(I was gonna say somethin', but I've forgotten what it was. Anywho, this is my story, read it if you wish. Just let me know what you think of it later. All that counts is I had fun writing it!)

Chapter 1

She stands completely still. She doesn't seem to be breathing, and she isn't blinking at all. Her eyes are locked on something Ron can't see, though it wasn't for lack of trying.

"KP?" he asks, sounding a little unsure. He waves a hand in front of her face. He'd been calling her for a good twenty minutes now. He figures he should have expected this response, but he honestly couldn't fathom why it seemed to hit her so hard. After all, HE knew how Kim doubted things. She had confessed it to him numerous times late at night when doubts plagued her the most. SHE had said she didn't think things were going like they should. But SHE, was looking like he had just kicked her in the gut and stolen everything of value right before her eyes. "KP! Talk to me dang it!" he shouts. He doesn't even see her flinch. "Wade!" he cries into the kimmunicator. "Help me out man!"

Wade sighs, looking at Kim's shell-shocked face.

"Kim," he says gently. "There's more."

That remark causes a tremor to run visibly through Kim's body. Her lip trembles as she tries to speak.

"W-what else?" she barely chokes out. Wade sighs again.

"I found out what the deal GJ had with Shego was. Apparently, Dr. Director promised to drop all of Shego's charges if Shego agreed to return the price amount of stolen goods she had taken. Dr. Director was tallying other villains' inventions and bounties and adding it up as Shego's sum. She also promised that the deal would be kept under wraps so none of the villains would decide to take revenge on Shego for what she was doing. They expect their own to turncoat on them, but never for the side of good. You can imagine why Shego expected silence on GJ's side. Just curious, I tallied the price Dr. Director told Shego to the actual amount in her warrant. Dr. Director got her money five times over what Shego owed."

Wade notices Kim's jaw clench. Ron is starting to fidget, keeping a wary eye on Kim.

"And?" Ron dares ask. Wade doesn't look at Ron, but continues talking while looking directly into Kim's eyes.

"Shego finally confronted Dr. Director over how much she'd been stealing from her ex-partners in crime. I found out that the conversation ended with Shego storming out of the room and Dr. Director telling Will that they would be contacting Shego about another case that very afternoon." Wade pauses, wishing he didn't have to say more.

"Wade, what happened to Shego?" Kim asks in a near whisper. Wade frowns, brow creased in worry.

"Kim…" He sighs and clears his throat. "Dr. Director was the one to blow the whistle. She contacted the media and had one of her hired Faces to spread the word of Shego's heroic exploits for GJ. It was on every news headline in the world." Wade winces at Kim's growing scowl.

"Dr. Director did… what?"

"She called Shego out publicly. She even had her Face read off a list of everything Shego had 'recovered'. You can imagine what kind of riot that caused in the villain world. I found some websites full of slander and death threats. If GJ hadn't blown the whistle, Shego would be scott-free. As it is, Shego didn't even have time to go into hiding before she was kidnapped. I can only guess at which villain got her first. All of them lost something to her 'recoveries'." He stops to take in Kim's reaction. "Kim…" Asking her if she's okay would be ridiculous. The answer is written all across her face. Slowly, as if trying to make up his mind, Wade speaks up again. "Kim, what do you want me to do?"

Ron is dancing from foot to foot, the look on Kim's face has him nervous, and for good reason.

Kim's face, which had been empty and hollowed moments before, looks like the devil's worst nightmare come to life. She's letting anger fuel her pain. She lets it cover up the empty and lost feeling that had her paralyzed just minutes earlier. In a breath, realization struck, making her anger burn all that much hotter, slowly growing until even Wade is looking nervous.

Before, everything had been a game. She was waltzing to a dance that felt more like tradition then any emotional attachment she had. Grant it, she was trying, trying to find out if she had any chance of returning even a smidgen of the love she was receiving. Still, it seemed more a rehearsed play then anything real. She didn't think she felt anything for her arch nemesis other then respect. But, with the news that Shego had been abducted from her apartment, Kim had the very unsettling feeling of the world dropping out beneath her then have it leap back up and swat her like a bug, leaving her breathless and numb. The pain that tore her heart out of her chest and left her fearing she wouldn't be able to breathe again frightened her to the core… and also served the purpose of proving to her that she did indeed have feelings for the green skinned woman, feelings far deeper then she ever imagined.

She lets her burning gaze focus back on Wade.

"I'm paying Betty a visit," she says flatly. Wade straightens in his seat, his seemingly younger age washed away as he looked at her smartly, ready for orders.

"What do you need me to do?" he asks. He had always backed Kim, no matter the circumstance. He's on her side alone, be that where ever or whatever she chose it to be.

"Get me in." she answers simply.


Kim was in another one of Drakken's lairs. Habit was what kept her body moving in the dance that was supposed to be a fight. Shego seemed oddly distracted, something that seemed to be happening more and more.

"What's the matter?" Kim taunted. "Am I pressing you too hard, or are you slacking off?"

To her shock, Shego didn't seem to hear the remark at all. It made her frown. She landed a good kick to Shego's stomach, sending the woman flying back into Drakken's newest invention. Luck would have it, it crushed the invention and ended the so called "fight".

Kim relaxed her fighting stance, frowning when the green skinned woman didn't get up. She could hear Drakken ranting across the room about another foiled plan. Kim ignored him and walked over to the prone figure lying in the heap of broken machinery.

"Shego?" she called hesitantly. The black haired woman grunted. Kim's frown deepened. "Shego, what's wrong with you?"

She hadn't meant for that to be what she said, but she found it out of her mouth before she could stop it. She was even more shocked when Shego sighed.

"You're what's wrong, Princess." Shego slowly sat up, her face looking oddly drawn.

"What do you mean?" After a pause, she continued. "I mean, aside from always kicking your butt and stopping Drakken's latest scheme."

That did manage to bring a normal chuckle from Shego. Sadly, it didn't last long.

"Look Princess, I just have a lot on my mind, so drop it."

That answer didn't suit Kim at all. After all, arch nemesis's were supposed to keep you on your toes. But, if that said nemesis was out in la-la land with whatever seemed to be troubling her, it didn't really make much for a fight. Kim sighed. She was a little irked, for this had been happening for a while now. Having so lost that amount of patience, her retort was a little bit more tart.

"Enough with the bull. What's really wrong?"

Shego started in surprise, blinking a few times before smirking at Kim.

"Aw, I didn't know you cared."

"If your fighting stays as lame as it has been for the past few fights, I'm going to have to go find a new arch nemesis. I don't see many filling that role." Kim crossed her arms and gave the woman a hard stare.

"My, my, I think I'm rubbing off on you."

Kim rolled her eyes.

"Don't flatter yourself." She frowned again. "But I'm serious. What's got you all spacey?"

Shego frowned.

"I already told you." Shego rolled her eyes at Kim's impatiently tapping foot. "You!" she clarified. Kim threw her hands up in the air.

"What about me?!" she demanded. "You're not making any sense!"

A small teasing smile worked its way onto Shego's face.

"What if I said I thought you were hot and I wanted to take you out on a date?"

Kim's jaw almost dropped. After staring blankly at Shego for several seconds, she recovered enough to snort.

"And why would I take you seriously?" she asked.

"What, you want me to drop villainy?" asked Shego.

"It would be a start," answered Kim, thinking the green skinned woman was toying with her. Shego huffed and pouted, startling Kim again at her odd behavior.

"But it pays so WELL," she retorted, a slight whine to her voice. Kim could only stare. After a minute of not receiving an answer, Shego huffed again and got to her feet. "Fine, I'll prove it."

Kim blinked as Shego marched right over to where Drakken was still arguing with Ron and tapped the blue man on the shoulder.

"What is it?!" he shouted, clearly not expecting to turn and find Shego right in his face. "Oh! Shego!"

He was about to say more, but Shego cut him off.

"Dr. D, I'm quitting. Consider this my last job. Send my money to my account." With that said, she returned back to Kim and stopped in front of her. "There. I quit."

Kim's jaw managed to drop this time.

"You're kidding, right? I mean, just like that?" Kim snapped her fingers in emphasis. Shego merely shrugged.

"Just like that. I'm done."

Kim shook her head.

"But, it can't be that easy! I mean, you still have a warrant out for your arrest!"

"I'll take care of it," answered the black haired woman.

"But, but…" Kim was obviously still having problems digesting this. Though Shego found it amusing, she didn't want to stand there all day watching the girl gape. Shego slid forward until she was nearly pressed against Kim. With a sly smile, she looked down at Kim's bewildered face.

"No buts Kimmie. I'm through. Now, are you going to say yes, or not?"

A slow blush worked its way up the hero's face. For the life of her, she really honestly didn't know if Shego was being serious. Though Drakken was screaming at Shego in earnest, the green skinned woman paid him no mind. Kim had no idea what to say.


The memory brings a small wistful smile to her face. It lasts only a moment before falling into a deep scowl. She pays Will's unconscious form no mind as she steps over him to get to Dr. Director's office. Around the room is a litter of GJ operatives that had gotten in her way. There had been a rumor that the news of Shego's disappearance would cause Kim some upset, but to see the righteous fury in her eyes as she stormed the place had them all trembling in their boots. As you can tell, it took little time for her to dispose of them.

She marches right into Dr. Director's office without so much as a word of warning. The old woman tries not to look stunned at the young woman's entrance, but you can see traces of it in the slack muscles of her jaw and wideness of her good eye.

"Miss Possible, what brings you to my office?" she asks, trying to ignore the fact all her people are strewn all over the place just outside her door. Kim frowns.

"Either GJ's skills are slacking, or you're being a tight ass again," retorts Kim, shocking Dr. Director more. "You announced to the media Shego's help retrieving stolen goods from villains to earn her freedom. You made the worth five times more then she ever stole, and played her emotions against her." Kim continued before Betty could speak. "You knowingly let this news slip without ever intending to keep your end of the bargain. And!" exclaims Kim, cutting Betty off again. "You got her captured by villains who are out for her head."

"Miss Possible, this-" starts Betty. Kim doesn't let her finish.

"You are going to correct your mistake by finding her and giving me what I need to rescue her. You will also," she said, silencing Betty a third time. "make true the deal you had by letting all her charges drop, AND paying her the difference for the extra sum of stolen goods she retrieved."

"I don't-"

"You WILL do as I say," says Kim, eyes burning dangerously. "Or I will show you why it's stupid to piss off a hero."

"Are you threatening me?" asks Betty in surprise.

"Take a look at what I did outside your office," retorts Kim, jerking a thumb over her shoulder. "I'm promising. I've played puppet long enough. I'll show you what I'm really made of now. I'm also done asking, cause you've proven how well I can trust you in that direction."

"Miss Possible!" shouts Betty, obviously furious at the insult.

"Shut up and listen," Kim says calmly but darkly. It makes a shiver of fear run up Betty's spine, and she's no pushover. "You're going to get everyone on your team to step up and find out who took Shego and where she's at. I mean that as in it should have been done yesterday. If I don't get results fast enough, I will provide proper incentives."

Betty snorts derisively.

"Incentives?" She rolls her eyes.

Kim looks ready to pounce as her eyes narrow. Betty feels oddly cornered.

"Oh, don't you know? I am the daughter of a rocket scientist. I can be quite… imaginative. If you really want to test me, either don't start working right away and twiddle your thumbs, or pretend I didn't come here at all. Either way, you will do what I say."

Betty's face is red with fury, but she's unable to utter a response.

Kim is still trying to process the reality of things. What had been only a 'play' before had become suddenly personal and real. And, before everything she'd come to cherish was taken from her for good, she was going to step up and make sure it stayed right where it was. She frowned at the Director as if her very presence disgusted her.

"You better start moving Betty," says Kim. She watches as the Director bristles under the disrespectful use of her first name. She ignores the Director and points to a wide screen that pops to life behind the Director's chair. "Wade will be keeping track of you and your dead line. He will inform me if you don't seem to be playing nice."

The young boy looks frighteningly serious.

"Where will you be?" the Director asks between clenched teeth.

"Strutting through the black market hot spot where all the villains gather. If I find her before you do, there will still be repercussions." Kim spins to walk out of the room. Betty is just about to make a hot retort after this new threat dealt her, when Kim spins on her heel and makes the Director choke on her words. "I'm taking your stealth jet, seeing as it's the fastest thing to Kuwait."

"Kuwait?!" Betty can't help her outburst. "The black market is in New York!"

Kim snorts derisively.

"Goes to show how much you know." She looks past Betty at the screen. "I need a disguise, Wade. A holo-image that would make me appear like someone else would be fantastic."

Wade smirks.

"I've got something better." He holds up a thick banded silver bracelet with a few buttons on the flat circle centerpiece, small square screen included. "This baby will actually physically alter you, so you will actually BE someone else."

Kim's eyes manage to glow with curiosity and excitement. The Director couldn't believe her ears. Such inventions hadn't even been diagrammed in her labs! How could Kim be privy to finished working inventions of such caliber?!

"You mean our parents finally got it figured out?" she asks earnestly. He grins.

"Yep. It's been tested too. It's mission ready, and I've been saving it for a special occasion." His smirk turns devious. "Not only will you be able to shock the heck out of your enemies, but you'll be able to send Shego for one hell of a loop!"

Kim couldn't help but laugh. She could have some fun with this new gadget.