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"What's with Kouta?" wondered Yuka as she scrubbed a persistent spot on one of the plates she was washing. She had begun to notice that for the past two days, her cousin would dash out of his room as if it was a dire emergency to go and check outside the front door. Afterwards, he'd sprint back the same way he came and with a look of disappointment on his face. Yuka had that gut feeling that something was up with Kouta. He was hiding something. That, or maybe he was possibly trying to repress traumatic memories. How could the latter be though? He had made peace with Lucy long ago and she did the same with him. And she had returned to the Kaede Inn after having both her horns barely shot off. Since then, life has been smooth sailing for everyone: for her, Kouta, Lucy, Nyuu, Nana, and Mayu.

"Well, simple process of elimination crosses out the possibility of traumatic repression", Yuka coolly told herself. That left the last option: Kouta's possible covering up. What could he be possibly-?

Her state of deep thought was momentarily disrupted when Nana and Mayu returned home from their high school classes. Both were greeted by Wanta's excited, high-pitched barks.

"Welcome back", Yuka called out from the kitchen.

"I'm home!" both of the girls called back in response.

"Where's Lucy?"

"Oh, she's still outside getting some fresh air", Mayu explained.

The two dropped their backpacks and entered the kitchen to see what was for dinner. To their disappointment, Yuka had not yet prepared anything, much less a small snack.

"Still washing the dishes?" Mayu asked.

"Ugghhhmmmmm…I'm hungry! What's for dinner?" Nana childishly moaned as she clutched her stomach.

"Yes, Mayu, I'm still washing the dishes, but don't worry, I have only one plate left", Yuka answered as she continued to try to get the painstakingly tough spot off the same plate.

"Nana, come on, you can't be that hungry! It's only been two hours since you had lunch!" Mayu teased.

"I know", Nana responded with a downtrodden look on her face, "but I told you that breakfast was my largest meal and that I eat a light lunch! Uggggghhhhhhhmmmmm…so…hungry…"

Yuka finally put away the plate and turned around.

"Who's up for miso soup?" she asked.

Upon hearing this, Nana beamed up. Mayu smiled with satisfaction.

"Yay! Arigato!" Nana cheered.

"You're not cooking a meal today?" Mayu asked in curiosity.

"Well, I could, but Kouta has been spending a lot of time supposedly studying in his room and leaving me to do most of the dirty work", Yuka wearily said, "I'm so dogged tired already."

"Can I help you cook then?" Mayu offered. "I have very little schoolwork to do."

"Okay then, thanks", Yuka gladly accepted, "You could start by getting the soy sauce."

"Well, in that case, Nana is off to take a bath", Nana stated as she hustled out of the kitchen.

"Oh no you don't!" Yuka countered. "That trick is way overdone on me. If Mayu volunteers to help, then you help too."


"Help. Now. Set the table."

Nana lowered her head in disappointment and went to get the utensils.

Yuka got back to kitchen work and into trying to figure out what Kouta was hiding.

"He couldn't be secretly seeing someone, could he?" she pondered.

Then her suspicion meter kicked up a notch for a short moment.

"He could be seeing a girl! Just like Nyuu-chan!" she speculated, "could it be that Kouta-kun finally got himself a girlfriend despite his social ineptitude? But then again, he's not really the lady's man so I'm ruling that out. Not to mention, he's surrounded by four of them. Speaking of…Of all the people to like, Nyuu!? Why can't it be me!? That's-".


She was jolted by the scream and spun around. Nana was cradling her thumb in pain.

"What now?" Yuka annoyingly wondered.

"I slammed the utensil cabinet on my thumb!" Nana whined. "Owww!"

"Still having trouble doing chores?" Yuka asked. "Just like before?"

Nana nodded slightly without looking up.

"Well, be more careful next time and less haphazard", Mayu advised, "Besides, it's just-".

"Hey wait a minute!" Yuka interrupted. "You don't feel pain! Don't you wear prosthetic limbs? Nice try, kiddo. I've got to give you credit, you're getting smarter."

Nana looked up and smiled before resuming her part in the kitchen work along with Mayu. Pain and injury was usually a good enough reason for Yuka to let her off her chores.

"Damn interruptions!" Yuka thought in further annoyance. "That better has been the last one."

Yuka got back to pondering about what Kouta was up to as she stirred the soup. By the time it was finished boiling, she gave up.

"Baka, what are you up to?" she seethed.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kouta stealthily open the front door.

"What are you doing?" Yuka asked. "You've been doing that for two-"


Nyuu suddenly popped out in front of Kouta. Kouta immediately fell flat on his back.

"Nyuu-chan!" he reprimanded. "Don't scare me like that! Didn't I already tell you? I'm looking out for it in the mail."

"Gomen nasai", Nyuu apologized. "Kouta, play computer. Kouta, want play computer."

"Okay Nyuu".

"But Kouta-kun-", Yuka started up.

"Sorry Yuka-chan, but if I don't turn on the computer for her, she'll begin complaining again", Kouta cut her off. "Don't worry, I'll come for dinner."

Yuka breathed an exasperated sigh for a moment. She headed back to the kitchen, dinner would provide her an opportunity to talk with him and find out what he had hidden in the back of his mind…

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