Take The Beating

Sakura is beaten by her father and she doesn't know what do to. He is a drunken father, and he told her that if she ever tells anyone, he will kill her. What will she do? Pairings: NaruxxSaku SasuxxHina TenxxNeji ... and other's I don't know about. R&R

The Beat and They Meet

Green eyed girl, fading back into life, laying face down on the ground.

"Come on! Get back up on your feet!" The male voice demanded.

"Is this who I am? Is this what my life is about?" She questioned herself in her head.

He kicked her again while she was weak on the ground. "I told you to get back up!"

Another demand. "I am so tired of your demands!" She got up and raised her fist high, she swung at him. She missed, he had grabbed her wrist and twisted it, almost breaking it. "Do you want to try that again?" He twisted her arm and swung her around till she was face to the ground again. "You are so weak. Why even bother?" He took the board that he had broken and took a few swings at her back. "Damn!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as she laid in her own blood. She heard a bone or two crack.

He stood at the entrance door. "Try this again. See what happens." And that was then that he walked out the door. Her vision faded as she tried to get up. All she could register into her head was that there was blood. Everywhere. And she could smell it. She passed out.

The next day was ruff. It was hard. Even after all the pain killers and all the bandages.

She got up off of the floor and headed for the shower, she didn't even care if she was late for school. She couldn't take the smell of blood. After she had gotten out of the shower she had gotten dressed in a blue cotton v-neck shirt and blue jeans with a pair of black converse. She put in her 4 earrings on each ear and put on her necklace with a rare black diamond in the middle of the red heart. She put on dark purple mascara and black eyeliner.

She was ready for school. She packed her school bag and walked out her front door. She locked it and went for her car. "I won't need to eat breakfast today, no time."

She opened her car door and got in. She started her engine and backed out of her parking space. "That bastard, I'll kick his ass. He had no right to come in my house and beat me like that. Damn drunk."

As she pulled into her parking space for school, she could have sworn that there was a pair of eyes on her, but she didn't see anything. She shrugged it off. She turned off the engine and got out of her car. She locked it and started walking into the school.

She walked into the front office to check in. "Hello Miss Haruno. Welcome to school." The attendance clerk greeted.

"Good morning Miss Isarabi. Nice to see you. Um, I wanted to check in." She said in a cold voice, she was not in a good mood.

"Yes, we are now in 2nd period. You may go to class now." Isarabi dismissed her. Sakura nodded and walked out. As she was walking to class she felt like someone was behind her. She turned around quickly, but no one was there.

"Weird." She started walking to class again.

In class she couldn't pay any attention. The pain hurt too much. "Damn it, I have to get out of here." She raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss Haruno?" Mr. Hatake mentioned.

"May I go to the restroom?" She asked.

"Yes, you may." He answered.

She got up and was cautioned by the dizziness that she felt. She walked slowly to the door. She opened it and walked out. She started to walk back to the main hall but felt dizzy so she leaned against the wall and slid her way down and sat.

She pulled her knees to her chest and put her head down and closed her eyes. She started to fade in a sleep. "Damn it! Why did this have to happen now?"

All of a sudden she was awakened by a voice. "Are you okay?"

She heard a male voice. She shot her head up. "Hi." She said.

"May I ask why you are sitting on the floor?" He said.

She started to fade again, and her vision was flickering, she could barely focus. "Class- pain- hurt- room- out-" She winced at the pain when she hit the fresh cut as she leaned over onto the ground.

"We need to get you to the nurse." He sounded concerned.

She couldn't keep her vision clear. She fainted.

2 hours later she woke up in a white room. Everything was blurry. "Wh- where am I?" She sat up quickly and looked around. She looked at herself. She was in a white uniform and she had an IV on her. "What?" She was confused, she didn't know what happened.

"Good you're awake! You scared me." She heard a familiar male voice.

She saw a blonde haired boy walk into the room. She recognized him. "You're the guy from the hallway!" she looked surprised.

He chuckled "Yeah. I took you to the nurse. You looked really bad." He mentioned.

"Well I figured that. But where am I now?" She questioned him.

He took a seat next to her bed. "The nurse suggested you go to the hospital. You had really bad injuries. What are they from?" He looked at her worried.

"Oh, Yeah, I got in a fight." She lied as she looked down.

"Oh. That sucks! Well anyway, I'm Naruto." He introduced.

"I'm Sakura." She introduced back. She got up and tried to stand but it was no use. She fell. Naruto caught her before she hit the ground.

Her head was on his chest and his hands were around her back, she winced at the pain as he touched her bruised back.

"You must be very careful. You are severely weak." His eyes were full of concern.

Sakura blushed as she giggled out of embarrassment. "You think?!" She said sarcastically. She wobbled up and sat back down on the bed. She looked down with her hands on her lap. "I swear I will fucking kill him!" She thought as she was about to cry.

Naruto stared at her worriedly. "Sakura. Are you okay?"

She looked up at him and gave him a fake smile. "Yeah! I'm alright!" She tried to sound happy and hoped that he couldn't tell that she was lying.

"Okay." He smiled as he stood up. "Well I have to go back to school. I'll see you there?"

"Yeah. See you at school." She looked at him sadly. She didn't want to be alone.

And he walked out the door.

Okay I wrote this a long time ago. But I decided that I didn't want it to live in the closet for all eternity. So I thought that I would continue it again. Reveiw for next chapter. -'' Also I have a new inspiration. XD