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Lets Dance

Sakura tightened her fist as the punched her door. Was no one there to help her? It was as if no one cared for anybody but themselves.

She left her house, knowing that this might be the last time she might ever be able to see it.

Her fist was slightly bruised, but not enough to effect her. She was sure that she would be able to at least leave a gift for him, even if she did die. But she was going to get payback on him, even if it meant costing her life. He had done so much bullshit to her that she refused to take any more orders from him ever again. This was her life, and he was not going to ruin it anymore.

She was at least half way to Naruto's house by now, and her heart was pounding; but not from fear. From excitement.

She crossed over from the grassy area, now only feet from his house. She stood still, staring at it as it mocked her to come near. Her fear was now starting to kick in, mostly because she knew she might not live. But she couldn't live in peace unless he was dead.

She walked over the red-brown bricks and onto his porch, with her whole body shaking violently. She froze when the door somehow "opened" On it's own.

He knew she was there.

Sakura slowly stepped over the threshold, breathing in a long breathe, she felt an impact on her body as she hit the floor.

He was standing before her, dressed in black and blood all over himself. Sakura's eyes widened with horror.

She swiftly grabbed a short boa from her back and stabbed him deep in the leg, where now blood took over and was rushing down his calf.

Sakura stumbled to her feet, trying to get within distance from him, but his fist collided with her head and knocked her to the ground again.

"Saku-rra, you preccccious little creeaature. You have livved on this GOD forsaken Eartthh; and it has ruined you. Yooouu are weak,--- and unable to deal with it. You don't have a reassson to live here anymore. NO ONE even lovves you.--- I shall end your suffering here." He said in his sickening voice that she couldn't bear stand hearing.

Sakura rubbed her head as she slowly got up. The impact was strong enough to knock her out, but didn't. She watched him take out the boa and throw it to the ground. "Fuck off you bastard!" She spat at him, "Quit talking like your Mozart when your not!"

He boldly roared a huge laugh at her. "No thaaanks, I like messsing with you. It's amusssing watching you struggle forr your life."

She struggled to stand on her own two feet, but smiled at the thought of his blood all over her hands, and taking his life.

She built up energy in her left leg, then booted him in his right cheek, making him spit up blood and losing a tooth. She smiled at her damage. "Don't worry about your injury, you were already ugly before it."

He growled at her, then started talking with a slight lisp. "You are going to," He punched her in the stomach, "Pay for," he punched her again, "That! No one," and again, "EVER touches," again, "my beautiful," And the final blow, "FACE! You bitch!" He watched her fly across the room and into the wall.

She too vomited up blood as she got on her hands and knees to stand. She looked over to see her best friend tied to a chair and staring at her with big blue eyes, even though it was dark she was still able to see them.

Unfortunately, her bastard father grabbed her by her hair and her to the corner wall. She grunted as she hit her head on the wall first, making her vision blurry and hard to concentrate.

She tried to stay away from him as he crept closer to her. She was pressed all the way to the wall that she couldn't back up any farther.

"Ready to diiie yet?" He said coming closer with a pocket knife he dug out of his pocket.

She tried to look at him. "Not a chance, you must die first. YOU CAN DIE IN A HOLE! AND IF THERE ISN'T ONE DEEP ENOUGH THEN I WILL DIG ONE! And if I die… Then I will stay and haunt you, there is no chance that you are getting out alive." She said weakly slyly taking the knife out of her sock.

He still came closer, but as he went to strike, she stabbed him in his genitals. And he too stabbed her inches away from her heart. They both screamed, but hers was more high pitched and probably able to break an ear drum. He doubled over in pain.

She could hear Naruto sob and automatically felt sympathy for him. He shouldn't have had to see this.

She pulled the knife out of his spot and pushed him onto his back. Now crying, she pulled the knife out her as well, as blood oozed out of her. Tears streamed out of her eyes. She could barley stand on her own two feet, but managed to do so. She stood over her fathers body and whispered. "You call yourself a father? You don't even deserve to live, you foolish fiend." She said directly at him.

He struggled to breathe. He was curled into a ball. But her vision was still blurry. Trying to concentrate, she took her knife in her hands. "I think that now, I should end your suffering. But not yet." She knelt beside him and lifted the knife above her head. "You are not my father anymore! So I say now, goodbye forever."

With that, she stabbed her father in his arms and dragging the knife down to his legs, and back up to his stomach. Knowing that the way she had the knife, she wasn't being gentle. He screamed in agony as she dug the blade into his flesh, but only until she stabbed him in his heart. The screaming stopped and she was able to breathe again.

She stood up on shaky legs and walked over to Naruto who had witnessed the whole thing. She spoke low to him as she cut the ropes and ripped the tape off his mouth. "I'm really sorry that you had to see this, I never would have imagined you being here to see it all." She said as she silently had tears coming down her face.

She bent over to clutch her stomach as she vomited more blood out of her mouth. Naruto came down with her to comfort her. But she quietly passed out in Naruto's arms as he hugged her. Sakura's vision faded as she passed out from loss of blood.

But sitting here holding Sakura was not going to save her. Naruto picked her up in his hands and carried her to somewhere else, where she would be safe.



Hours later, Sakura's eyes fluttered open. Asking herself if she was dead or not, she sat up, but quickly noticed that she was in a hospital, and glumly looked out the window.

"SAKURA! YOUR AWAKE!" She heard a voice scream in her ear. She jumped out of her bed to see who was talking to her.

She caught her breath as she felt arms quickly embrace her. Relieved that it was Naruto, she sighed.

Sakura wrapped her arms around him, glad that he was with her at the moment.

"So Sakura? You did it! You messed him up real good didn't you?" Sakura let go of Naruto to see who was talking to her.

She looked over to the door to see her best friend Tenten smiling at her. "Tenten!" Sakura screamed as she ran over to hug her best friend. They sqeezed each other until Sakura whimpered from the bruise that was on her stomache.

Tenten let go of her and smiled her biggest smile. "I'm so glad that you alive Sakura! I would have had to kick your ass if you didn't make it out of there."

They both laughed. Sakura quickly looked over to Naruto, who was staring at both of them and smiling. Sakura turned back to Tenten. "Tenten…" Tenten could tell what she wanted.

"Yeah, okay. I understand." Tenten said to her buddy as she winked and left the room.

Sakura turned back over to Naruto and smiled. Her eyes started to trail to the ground. "Soooo…" She said as she said as she started to walk to him until she stood inches apart from him.

"Thank you for being there for me." He finally said.

Sakura's eyes shot up to his in shock. The bastard was wrong after all.

Naruto took her face in his hands and bent down to kiss her. He kissed her like there was no tomorrow. And she felt like she could be in this moment for ever.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. His hand slipped down her back as they broke apart.

They hugged each other, for several seconds as Sakura rested her head on his chest and he on the top of her head. She whispered eight words loud enough for him to hear.

"I would spend forever to be there for you."




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