sat on the edge of my bed. "How are you feeling?" she asked, her hand laying gently on my wrapped stomach. I winced slightly and she quickly withdrew her hand. I answered with a nervous laugh.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Well, the doctors said it wasn't anything big, just a few scratches here and there. They cleaned them up before they got infected, and I should be out of here by tonight or tomorrow."

I guess she saw the disappointment on my face, because she quickly added, "Don't worry though, I'll come visit everyday!" We both laughed.

"Thanks…" I said. I felt a bit awkward, not knowing what to say to her.

"Um, Danny?"


"Thanks. For coming back for me."

"Forget it, Sam. You know I would've never left you there."

"Yeah, I know," she smiled.

"Hey," she remembered suddenly, pulling something out of her backpack, "I brought you a sandwich from the Nasty Burger. Ordinarily I'm completely against letting anyone near this stuff, but I figured you could use a break from meatloaf and lasagna."

I laughed. "Aw, thanks Sam. It smells great," I said taking the burger. She wrinkled her nose. "Smells nasty if you ask me," she said. I laughed again, and a bit of ketchup fell from the burger onto my chin. She laughed.

"Well I gotta go, I guess," she said, grabbing her backpack and making to leave.

"Sam," I said, stopping her. She turned her upper body slightly to face me.

"You know I'm gonna get him back, right? You do know I'm gonna get even?"

Sam looked at the ground, her expression unreadable.

"As soon as I find out how to use these powers right, I'm gonna grab some equipment from my parent's lab and finish him off. He's not getting away with this." I don't know why I told her this, but I felt like I needed to.

"Get better soon, Danny," she finally said as she rose her gaze from the ground and looked at me. And with that, she left.

I sighed. There were many different thoughts going through my head, and I couldn't stop thinking about everything that had happened. But, sinking into my pillow once more, I decided those were all for another day, and today, I was just happy to be home.

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