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For a moment, Elphaba froze. Now being able to see, Fiyero could only stare. He faintly remembered lifting a hand to pinch his arm and check if he was dreaming, but he was too dazed to really care.

Then a frightened expression came across her face, and she turned and headed for the window, which Fiyero now saw, was open.

Determined not to let her leave him for the third time, he snapped out of his dazed state and yelled out to her. When she hesitated at the window, he took his chance. Running up behind her, he grabbed her wrist and spun her around.

Elphaba refused to meet his eyes, and he did not let go of her wrist. While she avoided eye contact, Fiyero got his first look at the green girl in six years.

She was thinner than he remembered. He figured she must have had to live off of what she could find in the woods. She still held the broom, and her bag was still strangely book-shaped. He made a mental note to ask about that later. Her hair was free of its braid, as she had worn it every day back at Shiz, and it now was draped freely around her shoulders. She was so different, but to him, she was just as beautiful as ever.

"Elphaba," he whispered to her, and gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

She pulled her hand out of his grasp and faced the window, placing a steady hand on the frame and pulling herself into a standing position at the edge. Just as she was about to jump, Fiyero pulled her back, sending her toppling to the floor. He quickly shut the window and stood in front of it, just in case she tried to escape once more. He looked down at her and she still refused to make eye contact.

"You're not getting away from me again," Fiyero said, "Elphaba…why'd you leave me?"

She scowled at the carpet before standing up and brushing herself off.

"My name is not Elphaba. I have no name," she responded coolly, still not meeting his eyes.

"Elphaba, what are you talking about? What happened to you?" Fiyero asked, concerned.

"I can assure you I have no idea what you mean, but if you would, please just kill me right now. I'd rather die in the hands of a stranger than be brought upon that filthy, lying, good-for-nothing old man who calls himself a wizard."

"I would never…" Fiyero started, startled by the change within the girl he once knew.

"Don't tell me you would never hurt me. There's a high reward for whoever captures me, dead or alive."

"What has happened to you?" he asked, taking a cautious step forward.

"I…I…became the Wicked Witch of the West," she replied softly.

Then she finally looked at him. When her brown eyes connected with his green ones, he saw fear. He saw fear, and he saw love; and he knew that she was still the same Elphaba he had once known back at Shiz.

And in her moment of weakness, he grabbed her arm, held her close, and kissed her more passionately than he had ever kissed anyone in his life.

Dropping both the broom and the bag, she responded eagerly, almost as if she had been waiting for him to kiss her.

Letting go of her arm, he slid his around her waist, and she placed hers around his neck.

The two stood, connected at the lips, until they could not hold their breath any longer. They broke apart and Fiyero looked at Elphaba once more.

"What happened, that day with The Wizard? Glinda never wanted to talk about it, and now with her being married and such, I don't think she plans on telling anybody but Boq," he said.

Elphaba gave a small smile and looked down once more.

"Ah, the wedding. It was quite lovely, wasn't it? Just what I expected from Glinda. She always did go a bit over-the-top with celebrations," she said and chuckled to herself.

"How did you…how…Elphaba? How in Oz were you at the ceremony?" Fiyero asked, completely confused.

"I hid." she stated simply, obviously not going to answer any more questions on the subject.


"Shh, no buts. Don't question my ways, dearest," she said in a way that reminded him of Glinda.

"Why are you here?"

She shook out of his embrace and looked at him sadly.

"Well, I was being chased…"

"So you led them here? Elphaba how stupid! They'll only be barging down the doors to come looking for you!"

"Hush, I lost them in the Thousand Year Grasslands. I stayed there for a few nights, then I made my way here," she said, "Fiyero, I…I just had to see you."

"How'd you get in? And how in Oz did you know which room was mine?" he asked, confused.

"Well," she started, and blushed. Something Fiyero hadn't seen since the old days back at Shiz, "The night before I came here, I slept outside the castle, making sure nobody could see me. I wandered around, examining Kiamo Ko. Later that night, as I walked back to where I set up camp, I saw you, staring out your window. You had a candle lit, making it very easy to see inside. For a moment, I thought you had seen me, and that's why you were looking, but I soon realized you were just daydreaming. It was quite late; you looked like you hadn't slept for a while, so I decided not to bother you. When I flew up here after the ceremony, the window was easy to push open. So I sat and waited for you."

Fiyero couldn't help but smile. Elphaba had come back.

"Elphaba, I'm sorry about what I said at the train station six years ago."

"Oh, Yero, I'm sorry, too. I was overreacting, just like you said. And if I had listened to you, then I wouldn't be on the run right now. We could have been together these past few years. As much as I love what I'm doing, the idea still hurts."

"Elphaba," Fiyero said, gazing at her intently, "I love you."

A bit taken aback, she could only stand, frozen to the spot for a few moments.

"Um, I'm sorry. That was too much," Fiyero apologized, drawing conclusions from her sudden silence.

"No! No, Fiyero. It's just; I've never really been loved before. I don't really know what it feels like," she responded, almost shyly, "But I am pretty sure that...that I love you, too."

Grinning, he pulled her in for another kiss. When they pulled apart, he sighed.

"Glinda and Boq will want to see you," he said.

"Oh, no, they can't! It's far too dangerous!" Elphaba protested.

"They can keep a secret. Just for a few minutes, I promise. Then I'll kick them out."

"Oh, alright. Fine. But only for a short while, do you hear?"

He nodded and quickly left the room to fetch Glinda and Boq, who were spending the night down the hall before leaving the next morning.

A few minutes later, a drowsy looking Boq and a rather aggravated Glinda appeared in the doorway.

"Fiyero, what in Oz could be so important that you drag us both to your room at such an early hour?" Glinda complained, but stopped short when she saw Elphaba sitting on Fiyero's bed.

"ELPHIE!" the blonde squealed before running at full speed and flinging herself at her former roommate. Elphaba only laughed, returning the bone-crushing hug with just as much enthusiasm as Glinda. After the two decided to stop squeezing the breath out of each other, Glinda slapped Elphaba on the arm.

"Ouch, Glinda, what was that for?" Elphaba asked as she rubbed the area that stung.

"For leaving me six years ago, that's what," Glinda said matter-of-factly.

"You know I had to," was Elphaba's reply.

"Oh, Elphie, I'm so glad you're back."

The girls hugged once more. A gentle cough came from the doorway, and the girls turned to see Boq standing there, waiting. Elphaba stood and made her way over to him before breaking out into a large grin and hugging him.

A tad shocked, Boq hugged her back.

"Where have you been? We've missed you," he asked.

"Oh, just here and there," she replied and gave a slight smile before turning around and walking back toward the bed, "I have to leave very soon. I'm so sorry for cutting this reunion short, but if I stay in one place for too long, I'll surely be found."

"We understand," replied Fiyero.

"I hope you all realize that this could be our last good-bye," Elphaba stated, taking turns looking each of them in the eye.

"Don't be foolish, Elphie!" Glinda scolded, but the fear in her eyes gave her away, "I'm so glad you came back."

The two girls hugged and said their good-byes. Boq gave a curt nod before Elphaba hugged him once more herself. The two left the room, Glinda in tears and Boq feeling very awkward. He didn't get hugs very often from anyone other than Glinda.

Elphaba had made her way to the window before spinning around. Fiyero approached her and lightly placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Elphaba," he started, seriously, "I want to be with you forever."

"Fiyero, you know that we can't be together. Not right now, anyways."

"I don't care," he said simply as he knelt down and grasped both her hands in his, "Miss Thropp, would you marry me?"

Elphaba blinked a few times before pulling Fiyero up from the kneeling position.

"I can't, Fiyero. Please don't make this so hard," she pleaded.

"Oh, but you know how stubborn I am," he said playfully, "Elphaba. If you won't agree to marry me, at least agree to not run off with another man."

"Because I totally meet other men in the work that I'm doing," was Elphaba's sarcastic reply.

Fiyero just looked at her.

"Oh, fine. I won't fall in love with another man," she said, "Although, you should know I wouldn't. It should be me that is worried about you."

"I could never love anybody but you," Fiyero replied, then kissed her fiercely.

"Stay with me. Just for tonight," he murmured.

She spun around and looked out the window.


"There's no way the guards will possibly be here by morning. You can leave as early as you'd like, if you wake me up first, that is."

She looked out the window once more, then back at him. Giving in, Elphaba nodded.

They slipped quietly into Fiyero's over-sized bed. He slid an arm around her waist and held her close. Soon her breathing evened out and she relaxed underneath his arm; she had fallen asleep.

He looked her over. She had beautiful skin, the color of emeralds. Carefully, he ran his hand through her shining black hair that hung loosely around her face. He smiled to himself; she was absolutely stunning, and she was his.

He knew that, by keeping her here, he was putting his own life in danger.

He knew that, in the morning, she would be gone.

He knew that it would be a very long time before he could see her again, if he ever saw her again.

But he didn't care, because she was his, at least for this moment.

And for the first time in six years, Fiyero Tiggular was genuinely and completely happy.

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