Chloe's POV

I was at riley's game watching her play for her life. The last 10 seconds of the game, the ball was passed to her. She sped through the players as she dribbled the ball to the hoop. She was ready to shoot when suddenly, she fell to the ground. There was a sudden rush of fear as I ran to her yelling her name. I cut through the around her and kneeled down next to her limp body. She looked pale and fragile, as if she were to brake into a million pieces any second. It took me a while to realize that I was crying puddles of tears. She was immediately taken to the ambulance. I stood by her side all the time on the way to the hospital.

I called Manuelo to tell my parents that riley was in the hospital. Shortly after I hung up, the doctor came out. He said that riley was under a lot of stress and the fact that she wasn't eating healthy amounts of food and little sleep weakened her, made it worse. He said that she was unconscious. They said that I could go home but I refused!

Riley's POV

3 weeks later:

I heard a soft cry and felt someone hold onto my hand. I opened my eyes to see a sad Chloe.

"Hey" I said so she could barely hear it.

"Riles!!" she jumped up from her seat next to me and hugged me.

"Woe Chloe I didn't know you loved me that much. I've only been out for a day, right?" I said trying to break free.

Chloe let me go and spoke, "Riles, you've been unconscious for 3 weeks." 3 weeks? That's impossible!

"Chloe, what happened to me?" I asked finally able to take in what I was just told.

"You blacked out at the game. I was told that you were stressed and the fact that not eating the right amount of food and little sleep, weakened you. I guess you really pushed yourself to much. You need to learn your limit to what you can do. Your still young so enjoy life the way it is."

"Chloe? Can you promise me to help with this so it never happens again?" I looked into her eyes.

"I promise, but you have to promise me that you'd eat a balanced meal everyday and sleep NORMAL every night." She looked into my eyes.

" I promise" with that, we shared a big warm sisterly hug.