A/N: Another short drabble written for a LiveJournal 10 whores community challenge. This must be my shortest fic yet, approximately 200 words.

Warnings: Some foul language, mild violence.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Kazuya Minekura. Go bow down to her for the awesome characters.

Dance With Death

It was like goddamn ballroom dancing with this Kami-sama; he was simply that quick in his movements. And, Merciful Goddess, was he childish!

Sanzo swore violently, missing another shot. What was Kami-sama's secret, anyway? What made him so damn fast?

Kami-sama only laughed and dodged the bullets. His movements, indeed, resembled a dance, but it was always a dance with Death. After all, he would not want anything more, anything different. He had to prove that even Death acknowledged him and bowed Its head in front of him. Of course, he did not want to die, he was just that caught up in his own games, and the higher the stakes, the longer it held his interest.

Sanzo swore again, not really avoiding the rosary beads shooting towards him – there were simply too many for him to dodge. They struck him with the same effectivity his own bullets had. He needed to reload his gun while the fluttering moth of a priest continued to dance around the room, loudly proclaiming how much fun it was having, and the only thing Sanzo could do was to swear that he would see through to the end of this.

Gun at the ready, he took aim and let the bullet fly.