Author: Sparta666

Series/Story: Secrets of the Hogwarts houses part 1: Coming home

Pairings: Snape/Lupin (mentioned)

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy the vampire slayer, the Adams family

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Xander (I wish) I just get to play out my fantasies instead

Timeline: The first book and before Buffy came to Sunnydale

Spoilers: The Philosopher's stone (the book and the movie)

Summery: Harry isn't the only special child to return to Hogwarts, just the most famous

Chapter Summery: Snape has a painful decision to make

Authors Note:

Though the history of this story can be found in the first part to this called School Days you don't need to have read it to follow the story.

Secrets of the Hogwarts houses part 1: Coming home


On a dark and stormy Scottish night 12 years ago, two hooded figures raced across the landscape and deeper into the night. As the wind and rain beat down hard and cold, the grand gates of the Hogwarts castle rose up from the distance. Inside silent preparations where made for there arrival, the pounding on the great wooden gates borough silent relief for all. As the two hooded figures entered the school soaked through, exhausted by their flight the figures struggled to remove their hoods.

"Severus thank the gods and goddesses you are all right" said Remus as he flung his arm round his soaked lover.

"A thousand blessings on you Morticia for over seeing their safe return" added Remus as he hugged the woman with Severus.

"I'm glad to see you safe and well and you are welcome Remy. I can still see no evil in him, even though I know the truth" said Morticia as she removed her robe and handed it to her husband.

"So it is true then? I am sorry my brother and the child how is he?" asked Gomez as all involved gathered round Severus, as he lifted his robe he reviled the sleeping child he cradled.

"He is like me an Adams at heart through he bares the name Snape"

"he could be no other way my brother" said Gomez as he put his arm round Severus and hugged him.

Severus could now breath a sigh of relief as he stared out of the window far into the stormy night outside, little did he know what was to come or to become of his son. but even the fates can be trick in time.

12 years have come to pass since that night but as many things change something's stay the same, the lines between reality and fantasy blurred as the barriers between worlds bleed into each other the memory of that night has all but been forgotten but not by all.