Quack Quack!


Disclaimer: I own nothing but Amy, Caria, and Brooklyn Swatson. Everything and everyone else related to the WWE belongs to Vince.

Genre: Romance/Humor

Pairings: JeffCaria, JohnAmy

Superstars/Divas shown: John Cena/Jeff Hardy

Chapter One: Jeffy's Little Secret!

Checking out from a night a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts; a blue-eyed WWE champion and his girlfriend gathered up their belongings and left out the door.

"So is that everything?" Amy Swatson asked John Cena.

"Pretty sure." John confirmed. "Brooklyn's already in the car and Caria's gettin' some food for the road."

"Wait we're still missing someone." Amy told him.

"Ooh shit!" John remembered. "Jeff's back in the room."

"Don't worry." Amy said. "I'll just text Caria and ask if she can go and get him."

"Alright." John understood. "Let's wait outside in the car for her."



A ring came from Caria's pocket. She dug her hand into her jeans and took out a red ALLTEL cell phone.

She flipped it open and saw a text sent from her sister.

"We accidentally left Jeff in the hotel room. Can you get him? We'll be out front."

The younger blonde replied saying:

"Oh god. Yeah I will. Hopefully he's not freaking out."

Caria traveled over to the front desk where she was greeted by a middle-aged woman.

"Hello, may I help you?" the clerk asked.

"Yes, I was wondering if I can have the key to room 480." Caria requested. "I accidentally left something that belongs to me in there."

'Actually more like someone…' she thought.

"Yes, right away." the clerk took one of the golden keys off of the shelf behind her and placed it Caria's hand.

"Thank you." Caria thanked her.

Unlocking the door, the young Diva came inside the room to find her love sleeping on one of the hotel beds. He looked completely peaceful and innocent as he was dozed off.

Caria went over to the bed and slid her fingers through his rainbow-colored hair; slowly and gently so she wouldn't hurt him.

"Jeff…" she called to him.

He stayed asleep. She shook him harder and called his name. No reaction.

"Okay then if you wanna play it that way then---"

Caria whipped the sheets off of him. Jeff shuddered as he felt the cold air in the room just creep on his body. He rubbed his eyes and saw Caria standing completely still frozen in shock. Her eyes were widened.

"Hey baby, what's wrong?" he asked groggily.

She rushed into her pocket again bringing out her phone and flipping it open to picture mode.

Jeff looked down at himself and the back up at her. "Oh boy."

Meanwhile as Brooklyn, Amy, and her boyfriend say in the car, a certain New Englander was growing rather impatient.

"Amy where is your sister?" he asked her annoyed.

"How should I know?" she responded just as irritated. "Last time I checked she was getting Jeff."

"Chill both of you." Brooklyn commanded. "I'm sure Caria has a reasonable explanation to all of this."

And speaking of the Prescott native, she came out running and waving her cell in the air. Following her was Jeff trying to snatch it away.

Caria came over to Amy's window.

Amy rolled it down. "What's goin' on with you two?"

She looked at Jeff. He had the defeated look all over his face.

"You're never going to believe who wears THESE." Caria giggled.

She handed her sibling the phone flipped open to her photos. It showed Jeff in royal blue shorts with miniature yellow ducks as the pattern on it.

"Awe! It's so cute!!" Amy cooed.

John busted out in a fit of laughter. "Duuuuude…. that's just wrong."

Jeff glared at Cena and sighed. His secret was revealed.