A/N: This was written for a LiveJournal 10 whores community challenge.

Warnings: None whatsoever. Worksafe.

Disclaimer: I disclaim. All credit goes to Kazuya Minekura.


It was a stifling hot night, one of those when your mind was just as tired as your body and you wanted nothing more than a breath of cold wind to chase that sweaty, sticky feeling away. Sitting on the windowsill, Sanzo did not even feel like smoking; the pack of cigarettes lay forgotten on the bedside table. Even though the window was wide open, it did not help the matters much – the air outside was heavy and foggy, and it was flooding into the room, never mind the lightly swishing curtain. To make the matters worse, the air conditioner was broken, it hung like a strange dead bird by the ceiling, unmoving. The priest mused that, even if it had been turned on, it would only chase down the heat from above, making the situation much worse. After all, even the supposedly cold water in the shower he had taken a few hours ago had been disgustingly warm.

A soft groan directed Sanzo's attention to the other bed in the room where Goku was resting. The kid, never being a peaceful sleeper, was literally tossing and turning this night. A few upset mumbles from him soon proved the priest's suspicion that he was back to his old nightmare. Goku had gotten his arms and legs tangled in the thin sheet and was vaguely attempting to claw himself free from the binds. A string of incoherent sounds, and Sanzo was more than sure that, in his mind, the kid had returned to the cave he had been trapped in for so long.

Sanzo sighed, running a hand through his sweat-dampened hair and muttered, "Idiot." He was too tired from the long travel to do anything about his ward's state, but as the desperate trashing continued, he realized that maybe this time there was no real choice but to do something.

Goku rolled over in his bed, getting the white sheet to tangle even more around him, putting a rather painful strain on his wrists now. He whimpered, then hissed, unsuccessfully attempting to claw at the restraining fabric.

Sanzo wanted nothing more than a quiet and peaceful night, but it seemed that such a wish was out of question now. Goku would not awaken until morning, being the heavy sleeper that he was, and the nightmare only seemed to become worse as the night progressed. He considered putting a few bullets in that kid, but his gun was resting on the bedside table, right next to his cigarettes. Swearing under his breath, Sanzo got up and walked over to Goku's bed. Annoyed, he stared down at the sleeping form before reaching out to pull on the sheet, trying to get it untangled. It did not budge.

Swearing silently, the priest simply dragged the teen off the bed, letting the sleep-heavy body hit the floor, painfully. "Wake up, monkey," he growled.

Goku yawned and squirmed on the floor. "Did I fall?" he queried sleepily, reaching up to rub his eyes, and discovered his tangled wrists. He blinked and moved his hands away to get a better look. "What the..."

"You were dreaming," came the icy reply. Sanzo had returned to his own bedside and was picking up his cigarettes before returning to the window. Screw the heat and the thick air, he needed a smoke right now.

"Oh." Goku frowned. He could not really remember the dream, but it had left a dreary feeling behind. The teen shrugged and made a quick job of untangling himself from the sheet before climbing back into the bed. Whatever it had been, he would not see it twice in one night, that was for sure.

In no more than ten minutes peaceful snoring was filling the dark room again. Sure as hell, the kid had fallen asleep again. Sanzo snorted and lit up another cigarette.