I watched this TV show about people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; and there is this girl who has to finish a pack of chocolate once it's opened. That kind of obsession is kind of cool.

Want More Chocolate
by YYY

"I'm bored." L says.

"Go find something to do then. Don't bother me. I'm reading." Light answers.

"I can't go anywhere if you're sitting here. We're handcuffed together!" L makes a face. "What are you reading anyway? You have been reading for hours."

"Oh, it's a really interesting book. It's about you." Light smiles.

"Really? Let me see!!!" L looks at the back of the book and sees that it's a book about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. "I'm not Obsessive Compulsive!" L protests.

"Yes you are; and I can prove it." Light opens a pack of Kit Kat and puts it in front of L. L eats the chocolate at once. Light opens another pack of Kit Kat and L eats it too.

"See, once I open a pack of chocolate you have to finish it." Light laughs.

"Don't laugh at me! I don't have to finish the chocolate!" L says. Light doesn't say anything. He just opens another pack of Kit Kat and puts it down. L tries really really hard to not eat the chocolate, but after a couple of minutes, the chocolate-loving boy picks up the Kit-Kat bar and eats it down.

"See? What I told you? You're Obsessive Compulsive. You can't help yourself." Light teases.

"I can! Open another Kit Kat bar and I will not eat it!"

"You ate all the Kit Kat bars already."

"Then open something else! I know you have some hidden in your pocket!"

"Well, there is something chocolately in my pocket, but those are not really chocolate."

"Let me have it!"

Light takes out what's inside his pocket.

"10 packs chocolate-favour condoms! Why would you have these!?"

"A lot of teenagers have these; and I'm a normal teenager." Light opens a packet and smirks, "ohh, these are opened…now you have to finish them. But you can't finish these without putting these on something. And there is nothing to these on except ME."

"I'm not going to finish these! Especially when these are on you!" L's face flushes.

"You are going to. You are obsessive compulsive and you can't help it." Light opens another packet.

"No!" L shouts. He is trying desperately to fight the urge, but seeing the open packet is making him insane.

"Come on, you know you want to." Light open another packet.

Finally, L can't hold it anymore. He takes the packets and jumps on top of Light.

That night, L finishes all 10 packets of "chocolately goodness" in Light's pocket.


Near: Light, gimme some "Chocolately goodness" so I can go and use it on Mello!