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Summary: Yzak and Shiho had been dating for a few weeks now. But Yzak had been busy with work and Shiho all ever wanted is to have Yzak loosen up. AU

Her to take control, Him to loosen up

Chapter 3: Fulfillment

She grinned deviously, "Not on my instructions right?"

"Yes," he answered, standing so straight and tall, she felt her breath ease out of her lungs on a sigh.

"I'm thirsty," she said.

He eyed the drink, but didn't move.

She nodded, and without another word, he retrieved the glass and knelt beside her, bending the straw toward her mouth.

She took a long sip, then indicated with her eyes that he should return the glass to the table.

"It's still rather warm in here," she said, fanning herself with her hand.

"Shall I adjust the thermostat?" he asked.

"No, I like it hot. But you don't look like you do. Take off your clothes. Slowly. I want to watch."

He touched the top button of his shirt, pausing with arched eyebrows, seeking her approval. If not for his petually cocky grin, she might have thought he was throwing himself fully into the role of love slave. If he wanted to believe he was still in control, which was fine with her. He'd learn.

He undid the buttons slowly, never breaking eye contact with her. With a shrug that showed power in his strong shoulders, the shirt fell into the floor. He pressed the heel of each shoe to the carpet, and toed off his loafers. Then he removed his belt. The button of his pants. The zipper. With undeniable male grace, he stepped out of the trousers, folded them at the crease and draped them over the corner of the table. With only his boxers remaining, she commanded him to stop.

"Stand still."

She crawled forward, stopping when her face was level with his knees. With as much as catlike grace as she could muster, she slinked behind him and rewarded his braced stance with a long lick on the sensitive skin behind his knee caps.

"Shiho," he rasped.

"Silence!" she commanded. "You made a mistake on agreeing to follow my instructions, Yzak. You're mine to savor. So stand still and enjoy yourself."

She suckled a tiny spot at the base of his thigh. "Oh, I'm gonna savor you."

For the first time in weeks that passed, Shiho will be able to explore Yzak's body again. She hadn't realized completely how restless he could be until her hands attempted to roam. Allowing her to touch him for more than an instant gave her too much power over him.

She untied and removed her top, but left her skirt on. She stood up straighter, pressing her bare breasts to his back, her pebbled nipples hard against his tense muscles. She smoothed her hands over his taut backside, digging her fingers into his hard flesh, then yanked his boxers to his ankles.

"Kick them aside," she ordered. "I need room to work."

He did as she asked, then stood completely still as she kissed a wet and wild path across his shoulders, her hands kneading and massaging his butt. She suckled a line from the top of his spine to his waist, then snaked her hands around him so she could stroke his sex.

"So hard," she murmured. "Long and thick. You fit so perfectly inside me, you know that? god, I'm getting wet just thinking about it. Reach around, Yzak. Touch me. See for yourself."

He obeyed, and she hooked one leg around his hip for easy access. He probed her with his fingers. She aroused her breasts by rubbing them against his back, all while she encircled his erection with her hands, pumping him to rock hardness.

Leaning her cheek to his back, she could hear his heart pounding; feel his lungs struggle for steady breathing. No matter how delicious his touch, she moved so he lost his access. She swung around in front of him and lowered herself to her knees.

"Oh, I missed this," she said, licking her lips.

"Shiho," he began, but unable to continue as she took him in her mouth. She drank in the taste of him, explored him fully with tongue and teeth and hands. She cupped him, stroked him, sucked him until she felt the telltale shiver of his imminent climax.

She broke away and retrieved her drink. While he waited, still as stone, she eschewed the straw and filled her mouth with punch and ice. She moved back to him, swallowed, but kept the ice in her cheeks when she wrapped her mouth around him again.

This time, he nearly jumped out of his skin. But instead, he widened his stance, allowing her fuller access. She stopped, swallowed the remaining slivers of melted ice, and then murmured as she suckled heat back into both of them. He was harder than he had been before. Needier. He'd thrust his hands into her hair, softly but surely inviting her complete exploration. He chanted her name, his voice deepening as climax threatened again.

She stopped, grinning, wiping the moisture from her mouth as she stood straight and witnessed the sweat beading over his upper lip. Pressing her hands to his shoulders, she pushed him down, then lifted her short skirt.

"My turn."

Boldly, she hooked her leg over his shoulder, and he wasted no time in obliging. The act was raw, lusty, and needful. And he wasn't slow or careful as he had been all the other times he'd tasted her so intimately. This time he suckled her like a desperate thirsty man. She nearly went over the edge but stepped back, out of reach, denying them both what they wanted.

Wild desperation darted in his eyes and Shiho knew they'd reach the precipice she so wanted to find with Yzak. Power was what they shared. Equally. She tore off her skirt, holding him at bay with her outstretched palm.

"You want me?"

"Yes," he answered.

She steeped over to the wall, which was lined with soft velvet paper. She glanced up, not surprised to see what she'd been told she could find in this particular room at Club Zaku. Straps. Lost in the darkness dangling from the ceiling, thick cuffs lined with soft fleece. She slipped them around her wrists, tugged, tested the strength.

Yzak took a tentative step forward, stopping himself, but just barely. Perfect.

"How badly?" she asked.

"Shiho." He breathed her name dangerously. Took another step closer. She considered drawing this out, making him beg her to climb atop him and release the pent-up passion drawing them both close to insanity, but she couldn't deny herself the pleasure she knew his wildness would soon give her. She beckoned him to her side.

Eye to eye, her arms locked above her head, her breasts thrust forward, she knew the time had come.

"Pick me up," she ordered.

He complied, buoying her with his hands under her buttocks. She wrapped her legs around his waist and, their gazes fastened, she wriggled her body until he slid deep inside her.

"Don't move," she ordered.

His eyes flashed with denial, but he didn't say a word. Didn't move a muscle.

Using the straps for leverage, she pulled herself up, then lowered herself again. Her nipples were so close to his mouth.

"Lick me," she said. She nearly lost her mind when he complied, swiping sweet moisture over her sensitive breasts as she lifted and lowered herself on his hard sex.

Her arms tired quickly and Yzak compensated by holding her tighter. "Damn, woman," he murmured, finally speaking the words she wanted to hear. "I can't stand it. Please, let me have you."

"Against the wall, Yzak. Hard and fast."

Her words shot like a starter pistol and, in seconds, Yzak had her bolstered against the wall. He drove her like a man in fire. She let go of the straps, locked her arms around his neck, and allowed the full breadth of his power to pump into her with hot, wild strokes.

The first streak of fire was his. He cried out her name, slamming his entire being into her, rocking her into an orgasm that turned the dim light into darkness. Stars exploded inside her eyelids and she clutched him so tightly, she felt her nails dig into the flesh around his shoulders. He didn't seem to notice or care; he only captured her mouth with his and rode the wave of their orgasms until they practically fell into the pillows.

After several long minutes, Yzak drew her atop him so he could gaze into her eyes.

"Did you get what you wanted?" he asked, breathless, his deep tone hinting at humor.

"Of course. For that instant I have you Yzak inside me after all those weeks. Focused only on us, together. No work. How did that feel?"

He swallowed and, with surprising gentleness, he kissed the top of her forehead. "Liberating."

Shiho's entire body filled with joy. That's what she'd wanted to give him – freedom, pleasure, happiness. "You'll remember that feeling? At work?"

Yzak rolled her over, pinning her between the soft collection of pillows and his hard body. "I'll be having a hard time concentrating at work now due to that memory. So I was thinking of taking us in a vacation. At Orb maybe or - -"

She cut him off with a kissed. Her smile evident as she explored his mouth. After a long time, they broke for air. "Yzak Joule you better really take us on a vacation. I haven't seen Cagalli on a long while and as the same with Athrun for you."


"I love you."

He smiled his only smile for her. "I love you too, Hahnenfuss."

The End

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