Chapter Six

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The Doctor stood outside the door he had been so many times in another life, another regeneration. He traced the wood frame of the door, and smiled at the early eighties colour scheme. Knocking gently on the wood, he rested his hand against it trying to balance himself.


"Shh…don't talk."

He had loved many women in his life, in many different regenerations. Joanne had been the first to love him in his 9th incarnation, Rose the second. Although the Doctor now believed that she had preferred him in his younger ways now, instead of the man he was when they had met, he knew that she had loved him even then.

The door opened, and there she stood. Eyes crinkling, as beautiful as the day he had met her. A young girl was on her hip, brown hair like hers. Kirsten. She looked so young, so innocent. Fully unaware of the talent that she possessed, or the legacy she carried.

"Hello, Ms Presley. I'm a friend of John Smith's."

"Tell me you love me."

"I love you with all my heart and soul."

She let him in, anxious to hear what he had to say. He said that John loved her, and was called away to help an old friend the day he left. In the attempt of saving his old friend, he passed away. The Doctor felt physically sick as he watched the woman he had loved ever so much in another life cry over his body.

"He gave me something to give to his young daughter, he knew you were pregnant before he left to help his friend. But that was always like John, running off and helping people."

The string was scraggly, and the key had a little bit of rust but Joanne still let the Doctor put the key around her daughter's neck. She looked at it and began to suck the key ever so gently. Little Kirsten's eyes flashed yellow for a moment, like the energy in the heart of the Tardis. She was a Time lord all right. The Doctor had surmised that the gift had started to come out when the key stopped working, around the time that the Master had started manipulating the world.

He waved the family off, noticing the overcast skies overhead. In two days time, Joanne Presley would be dead, and Kirsten would be another orphan because of the constant war in the skies. But the Doctor knew that Kirsten, although biologically his daughter, wasn't his to claim. It was his previous incarnations, a man who for all intents and purposes was now dead. An orphan indeed.


Martha was nervous, but it was something she was going to have to get used to if she started working for UNIT. They had explained that they had worked with the Doctor in the past, on the same side, and she thought that working with them would be a good idea. They seemed almost desperate to get an old companion on the payroll.

In the Tardis, after the Doctor had said goodbye to Kirsten, he had come in and explained that Martha mustn't tell anyone about Kirsten's heritage or her talent. It was a secret, one that the Doctor trusted her with implicitly.

They embraced, and once again she said farewell to him. Tears trickled down her face as she began to walk across the road to her family home. Even though there was a boyfriend inside waiting for her, and a brother, and a sister, and a mother and a father, it all came down to the truth that her family was inside the blue box that was now disappearing.

"Martha Jones?" said a smiling blonde woman with a clipboard. She nodded, and was taken into the main area where her job would be explained to her. Tracking aliens and protecting humanity was a job that she could be proud of. But in the end, there was a higher authority she answered to, and that was the Doctor.

On her first day, Martha snuck into the file room and used a lighter to look through Kirsten's file that was in UNIT's archives. When she had surmised that they didn't know she was a Time lord, or she could read timelines, she burnt the file. Then she went to lunch.


Jack Harkness was looking over paper work from some of the other offices, when Ianto came up to him. Motioning him over, Jack could see that there was a dark look on his face.

"What's happened?"

Ianto took a seat and passed over a file to Jack.

"Kirsten Smith, the timeline girl at the Tyler Historical Centre? She's gone missing; reports say she's dead, Jack. The whole of her office was butchered and then the place was set alight. Her fiancé says that she came home that night, they had a family meal, and then she just disappeared. No trace, no word saying that she would come back. She got up to go to use the bathroom and then- nothing."

Jack turned his back on Ianto, staring into space. He had only met Kirsten a few times, but she was a lovely girl who didn't deserve anything that had happened to her. Her gift had gotten into this mess, Jack was sure of it.

"I hope you got her out of it, Doctor," Jack whispered, letting the words linger on the air.


The Doctor and the Master, two Time lords together again. One was reading a book in the corner of the Tardis, the latest Richard and Judy winner, apparently. The other was staring out of the open doors onto the green sand of the latest planet they had landed on. The Doctor turned to the Master and watch him turn the pages of his book, absolutely riveted.

"You came back for me."

"Course I would. No fun without you to annoy, believe me."

He walked over to his comrade, and held down a silver key around a small chain. The Master looked up and watched the key dangle between the two men.

"What's that?"

"A key to a Tardis, located on Earth in a hidden place. Not all of them were destroyed, and I have a distinct feeling that yours will have a working chameleon circuit."

The Master took the key, and looked to the Doctor, concerned. "If I leave, then you'll be alone again."

"Yes, I will."

"What's the catch?"

The Doctor laughed and leaned against the main console of the Tardis.

"Kirsten is one of us, but her gift makes her a target. She needs to get off Earth, out of this galaxy, out of this time. Take her away, keep her safe. It's all I ask."

The Master nodded and smiled sadly. Looking at his old enemy and friend, he could see the sadness in the way he walked, the way he looked. He had just recovered another Time lord, and a daughter he never knew he had. He was going to give up his family to keep them safe.

"Keep out of trouble."

"You too."


She felt like screaming, and Kirsten Smith didn't feel that way very often. Bradley's family was talking and chatting about the wedding, laughing and smiling. His mother had enquired about who was going to walk her up the aisle, and Kirsten hadn't given it that much thought. Maybe the Doctor would be able to stop investigating time and space to come, she thought, I might even invite the Master.

Bradley was talking about politics, then moving onto football. He was handsome, intelligent and such a gentle soul. He loved her so much, so very much. And so did Kirsten, she supposed. She traced around the key that she kept around her neck, not wanting to ever let it go.

"Darling, what a horrible necklace to wear with such a lovely dress. I hope you won't be wearing that on your wedding day," Bradley's mother exclaimed, and Kirsten felt a distinct need to get the hell out of the room. Making her excuses, she left.

Even in the bathroom, she could hear the sound of his family talking about her. Weird young woman, always in her own head. What does she do again? What did her parents do? It's the foster system's fault, her strange attitude, I tell you.

Kirsten wondered if that's how Martha felt, addicted to the energy of the Time lords and the Tardis. Ever since she had disappeared, nearly killed and found out her true past, she hadn't been able to think of everything else since then. She traced the key with her fingers once again, and grasped it firmly in her hand.

The whirring of the Tardis began, and lights started to flash. The blue box came into view, and Kirsten felt overjoyed at the sight. However, it was not the Doctor who had come out of the machine, but the Master. The beating of heart told her that this was exactly the person she wanted it to be.

Walking over to him, she placed one hand against his chest and felt his heart beat. She then moved his tie over to the other side and felt the other heart beating. He was all Time lord, and the beat of the two hearts comforted her.

"You have a tie."

"I'm not with the Doctor anymore, so I can wear whatever I want. He's sent me out on my own, on a mission to keep you safe. So, here goes me playing Doctor again."

"Kirsten…will you be my assistant?" he asked, and she smiled and nodded. They shook hands, each gripping the others in a vice trying to out do each other.

The Master went back into the Tardis, and Kirsten turned to the restaurant where Bradley was waiting for her to return, where his family were waiting for more snipes about her. Through the doors she could see the Master waiting for her, and she stepped through into the machine, shutting the doors behind her. Bradley would never understand, but then neither did she quite yet. She vowed to come back and tell him one day the whole truth, but not today.

She rolled up the sleeves of her leather jacket, and began to help the Master press buttons on the console.

"That's my jacket."

"It looks better on me."

The Master pinned Kirsten to the console, and looked deep into her eyes. They sparked with yellow light, light like the light of all Time lords. This was going to be interesting. Very interesting.

"Can we lose the blue box look?"


Kirsten smiled, and leant against one of the arches, watching the Master work. He gave her a grin on the opposite side of the console, as he tried to figure out what some of the dials were meant to do. It was a symbiotic relationship: the Master was sent to protect her, she to keep him out of trouble. It was the start of a new adventure, the future of the Time lords, and Kirsten was excited at the prospect. And so was the Master.


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