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Chapter 1: The Housemaid

A housemaid? Astrid wondered mentally, why would Megatron want a housemaid? They had been married for a little over a year now. Astrid and Megatron were still extremely in love with each other. They were childless, much to Victor's disappointment. He had pestered the decepticon couple for a few months about his want for grandchildren, but nothing had happened.

Megatron and Astrid had been grateful when he had finally left them alone, but after a month or so Megatron's viewpoint began to change. He started imagining life with children, or just a child, and began to think very highly of the whole idea. He would have a heir or heiress to his position as leader of the decepticons, and he had always dreamed of having a family of his own.

Astrid had different viewpoints though. She had been raised around toddlers and other little kids when she was a human growing up. On most weekends she would be stuck babysitting "little runts" as she called them. And all they ever did was scream, cry, make messes, run all over the place, talk, and talk back. Astrid hadn't ever really liked children, and she didn't know if having her own child would be the best idea. She did know though, that Megatron did want a child, but right now something else was bugging her.

"So," Astrid remarked causing Megatron to look over at her from where he was standing in their quarters, "Just why did you hire a housemaid?"

"Ah, for a few reasons," Megatron replied walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Enlighten me as to what those reason are please," Astrid responded leaning into her husband's embrace.

"I just figured it'd be nice to have someone helping us out around here," Megatron stated coolly then continued, "And it'd be nice to have someone who could baby-sit—

"I'm not pregnant Megatron," Astrid said sternly.

The decepticon leader sighed, "I know, but I—I want children."

"I'm not ready,"


"I've told you at least a million times why I don't like children, and besides, if I were a human I'd only be sixteen,"

"There's something else holding you back,"

"Look, I don't feel like arguing with you about this right now,"

"You're afraid of the actual giving birth part," Megatron pointed out not letting the discussion drop.

"Yes, and the actual raising a child concept,"

"I only want one…for now,"

"Just one?"

"Just to see how bad parenting is. If it's too much of a torture we'll never have another kid again," Megatron remarked trying to at least make a bargain.

For quite some time Astrid didn't say anything, instead she thought carefully about what Megatron had said and finally replied, "I don't know. I'll have to give it some more thought."

"As you wish,"

"Thanks babe. Now, who is this maid that you hired?"


Astrid vaguely remembered her, but when Megatron had said her name she was a bit startled, "But she used to work for Starscream."

"I don't think we have to worry,"

"If she does anything bad, I'm firing her on the spot with or without your permission," Astrid warned.

"Starscream is a thing of the past now,"

"He still haunts me,"

Megatron pulled Astrid closer to him knowing he shouldn't have made Starscream such a distant memory as he had. Starscream had done a lot of harm and perhaps killing the bot wasn't enough punishment. "Why don't we go to sleep now?" Megatron suggested trying to change the subject, "It is getting late and perhaps a few high grade drinks will change your mind about having children."

Astrid slapped him playfully, "Don't even joke about things like that."

"I believe I just did,"

"Hmph, you can sleep on the floor tonight," Astrid exclaimed breaking out of her husband's grasp and heading for the bed.

Megatron was bewildered, "Aw c'mon Astrid, I wasn't serious."

"Say you're a mean, obnoxious jerk and I'll let you come back to bed with me,"

"Fine. I'm a mean, obnoxious jerk and I'll let you come back to bed with me," he smirked.

"Sometimes I wonder why I married you; alright, you're forgiven now get your aft over here,"

Megatron eagerly went over to her and lifted her in his arms, carrying her the rest of the way over to the bed and laid her down on it. He then proceeded to lie down next to her and capture her in his arms. He rested his head in the nape of her neck and through soft and tender kisses he breathed, "I love you."

Astrid sighed resting against him, "Love you too, now good night."

"A little crabby are we?"

"I have every right to be," she exclaimed letting her optics go offline.

Megatron didn't say anything and it wasn't long before he heard Astrid fall asleep. Her breathing rhythms lulled him to sleep a few minutes later.

Astrid awoke the next morning to Megatron trying to plant a kiss on her lips. Before he made impact she mumbled, "Morning babe."

"Good morning love, c'mon it's time to get up,"

"As you command," Astrid remarked letting her optics flicker online as she tiredly sat up and stretched.

Megatron sat up as well wrapping his arms around her, "I have to get going. Duty calls in the throne room."

"Well, you have fun with that, I'll tidy up a bit in here,"

"Alright, I'll see you later," Megatron remarked kissing her quickly and then left the room.

Astrid sighed watching him go and as soon as he was gone she laid back down to get some more sleep. Megatron had to leave early every morning as usual, even though there was an alliance, he still had to lead the decepticons and keep them in order. Astrid went with him sometimes to help him out. Most of the time she would stay back though to get another hour or so of sleep and tidy up the room then go and join Megatron. She didn't think today would be any different, until she heard a knock at the door.

Astrid grumbled a bit under her breath and went over to the door where she briefly composed herself and then opened the door. She was surprised to see who it was and exclaimed, "Thunderblast?"

"That's me," the femme replied making her way into the room, "Who are you, another maid like me?"

"No," Astrid remarked, "I'm Astrid, Megatron's wife."

"You!" Thunderblast ushered in disbelief, "I knew he was married, but I at least though he'd marry someone better looking."

Astrid blushed shamed, embarrassed, and angry then said, "Is there a reason why you're here?"

"Yes, I'm going to help you clean up,"

"I honestly don't need any help," Astrid stated hoping the femme would take the hint and leave.

"Too late you're stuck with me," Thunderblast replied heading over to the bed to make it. Astrid gave up and sat down in a chair.

"So," Thunderblast began as she pulled up a blanket, "How long have you and Megatron been together now?"

"Over a year,"

"Do you know how lucky you are to have him?"

"I have a pretty good idea—

"Is he good?"

Astrid was confused by the question, "What?"

"You know, is he good in bed?"

Astrid was shocked to hear Thunderblast ask such a thing, "Just who are you to be asking something like that? Get out of here before I report you."

"You wouldn't dare," Thunderblast hissed crossing her arms and turning away from the now made bed.

"You want to make a bet?" Astrid hissed back.

"Sure, on your life," she snarled, "Report me and I won't hesitate to bring back Starscream from the grave to come after you."

Shock ran through the decepticon empress's circuits as the threat echoed in her audio receptors, "I said get out."

"Scared Astrid? This is how the big girls play. If you don't keep your mouth shut, it'll be your funeral, and Megatron will be mine for the taking," Thunderblast sneered finally leaving the room.

Astrid groaned placing a hand over her optics. Just when she thought she was safe the world stabbed her in the back again. A housemaid, Astrid thought bitterly,

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