Disclaimer: Gundam Seed/ Destiny and the story (by J.E.L) don't belong to me. They all belonged to someone else. This is just an abridged story. These are excerpts from U.T.N.G

Summary: Yzak and Shiho had been dating for a few weeks now. But Yzak had been busy with work and Shiho all ever wanted is to have Yzak loosen up. AU

Her to take control, Him to loosen up

Chapter 1: First Step

When Shiho slipped out of her room wearing a barely-there miniskirt in soft blue leather, a hand-woven turquoise halter top and spiky sandals, Yzak knew he'd do whatever she asked, whenever she asked.

"Ready to go?"

He nodded, unable to speak. She strode past him on a scented cloud, luring him toward her with the cool floral and crisp citrus. She grabbed the handle of the door.

"Wait," he said. "Where are we going?"

Her devilish grin lit her eyes with amethyst facets. "Out."

"You've been quite secretive about where you wish to go tonight."

"Have I?"

He slung his hand into the pockets of the loose-fitting khakis she'd picked out for him this afternoon. He felt a bit ridiculous in the trendy casual outfit she'd chosen for him, but it made her happy, so he'd bought it. And if allowing her to keep her secret a little longer also brought her joy, he'd do that, too. But his habit of always knowing where he was going and with whom and for how long was tough to break.

"Yes, you have."

"Can't stand it, can you? Not knowing what's going to happen next."

He crossed the room and indulged his need to hold her flush against him, inhale her alluring scent from close up. Very close up. "I have to stand it. With you, I never know what's going to happen next."

A thrill shimmied up her spine. Yzak enjoyed every quiver, thanks to her skimpy outfit and their tight proximity.

"Then hold on to your shoes, Yzak. Cause tonight is going to knock your socks off."

He glanced down at the tan leather shoes she'd picked out for him to go with the khakis and the simple button-down shirt in celery green. He snagged the pants at the thigh, and lifted so she could see his bare ankles.

"You must know I don't often do this but per your request, I'm not wearing socks," he informed her.

Her grin bloomed fully. "Oh, good. Less clothes to remove later."

With that, she swung open the door. Yzak had no idea what she had in mind, but he didn't give a damn. So long as they could spend this free night from work together, she could take him anywhere.


This is a little gift for those who are supporting my other fic entitled "Set Free" since it'll be a little while (maybe after 2-3 chapters) where Yzak and Shiho could meet. I know it's a slow story but I hope you will still support it. Meanwhile, this fic will be until chapter 3 only. By then, hopefully, Yzak and Shiho had met already in 'Set Free'.