She's Lookin Through Me

Chapter One – Higurashi Kagome

By Patche

Disclaimer – Inuyasha isn't mine… (Le sadness)

Summary – A girl who moves to a new school to be with her cousin, Utada Yuki. Yuki is the most popular boy in his whole school, so, thanks to him, Kagome is granted with that same luxury. In her new school, she has grabbed the attention of every boy... even our favorite hanyou. Rated-T for some cussing and minor limeyness?


"Oi! Why's the bed in the extra bedroom made? Mom, are we expecting company?" A boy of about seventeen stood with his hands on his hips as he addressed the older woman across the hall. He had on a black school uniform. His hair was medium-length and black while his eyes were a darker brown. The older woman peeked her head into the room he spoke of and smiled softly.

"Oh, your cousin, Kagome's coming, dear." She said chipperly. The boy sighed with relief and the two made their way down to the kitchen.

"How long will she be staying?" The boy grabbed the carton of milk and started drinking strait from the spout before turning back to his mother. She turned her attention away from the food she was preparing only to look at him for a moment.

"Well… she's going to be staying about as long as you are, dear."

The boy couldn't swallow the rest of his milk and spit it out on the floor in front of him.

"Yuki, why'd you do that? I'm trying to clean up for your cousin…" The woman scorned to the boy. He whipped his head around and glared daggers into her.

"She's staying… FOREVER?!!" He shouted. His eyes were bulging out of his head. He put his carton of milk back in the fridge and turned to his mother waiting for an explanation.

"Oh, don't be silly sweetie. She'll just be staying until she graduates high school and gets into a university. You only have one year left." Yuki turned his head slowly to his mother's ridiculous smile. It sparkled with a tinge of psycho behind it.

"Nice to know my mom cares so much" he muttered under his breath as he stomped over to the sink for a dishrag. He squatted down to his mess of milk and began cleaning his mess of milk.

His mother's fake smile vanished as she returned to preparing her dinner for her niece. The two stood there in awkward silence. Yuki was busy rummaging through the fridge for anything he could get his hands on. He was a stress-eater… even if he was thin. And this Kagome business was definitely worth stressing over.

His cousin… going to his school… oh. It'd be misery. He had the throne. He was the most popular boy in the entire Shikkon High. However, he knew his cousin. She was, and always had been, the prettiest girl around. She'd steal the hearts of all his male-friends. And with her adorable smile and loving personality, she'd probably steal the girls away too. It was hopeless.

"I'm doomed…" He muttered under his breath.

His mother smiled again and turned to him. "Did you say something, honey?" She asked taking sight of the boy stuffing his face with angel food cake. Her face fell.

"Umm… that's for Kagome, dear…" She said softly as Yuki broke out into hysterical laughter.

"ALL THE BETTER!" He shouted sounding a good mix of psychotic and malevolent, eating the rest of the cake in what seemed like one gulp. His mother smiled nervously and returned to her post as 'sane-chef of the hour'.


It was late out. About midnight to be exact. The two of them had decided to stay up and wait for his cousin's arrival. Yuki's mother sighed watching the clouds in her coffee shift their shapes from one to another. She'd grown tired and needed rest. Caffeine had become the only thing keeping her conscious.

"So, sweetie… could you tell me, why exactly is it such a pain to have your dearest cousin living here?" She asked, stirring the coffee up with her index finger. Yuki leaned against the wall across from the table his mother sat at and crossed his arms over his chest.

"It's just that… she's going to steal my popularity." He said shrugging. His mother gave him a look of deep concern and set her coffee down on the table to give him her full attention. Her look urged him to explain.

"Well, first it will be the guys. She'll steal their hearts with her gorgeous looks… then it'll be the girls who she'll manage to woo with her 'sweet personality' and great advice. Next thing you know, my best friend will be Inuyasha'. He said sharply emphasizing the last word with a tinge of disgust.

"Inu…yasha?" His mother asked confused. Yuki nodded and pushed himself off the wall, walking over to the table with his mother.

"He's the biggest loser in school, Taisho Inuyasha." He placed his hand on the table and looked away from her. "He's an abomination… a half demon…" He rolled his eyes, looking at her in the process. "Do you want me to end up like that?" He asked. His mother sighed with annoyance and opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by her son.

"Why's she gotta come here anyway?" He asked, not looking at his mother, but at the wall.

"Well, my sister just thought that Kagome would like our school much more. Their town is going under and it'd be nice to live where a school isn't so rundown as hers is. She worked so hard to get into high school after all… it'd be a shame to let it all go to waste."

The doorbell rang and Yuki sprung up.

"Crap, she's here!" He shouted running to his room.

"Are you lacking that many manners?" His mother asked crossly. Yuki slumped his shoulders and walked up to the door, shooting his mother a dirty look as he passed her in the hall.

He opened the door and replaced his disgusted and angry face with a fake smile.

"Kagome!" He said opening the door to reveal his beautiful, raven-haired cousin. Her big hazel eyes blinked once in confusion before her cherry lips curved into a smile.

"Yea, I can see past that, Yuki." She said pushing him aside and stepping into the house.

"Kagome, dear!" Yuki's mother cried out. Kagome dropped her bags and ran up to the woman, hugging her.

"How have you been?" She asked pulling away. Kagome beamed her brightest and turned to Yuki as he closed the door.

"I've been good." She said as Yuki walked up beside her. He gave her a very strained half smile causing the girl to roll her eyes and sigh.

'This is going to be a great stay…'


"Alright, as my cousin, I'm obliged to make sure that you are safe…" Yuki said as the two walked into his giant high school. Kagome was in awe. The place looked more like a university. It was nicely decorated with marble floors and stonewalls. The ceiling was at least twenty feet above her head.

"Like I said, there will probably be a bunch of guys gooning over you so look out…" Yuki warned a little too late. As they entered the commons, every male eye was immediately glued to Kagome. She looked around at them and saw one boy… he had silver hair and two dog ears at the top of his head. He was the only one not gawking at her. However, when he did look up, she gasped and clutched her hand to her chest. His eyes… they were yellow… but so…

Kagome couldn't put a finger on how to describe them. They looked sad and hopeless… not like the rest of the boys who were all probably licking their chops. That boy with the yellow eyes just looked at her like she was something more…

Kagome shook it off and looked at her cousin.

"See what I mean?" Yuki whispered to her. Kagome nodded.

"Creepy…" She whispered back. Yuki smiled and linked his arm in hers.

Kagome took note of the walls as she passed through the halls. They were all lightly decorated with pictures and paintings. It made her feel a little odd. Almost like a castle. Even as she walked down the hallway, she could see the boys all stare.

'This will get old fast…' She thought to herself annoyed with all the attention she was suddenly receiving. Everything and everyone in a black, school uniform was too busy drooling over her to know to get to class. Meanwhile, all the girls in their little green sailor uniforms glared at her with anger. It would make anyone feel uneasy… but especially Kagome.

Sure, she was used to the attention and had definitely been the apple of many boys' eyepieces… but this was a little overboard. It wasn't just the football players, it wasn't just the nerds… it was all of them.

"Hey, Yuki…" Kagome started as they continued their walk through the halls. He turned his brown eyes to her, smirking.

"That boy… with the yellow eyes… who is he?" Yuki stopped dead in his tracks. Yellow eyes… Inuyasha. He cringed with disgust.

"Why?" He seethed through his teeth. Kagome noticed it and lost some confidence in herself. Yuki could be scary and they weren't really that great of friends.

"Stay away from Inuyasha, Kagome…" He said sharply.

'Inuyasha, huh?' She asked herself as they continued to walk to her first block of the day.

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